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Updated March 2, 2010

Many thanks to the great many folk who provided their knowledge to these lists and to the authors who created them.
If you have a good list, send us a link or a page to host. And please let us know about broken links. There are Contact Us buttons on most pages.

Argonian Mod List - Midgetalien New!

Arms and Armour - Vagabond's Armoury, for the discerning Adventurer

Asian, Akiviri, Samurai, Ninja Mods Urak_Ugluk's Asian Mod List

Better Bodies Mods - UESP

Daedric Source - Midgetalien's list of Daedric related mods

Daggerfall Inspired Mods - Mythic Mods

Drow Mod List - Midgetalien's list of Drow related mods

Dual-Wield Weapons - Pseron Wyrd's Dual-wield Mods List

Dungeon Crawl Mods - Marbred's 'straight dungeon' list

Dwemer Mods - Inspired by Mahatme_Dandee's excellent list of Dwemer and Dwarven mods

Evil Mods - Rogue_Shadow's Evil Mod List

Faction & Guild Mods - DeusXMachina's Modlist: Factions and Guilds

Furnishings and Unfurnished Homes - by Gren

Gay Guide to Mods - Lioe's Morrowind Q list

Guar Mods - Xeth-ban's Guar Mod List

Head & Hair Mods - Yacoby & Galahaut's List of heads and Hair

House & Stronghold Mods - kwshipman's List of House Mods

Hunting Mods - Mythic Mods

Khajiit Mod List - by Mechafox ( Local copy )

Knight/Paladin Mods - by GhostNull

Lord of the Rings Mod List - by ~Ninja Monkey

Mage Mods - Reffa's Mage Mod List, housekeeping by Mythic Mods

Magic Shimmer [and Other Magical] Effects Mods - loot bag of No Glows and the like

Main Quest-Friendly Mods - Claudekennilol's mods that do not detract from the MQ

Mercantile Mods - Mythic Mods

Monk and Unarmoured Mods - Mythic Mods

MWE, MWSE and MGE mods list - by Bjam

Oblivion Style Mods - Yacoby's list of mods which implement Oblivion features.

Pirate Mods - Mythic Mods

Quiver Mods - Pseron Wyrd's Quiver Mods List

Race Mods - Sabregirl's Ultimate Playable Race List

Ranger Mods - Illtempered's Ranger and Rangeresque Mod List

Settlement Expansion Mods - Dragon32's town and city expansion mods

Science Fiction and Fantasy Mods - Anebrd's SciFi, Fantasy and Anime Mod List

Thief & Assassin Mods - Mythic Mods

Tomb Raider and Undead Mods - Mythic Mods

Travel Mods - by Bjam

Treasure Mods - Mythic Mods

Vampire and Werewolves Mods - Yacoby's Vampire and Werewolf List

Wildlife Mods - Mythic Mods