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Updated February 03, 2006

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Thanks to Ivza for starting this and a number of other theme mod lists: this is really his list.

Caution: This is a mod list, not a listing of compatible mods nor a specific endorsement of any that are here listed. Some mods are likely to conflict with others. See Telesphoros' List o' Mods for play tested mods and some recommendations on compatibility.

Read the readmes and start small to avoid problems. Some of these mods may still need to be cleaned of "Evil" GMSTs (Look for GMST Cleaner by Argent). Remember also to always backup your files before messing around with mods (especially Data Files, Save Games, and Morrowind.ini).

See Starting Out With Mods first if you are new to mods or new to Morrowind for PC. It is recommended reading before you start down-loading mods and messing up your game.

Please note that some mod makers patch and version their mods quite frequently. Links on this list therefore may not always point to the most current version: it is often worth double-checking the author's home site or the major download sites to ensure you have the most recent version. Also, mod recommendations are not removed from this list because a download source is experiencing what are hopefully temporary difficulties. Where possible, alternate sources are suggested.


    Quests & Tombs:
  • Amulet of Scrye 1.15f1
    by Ivza. Adds quests, a spell that lets you talk to the dead and an amulet that tells you when there are spirits nearby. There are a number of spirits around Vvardenfell you can see only by casting the spell - some have quests for you, some wish you were dead and wake the undead to kill you, some just talk to you or simply ignore you. The story begins in the Andan ancestral tomb, just south of Suran.Requires Tribunal.
    Addon for AoS 1.15 and Tombs Expanded 1.1
    adds a few more scryable spirits to the leveled lists. Requires Tribunal and Bloodmoon.
  • Barabus' Graveyard
    by Barabus. Adds a small crypt and graveyard outside Caldera; primarily a modder's resource.
  • Gogetto's Stalhrim Weapons
    by JCSpencer, Gogetto. Extends the quest for Stalhrim recovered from the Solstheim barrows and adds Gogetto's fourteen new weapons to the Stalhrim weapon quest in Bloodmoon. Requires Bloodmoon.
  • Haunted Tombs 1.06
    by Ivza. Adds some things to tombs - sounds without an apparent reason and flying objects that can hurt the careless. Some skeletons can now play possum. Three tombs have been slightly extended with another cell. Requires Tribunal.
  • The Knights of Darkness
    by Davidevil. Adds a new island near the Solstheim with four tombs, monsters and dungeons for high level players. Conflicts with Ald-Vendras and possibly with other mods NW of Vvardenfel.
  • Telos Rin Graveyard
    by Dalin. Adds an interesting quest into a family tomb near Skaal Village. (This mod may be best suited to play later in the game as it has been reported that it breaks the first Redoran stronghold upgrade quest because its use of the "help me escape" topic conflicts with Frelene Acques' "escape" topic.) Requires Tribunal and Bloodmoon.
  • Tombs Expanded
    by Zappara. Expands every tomb in Vvardenfell by adding one to six new dungeon levels to each one, about 300 new dungeon levels altogether, with new loot and new undead monsters, all levelled creatures - from 20 to 60. Requires Tribunal and Bloodmoon.
  • Vamp House
    by Barabus. Places a small graveyard and crypt outside Caldera.
    Tomb Inhabitants & Game Improvements:
  • Demon Force ENG v1.04.0656
    by Mythos. also at Morrowind HQ . An ambitious overall difficulty mod, Demon Force makes numerous changes to Undead stats so that tomb raiding becomes a very rich and dangerous experience. May be compatible with Disturb the Dead, Tombs Expanded, The Undead and MTT3 after merging levelled lists. Requires Tribunal and Bloodmoon.
  • Disturb the Dead 3.3
    by Zappara. There is a 25% chance that you will disturb the dead when you look in urns or barrow chests. There is also a chance you will find more than just bonemeal. And finally, there is a chance the dead will label you a Gravedigger if too many urns and barrow chests are disturbed and will start disturbing you in return. Requires Tribunal, Bloodmoon optional.
  • Explorers 2.5
    by Lord Lionmane. Several .esps: including a small chance to find treasure or Mind Gems in tomb urns that are sometimes trapped or defended by many different kinds of Undead. Requires Tribunal and Bloodmoon. Zappara has provided two patches to improve compatibility:
    Disturb the Dead Plugin Addons v2.0
    provides compatibility with Disturb The Dead and Srikandi's Homeopathic Alchemy and,
    Explorers v2.5 Addons v1.1
    provides compatibility with Advanced Herbalism, Herbalism Redux and Resources Enhanced. Tribunal and Bloodmoon are required for both addons.
  • Grave Goods
    by ManaUser. Adds a few alternate ingredients to urns plus the chance of an occasional modest trinket.
  • Mummified Dunmer Unbandaged
    by Neoptolemus. Adds random Dunmer mummies to urns in tombs across Vvardenfell.
  • Srikandi's Alchemy Ingredients
    by Srikandi. Adds new ingredients to Morrowind and the expansions in urns and elsewhere, as well as tweaking some ingredient effects. Requires Tribunal, Bloodmoon optional.
  • The Undead 2.2
    by Neoptolemus. Adds 140 new types of Undead to the leveled lists of Vvardenfell, Solstheim, and the Mournhold Sewers. They appear in tombs and at night, levels 5 to 200. Requires Tribunal and Bloodmoon. Now integrated with: Morrowind Comes Alive 4.1 Final also by Neoptolemus. Requires Tribunal and Bloodmoon.
  • TombRest
    by ManaUser. Makes sleeping in tombs uneasy and risky with unpleasant consequences that end when you leave the tomb.
  • Undead Revival
    by AstralFyziks. Adds armoured skeletons and robe-wearing, spellcasting skeletons to locations and levelled lists. Requires: Armored Skeletons (see next link).
  • Armored Skeletons
    by Userexists. provides the NPC skeleton enemy.
  • The Summoner's Crossbow 1.0
    by Eyecue. Adds self-summoning crossbow bolts based on your Conjuration ability at a cost of five Magicka each. Buy the crossbow at the magic shop in Mournhold. At the highest level, refined summoned bolts will Turn Undead. Requires Tribunal.
  • Turn Undead Fix 1.1
    by Oh-Dee. Adds an alternative version to Turn Undead, a spell that is *broken* in Morrowind. Turn Undead now affects the caster and works over a duration. Undead creatures are repelled based on your Conjuration skill. Requires Tribunal or Bloodmoon.
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