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Updated March 24, 2006

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This is simply the Contents and Caveats page for what is intended to become a comprehensive list of links to the various tools and resources used by the players and mod makers of TES III: Morrowind. Although it is currently being developed and refined, we think portions are now complete enough to offer for use and review. Feedback about errors, omissions or presentation would be appreciated. Caution: See Starting Out With Mods first if you are new to mods or new to Morrowind for PC. It is recommended reading before you start downloading mods and utilities and messing up your game.


  • References, Maps and Guides
  • - Links to authoritive sources for lore, game world, gameplay, location, magic, alchemy and other detailed information that a Morrowind player or mod builder is likely to find useful in answering specific questions about some aspect of the game.

  • Morrowind Mod User Tool List
  • - Links to tools that any of us might need at some point or another to install, setup, play, repair and de-bug Morrowind with mods.

  • Mod Makers Tools for Morrowind
  • - a comprehensive list of links to tools, utilities and technical information used primarily by the Morrowind mod maker.

  • Tutorials, Mod Makers' Resources - Possible additions.
Mythic Mods  >>   bjam's Morrowind ToolBox      |     |   TES III Mod Forum