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the gathering of ingredients, reagents and crafting materiel

Version 1.31 (Sep. 14, 2009)

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In Morrowind, an herbalism mod is a must because of Bethesda's less-than-inspired treatment of plants and herb-gathering. Bethesda's default method of harvesting plants treats them all like containers; when you click on one, it brings up the contents, and you either drag the contents to your inventory or click "Take All." It's tedious, and, thanks to the modding community, unnecessary.

The various herbalism listed herein mods fix the problem by automating plant-gathering; press space to activate, and a feedback message tells you what you found. It makes the game much more smooth and enjoyable. In addition, they reduce the respawn time for plants from the default of four months to one, and many bring other enhancements.

The question, then, is which of various available mods, several with extremely similar names, to use? This guide provides short descriptions, feature comparisons and screenshots of each of the available herbalism and ingredient-gathering mods.

At the end of this document is a FAQ addressing several issues of concern with these mods (particularly the avoidance of conflicts with certain widely-used mods) which, it is hoped, will be helpful. I highly recommend at least glancing through the FAQ section.

Because the subject matter is so similar and sometimes may therefore conflict with these mods, this guide also addresses other mods affecting the gathering of "Ingredients" (which includes alchemy reagents, food, minerals, animal parts and so forth), such as those that improve the handling of mining and the preponderance of animal loot.


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Herbalism Mods

Herbalism v1.3 [Balor]: The original herbalism mod. Setting the standard for the rest of the mods on this list, Balor's Herbalism eliminates the tedium of plant harvesting by doing away with the standard container pop-up box when one clicks on a plant, instead simply transferring the contents automatically to inventory via a script attached to the plant. [Oct. 2004. Requires Tribunal, and includes an optional plugin for Bloodmoon.]

Balor's Herbalism v1.3 Screenshots

Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Screenshot 3
"Noteworthy Success" and Herbalism
skill increase messages.
Failure message when Herbalism skill
too low for even an attempt.
Plural syntax gaffes.
Screenshot 4    
More plural syntax gaffes.    



Herbalism v1.1 Seed Version [Balor, ed. Shanjaq]: Shanjaq's modification is an upgrade of a previous version of Balor's Herbalism that makes plants also yield plantable seeds. [Mar. 2003. Thanks to Morten79 at PES for recovering this from Internet obscurity and uploading it there.]

Shanjaq's Herbalism v1.1 Seed Version Screenshots

Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Screenshot 3
Success and failure messageboxes. Herbalism skill improvement message. Extra herbs gathered for higher skill.
Screenshot 4    
Seeds in inventory (note that, since
they are scripted items, they do not stack).



Herbalism Lite v1.0 [Shakeidas]: A simpler alternative that also automatically transfers gathered ingredients to inventory without a container dialog when one clicks on harvestable plants, but avoids the use of new skills. It is particularly notable for the fact that, unlike the others, picked plants do not visually disappear, which avoids spoiling the aesthetic appeal of the landscape, but makes it impossible to visually know which have been picked or respawned. [Dec. 2003. Modular plugins: one for Morrowind, one for Tribunal, and one for Bloodmoon. Note that the base Morrowind plugin has errant GMSTs that should be cleaned from the mod before use. The Tribunal and Bloodmoon expansion plugins are clean.]

Shakeidas's Herbalism Lite v1.0 Screenshots

Screenshot 1
The only feedback given, when one
attempts to petulantly pick a plucked
plant a second time.



Herbalism Redux v1.12a [Mode_Locrian]: Tries to strike a balance between Balor's Herbalism and its minimalist alternatives. Like other herbalism mods, it makes clicking on plants transfer gathered ingredients to inventory automatically. [Aug. 2004. Alternate download location: author's web site.]

Mode_Locrian's Herbalism Redux v1.12a Screenshots

Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2
Feedback messages for success and failure. Variation in amount gathered.  



Advanced Herbalism v1.1 [Andoreth]: This is the cadillac of herbalism mods, and boasts an impressive set of features, notable among which is the ability to plant seeds anywhere—even in transportable planters—and to dig up the plants if desired. [Apr. 2004. Includes variant plugins for different combinations of Morrowind with and without the expansions.]

Andoreth's Advanced Herbalism v1.1 Screenshots

Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Screenshot 3
Herbalism skill improvement message. Higher Herbalism skill can result in
significantly more herbs gathered
from a plant.
Finding a seed.
Screenshot 4 Screenshot 5  
Finding a seed on one plant, and
getting nothing from another.
Sara Agustine, the Herbalism skill trainer
in Seyda Neen.



Herbalism for Purists v1.21 [Syclonix]: Another minimalist alternative that eliminates the ingredient-gathering dialog box tedium and makes harvested plants temporarily disappear. Designed specifically to keep to the original "game balance" (i.e., not changing the original harvest chances and quantities) and to have minimal impact on framerate. [Aug. 2005. Includes variant plugins for different combinations of Morrowind with and without the expansions.]

Syclonix's Herbalism for Purists v1.21 Screenshots

Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Screenshot 3
Variation in amount of herbs gathered. Gathering spore pods. No herbs found message.
Screenshot 5 Author's Screenshot  
Making off with multiple mushrooms.

Author's screenshot showing the
Flora Glow effect.




Graphic Herbalism v1.2 [ManaUser]: The latest addition to the Herbalism mods scene that one-ups the visual sophistication of its predecessors by making it so, when most plants are harvested, only the part picked disappears from the plant, instead of the entire plant itself. It is still fairly purist in operation, though it includes optional modular extensions to affect minerals, to place bloat spores in caves, and to require tools for harvesting certain plants. [Nov. 2008.]

ManaUser's Graphic Herbalism Screenshots

Author's Screenshot 1 Author's Screenshot 2 Author's Screenshot 3
Author's Screenshot 1:
Stoneflower plants before and after
harvesting, with feedback.
Author's Screenshot 2:
Mucksponge plants in their fungal glory.
Author's Screenshot 3:
Spiny lloramor plants.
Author's Screenshot 4    
Author's Screenshot 4:
A plucked Holly Berry plant, with berries
gone and feedback message showing
the culprit.



Ultra Light Herbalism [Qwert]: Based on Balor's Herbalism and Korath's Herbalism Minimal, Qwert's Ultra Light Herbalismis the most minimalist of the herbalism mods, aimed at players who simply want plants that disappear when harvested and respawn monthly, in an ultra-lightweight script, without changing anything else. The mod does not automate how plants are harvested, leaving unchanged Bethesda's default container-looting method. [Apr. 2003.]



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Other Related Mods


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What potential conflicts are there with other mods?


Do I need to worry about the video framerate impact of using these mods?


Are there potential problem with removing herbalism mods from a game in progress?


Will this or that Herbalism mod work with Tamriel Rebuilt?

Yes. There no potential conflicts. The only issue is that Tamriel Rebuilt introduces new plant types that will not be covered by the mod.

If you do not use an herbalism mod revised or patched for Tamriel Rebuilt, both the herbalism mod and Tamriel Rebuilt will work as expected, but Tamriel Rebuilt's new flora will simply not be covered (in other words, its new plants like Black Rose, Hamum Root and Bluefoot will still open the default way, as containers, requiring a "Take All" mouseclick).


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Version History

Version 1.31 (Sep. 14, 2009)

Version 1.3 (Sep. 1, 2009)

Version 1.2 (Aug. 24, 2009)

Version 1.1 (Aug. 17, 2009)

Version 1.02 (Feb. 7, 2008)


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Credits and References

As with my other guides, I have drawn heavily for inspiration and research on the work of the Morrowind Mythic Mods team, and these guides are largely built upon their efforts.

Thanks to the ES Forums community for information provided and questions answered, with particular thanks to the following: AfroKing, Nicoliathan, Dragon32, Stacet, Spiffyman, Tetchy, Arkngt and Narfblat.

Thanks to those who have offered thanks and encouragement. It makes it much more rewarding and enjoyable.

And, of course, thanks to those whose who have shared their time, energy and talent with the community in making and releasing these mods.



I welcome feedback. Corrections, suggestions, things I've missed, broken links, additional information that would be useful, better technical explanations, hey-that's-kinda-obtuse-writing and all other kinds of feedback help me to make these guides better, so don't hold back. I'm not touchy.

I can be contacted at the Bethesda ES Forums, or by e-mail using the Contact Us links on these pages.

For licensing and permissions information, please see the Permissions section of my main guide.

Screenshots and images on this page were taken by me, unless otherwise indicated.


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