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Updated March 2, 2010

This site is intended to provide a useful collection of suggestions regarding plugins, resources and utilities for the Morrowind gamer along with advice on how to use them. Compiled by Telesphoros, Ronin49, OldeCow69, Tarnsman, bjam, Gluby and many others, notably the generous contributors to the collection of theme lists.

Starting Out With Mods 1.1
New to Morrowind mods? How they work, what utilities you need to start, how to install and manage mods without messing up your game.

Finding and Using Mods (Ronin49's Links)
 • Searching for Mods?  • Walkthroughs and FAQs
Download sites, forums, FAQs, mod use, trouble shooting and maintenance.

Telesphoros' List o'Mods
The legendary comprehensive list of selected mods, many suggested by the mod community and play tested by the authors.

Empirical Morrowind
Tarnsman's thorough listing of mods that make the Morrowind gaming experience more realistic.

Gluby's Guide to a Modded Morrowind
A series of comprehensive guides for both beginners and experienced players to setting up a full-fledged, playable game of Morrowind from the ground up and making the more difficult mod decisions easy.

Theme and Specialty Mod Lists  Updated March 2, 2010
Looking for mods to suit a particular character, class or race? Searching for that perfect house, a new race or quality weapons and armour? Links to those lists and more are located here.

bjam's Morrowind Toolbox
A comprehensive list of links to the various tools and resources used by the players and mod makers of TES III: Morrowind

Tutorials by lochnarus, Grumpy and others - mainly those hosted at Mythic Mods

Mystara's Morrowind Links
A collection of links related to The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.

The Archives
This is our library of keepsakes, a repository of useful threads and information salvaged from the 'old' Elder Scrolls Forums and elsewhere. Need a walk-through, a useful thread or the like hosted? Let us know and we will find a home for it here.

rwts Modder Permissions Mirror
A mirror of redwoodtreesprites invaluable Modder Permissions pages from her Morrowind Modder's Resource Directory (MMRD) site, detailing how various modders would like their material treated.

Since September 2004