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There's a lot of different Modder Usage OKs

These pages are meant to be a guide to help you figure out what's OK and what's not.
Please do read all modder readme's carefully of course,
and it's still a nice idea to contact the modder when possible.

(Also, the info on this page is related specifically to converting models and textures
for Oblivion. The other pages will have further usage info from each modder.)



March 22 2006

Most of my textures can't be used without Nioliv meshes, but if anyone who can use them for Oblivion is welcome to do so.
Layered PSP source files also available on request, as long as you're not asking for too many. Those files are huge.


March 21 2006

My stuff is all free to use/convert/change/whatever to suit -
I have a few Photoshop resource files kicking around that are free to use.
All I ask is a bit of credit for the original hard work I did,
as many of my textures took several hours of work to produce.




April 19 2005




July 15 2005

The few models I've released (and any I release in the future)
are all open for free use in any manner with no permission needed.

Dimitri Mazieres

March 21 2006

Well, I haven't made much more than a few recolorings, and the occasional retexture,
but everything may be used, as long as proper credit is given to the original creators
(and to myself for the mentioned rare original stuff -wink-).



August 11 2006
My plugins, resources, textures, meshes, icons or any other material released
in relation to Elder Scrolls modding can be used, altered, translated, re-uploaded, rereleased,
converted, mangled and reuploaded in partial or in full to temporary or permanent locations.
They can also be patched, updated or upgraded
(even where the update or upgrade is not objectively superior to the original),
given that the original file is included in an 'Alternates' directory within the archive
and a document in .txt format explains the changes that have been made in the 'patch' (or whatever).
The original readme should be included in full and left unaltered.
Contact and credit would be appreciated before any action is taken,
but if for whatever reason I cannot be contacted within a week, then don't worry about it.

Any exceptions to the above will be noted in the readme that came archived
with the resources/mod/ES-related material in question.

My website(s) can also be re-uploaded in the event of their disappearance,
but they should be left in their existing state and not altered in any way.


March 24 2006

Feel free to use whatever I have done in Oblivion. I only ask that if you are going to use
any of the tapestries be sure to give credit (including title of work) to the original artists.
The list is included in the readme. Other than that, no restrictions.





July 16 2005

Well my models aren't very good. I certainly don't that they are worthy of Oblivion
but anyone is welcome to use them, Just as Lady Rae pointed out give credit where credit is due.

If anyone wants anything I have already made (preconversion), I have all the files(Milkshape).
Just let me know. From now on I will try to include the preconversion file.



June 15 2006
Anyone wanting to convert any of my works done for Morrowind into something usable in Oblivion may feel
free to do so. This includes models, textures, scripts, animations, and anything else I've failed to mention.
I'd do it myself, but don't yet have a TES4 Max exporter. I don't like the "hackity" method of NifScope
- not that I think it's a bad program - on the contrary, I salute the authors for their work.
I just don't like the methodology, and will just wait for an actual exporter to be released
before I start any meshing for Oblivion.



April 7 2006
All textures made for morrowind that i did and all textures that i made for oblivion can be used,
as long as credit is given where its due.



August 11 2006



March 24 2006

If there are better meshes in OB and my textures I have done can be used with them, go ahead,
just be sure to give the appropriate credit (see my readmes for all the credit).
As for the only NON-MW mesh I used, you would have to contact the creator of the throne mesh
for permission, but if he gives it, then go ahead and use my retextures.


March 21 2006

I've only made a few models, most of the Christmas stuff,
but I don't mind if my models and textures are ported into Oblivion,
as long as I'm still given credit for models/textures.


Lady E and Proudfoot

August 29 2006

I give my permission to modders to freely distribute and use my models and mods,
>>>as long as they do not use the resources for other games other then Morrowind.<<<
(This means NO to converting any of their work to Oblivion meshes and texture.)

Lady Rae

March 27 2006
Any mod I've made can be altered, re-uploaded, translated, re-released,
converted and pretty much anything else people might possibly want to do with them.

However, anyone who does any of this, please make sure to give credit to those I've listed in the readme.



April 19 2005

Anything that's my own work is free game - not that there's much of it out there, currently.
Now, if I were to have someone else's work included in a mod I released, then all bets are off
- the other person might not want you to redistribute their work, and I'd have to bow to their will on those matters.

Still, anything I make you can steal, pilfer, change, modulate, and in general distribute in any way, shape, or form you wish.


April 21 2006
You can mangle, reconstruct, reconfigure, and dissect anything and everything
I have ever done to your liking as you see fit etc. I have no current use for it
and I don't foresee that happening in the future.
You dont need to give me credit or anything else with my handle in the readme blah blah....

Remember, this goes for MW mods only.
I'm working on Oblivion stuff for someone and these above rules don't apply to Oblivion.


Jul 16 2005
When Oblivion comes out and if one would need to convert any of my meshes or such to Oblivion
they may do so. (Most things however will probably be ported by me as soon as I have the game tough,
but since I have released alot of things that I no longer have avaivible anyone wanting to do so may try to convert them).



March 9 2006

not sure if anyone is going to use the stuff,{meshes}, but i need to point this out
before i get all kinds of reply`s to add stuff in oblivion
lots are mine[scratchbuilt, etc] and lots are resourses, freeware

all my mods are new meshes so u can add it in oblivion when u get a exporter





April 14 2006

If anyone wants to have a go at converting my stuff, no problem at all, feel free!

My Morrowind meshes tend to be hi poly and I use a technique I discovered that I call 'partial reflect mapping'.
This relies on using cloned meshes to allowing two reflective areas to share the same space - something not normally possible.

These meshes may not relate well to Oblivion.
I do hope to make new stuff for Oblivion which will be much lower poly as I can achieve detail
and detailed reflections with a combination of gloss and normal maps.


March 21 2006

If anyone want's to use my few retexures and concepts for Oblivion mods, feel free.
Naturally, as always, credit should be given.


March 21 2006

I've never made any models, but I've done a couple of very basic retexture jobs (furniture and misc items).
If it's genuinely my work and you can think of any way in which it could be useful, by all means, use it.



January 1 2006

Any of my models or anything I've ever made can be used in anyway they care to.
A little credit in the readme would be nice but not something I really give a shit about.
I will be making more models for Oblivion because, well, it's just fun. :)



Jul 16 2005

Well, since I consider everything I make to be Modders Resources, I think it would be safe to say
that Oblivion conversion would be fine.(if anyone thinks they would be of any worth for Oblivion)


August 14 2006
Most of my mod's and modder packs' textures can be used in Oblivion mods and mod packs,
but please check the readmes. There is often very specific usage information.
I use a lot of different resources in my mods and modder packs,
and some of the content has specific limitations, due to the source of the content.

As for the models in my releases, if the readme doesn't specify Oblivion conversion OKs, contact me.
(I use "any TESCS project" or "any TES project" to cover any Bethesda Elder Scrolls game.)
I use models by many different modders. And it can vary on which modders have given
Oblivion conversion OKs. You can of course check the Oblivion Conversion OKs page,
linked to at the top of this page, for info on modelers and their OKs.


March 21 2006

My one and only set of textures is okay for use, as long as you give Korana credit for letting me abuse her work.


March 24 2006

I agree with the others; I've made few models, but what I have made is up for grabs.



April 16 2006
If anyone wants to or is willing to port my stuff over feel free.
As I haven't look into it I'm not sure what would be required.
I'm also not sure if my stuff would look good in Oblivion or not,
it's very possible that Oblivion's stock resources are much better.

Anyway, if someone does, go ahead and put your name and credit for the port
into the read-me and feel free to distribute as needed.


July 8 2005

Unfinished Meshes and Textures Packs:
I don't care what you guys do with this stuff. Seriously, rip it apart, discect it, scribble over it....
these belong to everyone now. The only thing I wish is my name to be in the readme as the orginal creator.
Beyond that, you guys have free reign to do as you wish with this stuff.


March 25 2006

You have full permission from me. please add the Read Me's from other peoples work that I've used.

Star Boi

June 27 2006

This is a public announcement concerning my mod for Morrowind; The Hidden Pathway.
I have no plans whatsoever to transfer any of those models to oblivion.

It would be a hassle for me, I have other projects I would rather put my time into, and I already did all the work
to get it working for Morrowind and do not feel like doing it again, especially with the hassle required
to get new meshes into Oblivion. The epic weapons especially (as people seem to want those translated exclusively)
are a *huge* pain and would look like crap in oblivion since I don tunderstand how particle effects work
and they would just be honkin piles of polygons with way too many normal map details.

to top it off I think that they tend to kill oblivion a little, I tried putting the enchanter epic in the editor
and it had a hard time even displaying it, with me moving around and navigating the render window.
And that isnt even one of th emore complex meshes.

so cheers, and please, *stop* PMing me about this mod,
I am not putting it into oblivion and I do not want others doing it either.


August 11 2006
Is it OK for your models and textures to be converted for Oblivion use?
"I don't mind it at all. I'm redoing the Chess Game and board for Oblivion
since we can now move them by hand."


March 24 2006

i didnt do to much, but w/e i do is free to use aslong as i get credit for my stuff, oh and just drop me a pm if you can



March 21 2006

If you find any of my crap worthy of oblivion, be my guest!

Trey Leavens

March 22 2006

Hopefully there will be an exporter by the time i upgrade my POS and get oblivion,
by then I'll probably have max5 figured out and I'll produce something worthy of oblivion.
The few models i have released aren't really worthy of morrowind if you ask me,
but they can used for anything as far as I'm concerned,
(except in the case of original bethesda models i modified, those can only be used in morrowind obviously).




March 21 2006

Yeah no problem... should anyone wish it. I'll be converting the "best" of my models, presuming we get an exporter...
but, as Slayer states, I consider it all a community resource anyway.
On the usual condition of praise heaped upon my name for being such a creative dynamo in the first place [/sarcasm] -laugh-





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