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There's a lot of different Modder Usage OKs

These pages are meant to be a guide to help you figure out what's OK and what's not.
Please do read all modder readme's carefully of course,
and it's still a nice idea to contact the modder when possible.

(Also, the info on this page is related specifically to retextures and
model alterations. The other pages will have further usage info from each modder.)





November 24 2004
I'd like for people to contact me first. There is some stuff I've done for specific projects (Balmora Expansion,
Exotics Boutique)or my own quest mods where the items are meant to be unique to that mod.
Also... as I don't make most of my meshes, I want to make sure that the person who did make it gets credit.


April 19 2005



Feb 22 2005

All of my Morrowind mods can be edited, hacked apart, re-hosted, etc without permission or credit.



May 2 2005

All mods made by me can be used and changed for whatever reason withought my permission.
Credit must given in the readme. This only applies to things i have done myself
and not something that i have added to my mod that someone else has created.


April 30 2005

You may rip, re-distribute, re-patch, change, add, ect., to any mod of mine as long as you give credit that the original mod
was my work. IF, my name is on a mod that also was the work of 1 more people, then at least 50%
of the people who worked on the mod, besides me, must say "Ok" to re-distribution before you may re-upload it.
If I am un-available then you may re-distribute whether or not you have my Ok.
You may also copy and paste parts of my mod into your mod as long as you give credit where it is due.
If I used resources from some one else in my mod you must ALSO ask them if it is ok to re-distribute.
Now, I hereby say "Yes, you may re-upload any mod of mine." Amen. -Dvd



August 11 2006
My plugins, resources, textures, meshes, icons or any other material released
in relation to Elder Scrolls modding can be used, altered, translated, re-uploaded, rereleased,
converted, mangled and reuploaded in partial or in full to temporary or permanent locations.
They can also be patched, updated or upgraded
(even where the update or upgrade is not objectively superior to the original),
given that the original file is included in an 'Alternates' directory within the archive
and a document in .txt format explains the changes that have been made in the 'patch' (or whatever).
The original readme should be included in full and left unaltered.
Contact and credit would be appreciated before any action is taken,
but if for whatever reason I cannot be contacted within a week, then don't worry about it.

Any exceptions to the above will be noted in the readme that came archived
with the resources/mod/ES-related material in question.

My website(s) can also be re-uploaded in the event of their disappearance,
but they should be left in their existing state and not altered in any way.


Heads - You may use these heads in your mods without asking for further permission.
If you should decide to rework the textures,
I however want you to rename texture and mesh in order to avoid overwriting issues.


August 11 2006
Any mod of mine may be used as people see fit.
The only restrictions would be resources I have used from others.
Those are listed in the readme's.


August 12 2006
All my mods which don't have a different release provision in the read-me file
(and at this point, I doubt that I will change it for any of them), will be released with the following provisions:


You may use any of my mod content of which I am the author for any game modding purposes which are legal
in your homeland. You may copy, modify, and redecorate any of my meshes and textures for use in your own mods.
In other words, all of my mods may be considered modder's resources. I see no point in restricting the use of my mods,
as I am making them expressly because I hope people will have fun with them.

The only things that I ask is that I be given credit for anything of mine that you use as a basis for your own work,
stating that your work was based on mine. If the item is more than 20% modified (in your estimation),
then you don't need to give me credit. I will not make a big deal out of this, as this is all done for fun anyway.
So if you don't credit me, I'm not going to call you to task for it.



August 14 2006
Any content use by me and created by other modders will be in my readme,
please respect their wishes in regards to usage of their materials.

Any textures that are my own are free to use with credit given, no need to contact me for this.





Feb 21 2005 / April 19 2005

I don't have the longest list of released plugins, but anyone has my permission to use and distribute them, in any way they see fit.
Any of my stuff is free-game. Credit would be nice, but you don't have to ask for permission.
I don't want any of my plugins to fall into Oblivion, so whatever. Most of them are at TesMods, which sadly, is passing on.
Some of them are large in filesize, and would be a pain to re-upload everywhere,
with my terrible 56k connection. If anyone wants to dl/ul/ or just pass on through email, any of those plugins, feel free.

It's nothing too extraordinary, but I'm proud of it all, and enjoy using them all in my own save.
I haven't made any unique meshes. Just a few textures, a few scripts(mostly becuause of other's help),
and a lot of world-building, blood, sweat, and tears.



April 7 2006
All textures made for morrowind that i did and all textures that i made for oblivion can be used,
as long as credit is given where its due.


May 1 2005

Jaxalot's Usage Policy:
You may not re-distribute my mods in any form - whether you've altered them or not - without my permission.
If you *have* altered them, the answer will be no. Do not use any part of my mods in your own without my permission.

If you are unable to reach me, you may assume that the answer is no.

Excluded from this policy are resources made by other authors and included in my mods (with their permission, of course).
If you wish to use these, ask the original author for permission or find their usage policy.

Kieve Update - August 11 2006:
Jaxalot passed control over his mods to me when he decided to leave modding for good.
Some of you might remember a post to that effect a few months back...
I'm not overturning his "No Re-uploading" rule, but I would like an addendum
that I be contacted should the current uploads be lost
(I think all his mods are on PES at the moment, so that shouldn't be a problem)



August 11 2006
Please notify me if you plan on retexturing my original content for release. This applies to original content
(meshes, TX's, books, etc.) only. For items created by other users, please abide by their guidelines.
For any content I have created for mods other than my own, seek the author's (authors') permission.
If permission is granted, my own is granted as well though you must notify me where and how it is being used.


August 11 2006
If someone wants to use one of the textures I created for another mod,
then just give me credit and whoever I give credit to.


Lady E and Proudfoot

August 29 2006

I give my permission to modders to freely distribute and use my models and mods,
as long as they do not chop the models up and re-release them.
As long as they do not use the resources for other games other then Morrowind.
As long as they give credit for work done.
PF will have to give permission seperately, as I cannot speak for him.
He did the textures on most of my models. - Lady E

Greenlight on my stuff, enjoy. - Proudfoot

Lady Rae

March 27 2006
Any mod I've made can be altered, re-uploaded, translated, re-released,
converted and pretty much anything else people might possibly want to do with them.

However, anyone who does any of this, please make sure to give credit to those I've listed in the readme.



April 19 2005

Anything that's my own work is free game - not that there's much of it out there, currently.
Now, if I were to have someone else's work included in a mod I released, then all bets are off
- the other person might not want you to redistribute their work, and I'd have to bow to their will on those matters.

Still, anything I make you can steal, pilfer, change, modulate, and in general distribute in any way, shape, or form you wish.


April 21 2006
You can mangle, reconstruct, reconfigure, and dissect anything and everything
I have ever done to your liking as you see fit etc. I have no current use for it
and I don't foresee that happening in the future.
You dont need to give me credit or anything else with my handle in the readme blah blah....

Remember, this goes for MW mods only.
I'm working on Oblivion stuff for someone and these above rules don't apply to Oblivion.






Has a free distribute open source policy with her mods.


August 14 2006
My stuff is free to use so long as credit is given. When I say free, I mean FREE.
No aspect of my work should be used for profit making purposes, not that anyone would!



January 1 2006
You may use any of my mods as a modder's resource and can do anything you like with them, with the following exceptions:

1. For my mods with clothing in them, don't just make a new shop and resell the clothes.
2. Don't pack my mods into a mods with a bunch of other mods packed in as a sort of combo mod pack.
Make your own mod. Don't just pack in a bunch of other mods and call it your own.



August 14 2006
Most of my mod's and modder packs' models and textures can be used in your mods and mod packs,
but please check the readmes. There is often very specific usage information.
I use a lot of different resources in my mods and modder packs,
and some of the content has specific limitations, due to the source of the content.


April 19 2005

Good News: Feel free to re-use my work / redistribute / yada.
Only problem that there might be is the redistribution/reuse of other people's work that I've used,
but they should be credited in my readme, so ask them.



July 8 2005

Unfinished Meshes and Textures Packs:
I don't care what you guys do with this stuff. Seriously, rip it apart, discect it, scribble over it.... these belong to everyone now.
The only thing I wish is my name to be in the readme as the orginal creator.
Beyond that, you guys have free reign to do as you wish with this stuff.


Feb 21 2005

All of my Morrowind mods can be edited, hacked apart, re-hosted, etc without permission or credit.

So, I'm fine with anyone doing anything with any of my Morrowind mods.








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