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Updated August 7, 2005
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This list started with just the modlist of the ranger storyboard thread I started.

I wanted there to be a trimmed down version without the storyboard for easier reference. Besides the title didn't really mention the modlist as well as it could have. All the mods I have listed were played together, without problems, so should be compatible. I stress "should be"

Please contribute any rangeresque mods that are not mentioned here. Links would be great ;-)


Game Improvements:
  • Ultimate Ranger Mod v2.0 by Corv aka Florian Kasper
    Wow this is hard but fun as hell. Ranger stuff, you name it, you can do it here. Introduces a complete item combination system, allowing you to harvest the raw materials and then build an array of weapons and items including bows, quivers, arrows and tents. You can even poison your arrows.
  • Combat Enhanced by Aelelorn
    As the name implies, Aerelorn's Combat Enhanced (ACE) is designed to expand your options duing combat. It provides 30 different combat combos, 2 special time slowing combat modes (Trance, Rage) and difficulty sliders which allow you to easily modify the toughness of all enemies in the game. Reqiores Morrowind Enhanced (MWE) and Tribunal or Bloodmoon.
  • Blocking Enhanced by Aelelorn
    Blocking Enhanced (BEN) is an attempt to make blocking more fun by bringing it under the player's control. Normally, no attacks will be blocked. When the player holds down a configurable key, they will block every attack, but at the same time cannot attack back. If the player has no shield, a sanctuary effect will be added to simulate parrying. Requires Morrowind Enhanced (MWE) and Tribunal or Bloodmoon.
  • Vertical Limit: Climbing mod by GhanBuriGhan
    This mod adds climbing to the game, in a way similar to Daggerfall. You can now climb almost every obstacle with a more or less vertical surface if you have the skill and the right equipement. What ranger that doesn't use levitate can be without this mod?
  • Dracandros' Voice by Dracandros
    Expands NPC dialog, allowing you to buy slaves and pack guars from merchants, practice combat with warrior classes, and command lower ranked faction members to follow or perform missions. The pack guar is a must have for a ranger hiking through the wilderness.
  • Give Your Orders by TheLys
    A complement to Dracandros' Voice mod, allowing you to give orders to lower ranked faction members, slaves you own, companions, and people who like you very much. A neverending pool of companions...and people to boss around. Not all rangers are loners after all. Better check TheLys's other fantastic mods while you're there.
  • Improved Resting by MangoMan
    A mod which enables you to rest anywhere, even in a city, or while being attacked. It's completely up to you whether you want to ignore normal resting though, you will still need normal resting to level up, to be attacked by assassins, and to have dreams. This mod is pretty sweet, and I can't believe it isn't better known given how long it's been around.
  • Blight Bounties by Ivza
    A tiny file that does a very cool thing, the Temple rewards you according to the number of blighted creatures you kill.
  • Morrowind Ecology by Sabregirl
    Balances Morrowind wildlife according to ecological rules. This involves reducing the number of predatory creatures (Alit, Kagouti, Bear, Wolves), and adding more herbivores (Guar, Scribs, Rats) including brand new creatures: deer, rabbits & goats. Most of the normal creatures have been pacified, while blighted and supernatural creatures will still attack on sight. One of the best mods ever for rangers imo. This makes riding around in the grazelands, Solstheim, and West Gash feel so much more natural. You must try this.
  • Complete Morrowind by Max a.k.a. ~NOBODY~.
    Adds a number of abilities which allow you to make new items, alter existing ones, or otherwise interact with the game world in a more realistic way. Covers cooking, brewing poisons, sewing, pottery, woodcutting, carpentry, mining, smithing, fletching and more. Obviously not compatible with other mods performing similar functions, but modular versions of most features are available so you can mix and match.
  • Morrowind Crafting by Toccatta.
    In a similar vein to Complete Morrowind, this mod attempts to improve the role-playing experience of Morrowind by enabling the player to craft their own items in game. Adds the following skills and abilities: woodworking; cooking; fletching; sewing and crafting. Compatible with Necessities of Morrowind.
  • Necessities of Morrowind by Taddeus and Nymeria.
    Adds the need to eat and drink for your character, including the need to sleep at least 6 hours per night, and increasing penalties for each night without sleep. Cook more than 40 Vvardenfell and foreign recipes. Essential to a Ranger.
  • Temperature by Zappara.
    Adds Temperature values and temperature effects to Morrowind. Only player is affected. There is also a new item that let's you check the temperature.
  • Weather Effects by Endrek.
    Adds negative status effects to the player when they travel in areas with harsh weather conditions.
  • Tejón's Fatigue Effects by Tejon.
    This is a collection of separate effects, which can be applied individually or as a complete package.
    Blackout: causes vision to dim as fatigue decreases.
    Collapse: causes your character to drop to the ground at 0 fatigue.
    Sleep: tracks how long you've been awake and applies increasing fatigue drain.
    Magic Balance: weakens fatigue restoration magic.
  • Primary Needs by Balor.
    Another roleplay mod, adds the need to eat, drink and sleep every 6 hours or face increasing penalties the longer that your basic needs are not met. Also prevents running when on zero stamina.
  • Indy Armorer by Indestructible.
    Allows the character to collect raw materials and smith armour components out of them, handy when you're out in the wild. Conflicts with Complete Morrowind Full/Part 5: Smithing for obvious reasons.
  • Dodge Mod (Enhanced) by LDones.
    Playing Unarmored now grants the player a Dodge/Sanctuary bonus based on skill level, making him/her harder to hit the higher it goes. Wearing armor will deplete and/or nullify this bonus, and only high-level characters can retain some bonus while wearing more then one or two pieces.
  • Way of the Hunter by Amazing_Amoeba.
    Makes the hunting trade profitable and exciting by making the hides, pelts, hearts, skin, tusks, etc, more expensive. Also adds a Hunter's Den in Solstheim Region, south of Raven Rock.
  • Freelancer by Tomas.
    Designed for those who prefer Morrowind life without faction complications, working as a freelancer for whoever has suitable work to offer. Playing a footloose Ranger is more interesting with this mod.
  • Explorers by Lord Lionmane.
    Make exploring the wilderness more fun. Your character has the chance to find new treasure balanced for his level.

  • Alchemy Storage Helper by scruggs
    Great for that ranger who wants to come back with all his skins and meat and just drop it quickly in one neat organizer...that's portable!
  • Advanced Herbalism by andoreth
    Alters plant containers so that when you activate a plant, its ingredients are placed directly into your inventory, no take menus to worry about. Also includes a new herbalism skill which influences your chances of successfully harvesting plants, and adds seeds, so you can cultivate your own garden. Awesome mod for rangers who have herbalist needs. No menus = good always.

    NPC & Creature Additions:
  • Travelling Merchants by GhanBuriGhan
    This mod adds traveling NPC's to Morrowind, that actually move between towns on scripted routes. A big atmosphere plus, adding a little life to the roads and providing new rolplaying opportunities.
  • The Regulars by GhanBuriGhan
    Another atmospheric improvement from GBG, this mod adds 27 NPC's to various pubs and clubs on Vvardenfell that are actually sitting down. These NPC's don't do much, but they sure liven up the pubs along the road.
  • Morrowind Advanced by Gary Noonan aka WormGod
    One for those looking for a greater challenge, primarily by adding many new creatures, both in the leveled lists and placed. Also includes new dungeons, and a few new weapons and armour, and tweaks some loot lists to make locating powerful equipment harder.
  • Dagoth Hunters by SoNico717
    Another mod for those after a challenge, adds more new creatures.
  • Hunt Cliff Racers to Extinction 2.0 by Jaxalot.
    The ultimate goal of all Rangers on Vvardenfell.
  • The Ranger Mod by Greenfish0.
    Adds bandits (called rangers) to the area surrounding Pelagiad and Balmora.

  • Archer's Leather Armor by WizBang.
    Adds a new set of light armor to a house in Sadrith Mora (screenshots). A new improved version is available from Suran Archery Tradehouse, which you really should have anyway!
  • Blood Chitin Armor by Light's heir.
    Retextured red chitin armor and shortsword.
  • Combat Robe by Cethegus.
    A versatile set of cloth-like armour for female rangers, consisting of a cuirass-robe-combination (in a short and a long version), boots, sandals and an assortment of weapons (two knives, a sword, a bow). BB required.
  • Daedric Leather by Ko-Gar.
    Leather armor that looks amazingly like Daedric. But don't be fooled - it's just an optical illusion.
  • Dark Netch Armor by HelterSkelter750 & Hellwolve.
    Makes Hellwolve's Wood Stalker armour available without the race, class and birthsign features of the original. A light armor suitable for Rangers.
  • Falconer Leather by Korana.
    A collection of leather clothing & armour for both male and female characters. The armor and clothing pieces are interchangeable to make different outfits. BB required.
  • Female Leather Ranger Armor by Xiamara.
    Adds a female light leather armor set in 6 colours. The set includes high heel and flat thigh high boots, skirt, tunic with bracers and a cape. Also available as clothing instead of armor. BB required.
  • Leather Armor by Mantodea.
    A fairly bulky set of leather armour inspired by artwork for "Final Fantasy Tactics".
  • Leather and Chain by baratheon79.
    This mod adds 3 suits of light armor (the leather outfits) and 2 suits of medium armor sets (the chainmail outfits). The outfits consist of a cuirass (if you want to call it that), greaves, gauntlets, and boots (screenshot). There are no pauldrons, so you can use quivers or whatever else uses those slots which these outfits. The basic design of the outfit was inspired by the dark elf leather armor from EverQuest (bare midriff, long sleeves, etc.).
  • Netch Adamantium Armor by Jester & Cythus.
    Pure Forged Adamantium riveted onto Netch Leather, 'Netch armor, but different' (PseronWyrd 2005). Gives the wearer some Versatile yet Protective armor.
  • Red Sonja Armor by Banic.
    More barbarian than ranger perhaps, but armour doesn't come much lighter than Red Sonja's. Adds 2 versions of Red Sonja's face and hair, plus her armor and sword.
  • Stalker Armor Redone by Spot1st.
    A light chain armor covered by studded leather intended for thieves, but just as suitable for ranger types.
  • Studded Leather Armour by Ratchild.
    A new light armor that has the look of studded, black leather.
  • Void Gear by Kieve
    A stealthy new addition to the Void Gear lists. Assassin's armor, with Ninja hand-claws and the unique sword "Kusanagi." Includes bonus Senche hunting armor. A well-made, great-looking set of light armor.
  • Xena Armour by Snapecase (updated by Dragonkin).
    A complete set of Xena's Armour. Scanty, classically inspired leather cuirass, skirt, bracers and boots with iron ornamentation. Only for female characters obviously.

    Items and Clothing:
  • Ranger Robe by DarkRebis
    Awesome hooded robe with a pack and quiver with arrows all built into the robe.
  • Backpack Mod by EntWentMoot
    Puts a trader in Seyda Neen that sells backpacks, enchanted with a feather spell to let you carry a larger load.
  • BB Backpacks by Dereko
    This mod adds 2 different style wearable backpacks (light and dark brown) designed to conform to Better Bodies Characters for Morrowind. Also included is a Firestarter Kit which can be bought, (Dropable Campfire).
  • Quivers And Fletching Kit Mod by Farrp
    This mod adds two important things into Morrowind; quivers and fletching. So now you can build your own arrows and bolts, and then see how many of them you have at a glance. Likely to conflict with Corv's Ultimate Ranger Mod and intelligentsia's Marksman Mod, which also implement fletching systems.
  • Trap Making Kit by Farrp
    This mod adds two NPCs who sell trap making kits and associated items, enabling you to build your own traps using your alchemy skill. The traps are heavy and expensive, but rather powerful.
  • Acheron's Camping Gear by Acheron.
    This camping gear appears in your inventory as a box until you drop it, then it becomes a container with various camping equipment inside consisting of a bedroll, a tent, 10 guarskin barriers, and a firepit. The box itself can be used to hold all of your extra stuff.
  • Portable Campfire by Ace.
    Changes campfire into a portable light item, simply place it on the ground light a lantern.
  • Wyrenth's Campfire Mod by Wyrenth.
    Build your own fire in the wilderness. You can purchase the "supplies" needed to build your own campfire.
  • Bedroll by Dreaga07.
    Adds a bedroll you can carry with you wherever you go. You can pick up these amazing new items at the pawnbroker in Balmora.
  • New Bedrolls by Calislahn.
    This mod adds ten retextured bedrolls to the game. They come in two types, static ones for modders and transportable ones available to buy from Alfric Wolfsbane's stall in Gnisis.
  • Ashlander Garb by Calder Ross / Niero.
    Adds a cloth piece that covers from the nose down to the upper chest for those dusty trips through the Ashlands.
  • Legolas' Gear by MagicNakor.
    This mod adds Legolas' gear into Morrowind. This consists of his tunic, trousers, boots, undershirt, bracers, and bow.

  • Daedric Arrows by Jahaar
    Adds a chest that can be used to enchant Ebony arrows with the souls of Daedra.
  • Marksman Mod 1.46 by intelligentsia
    A huge expansion on the game for marksman players, tweaking a range of marksman related skills and settings, adding a veritable arsenal of new marksman weapons, balancing the original weapons, and three new playable classes among other things.
  • Area Effect Arrows by Bethesda
    Introduces Aradraen the Fletcher in Vivec, who sells a range of unique area effect arrows.
  • Suran Archery Tradehouse 3.0 by Wizbang
    This plugin adds a shop to Suran where you can buy many new bows, arrows, and armor, including quivers.
  • Wooden Longbow by The_inwah.
    These wooden bows have 'Ranger' written all over them.
  • Infinity Bow Collection by Marc.
    Adds 19 scripted bows using standard Morrowind and Tribunal graphics.
  • Ultraviolet Arrows by HappyHannah.
    Adds a number of UV arrows to merchants all over Vvardenfell. The arrows are retextured steel arrows and glow in the dark. They do area effect UV damage in the presence of vampires.
  • Vivec Marksman's Shop by Quatloos.
    A little shop close to Vivec Strider with all manner of gear for the aspiring marksman.
  • Crosshair Pack I and Crosshair Pack II by Jaxalot.
    Adds 44 new crosshairs and 75 new crosshairs respectively.
  • Gothic Crosshairs by Michael 'HelioS' Bennett.
    'Evil' crosshairs. For evil Rangers.
  • Marksman Enhanced 1.2 by Bravo1.
    Adds a number of new crossbows and bolts and tweaks their rates of fire and damage, as well as those of other bows and throwables. See the detailed readme for changes to weapon statistics, NPC armament, additions to levelled lists and compatibility. Requires Tribunal and Bloodmoon.

    Companions And Accessories:
  • If Wishes Were Horses by MagicNakor
    The first rideable horse mod. Still great. Make sure and get Acid Basicks Saddle add-on and Skullhunter's black saddle retexture.
  • Pegas Horse Ranch by MadMax
    A new horse mod, also great, with improved scripting. Skullhunters saddle textures work for this one as well.
  • Carryable Raven by Kagrenac
    This mod brings you a Raven friend who you can equip and he will perch on your left arm, great for rangers. God, he won't shut up, but I love him!
  • Wolf Companion by Grumpy
    Pretty self explanatory, this adds a wolf to the game. Great mod.
  • Sorefoot Enterprises, Inc. by Miles Acraeus
    Adds Silt Strider outposts to the remote regions of Vvardenfell.

  • Portable Ranger Tent by Dongle
    We all love it. Portable, has it's own interior cell. Absolutely beautiful at night!
  • Adventurer's Tent by Dereko & Calishlan
    The first of it's kind, that I know of being released. Adds a camping pack complete with firepit, tent, bedroll, table, stool, cooking pot, ...etc.
  • Travel Tent by Aftershock
    I recently downloaded a mod that adds a portable Ashlander Yurt, much like Dongle's tent.  I have been wanting to try this, but Aftershock beat me to it.  It does not appear to conflict with Dongle's tent, using TESPCD and TESTool.  The one advantage it has, is an option to bring your companions into the tent with you.
  • The Broken Drum by Nimrod_Flamehair
    This is primarly a "fun" mod, which adds the Broken Drum tavern of Terry Pratchett fame. Includes new characters, objects, dialogue, live music, new mini-quests, and ultimately you can even buy the place, opening certain new options. It always provides a great atmosphere for the road weary ranger.
  • Telperion by Calislahn.
    There is no better Ranger dwelling than this. This is it. The model was created for Stormwyynd's 'Circle of Rangers' mod and it is perfectly utilized by Calislahn in this excellent mod. No Ranger should be without this mod.
  • Skaal Home by princessstomper.
    If a Ranger was to live under a roof in Solstheim, Skaal Home is where she'd live.

  • Galith Race by kwshipman
    This mod introduces the Galith, an elven race related to the Falmer (snow elves). Based on Better Bodies, and a with huge assortment of faces & hair custom made for this race. Particularly suitable for rangers, they are good archers and this mod comes with a great custom bow.
  • Wood Stalker by Hellwolve.
    The Freeborn are a race of humans intimately acquainted with the wilderness, and thus make perfect Rangers. Includes the Freeborn race, Freeborn birthsign, Ranger class and a complete set of Ranger Armour (also available seperately as Hellwolve's Dark Netch Armor).

    More special thanks to:
    • Telesphoros for his List o' Mods, which is where I found at least half these downloads.
    • Pseron Wyrd for suggesting many, many suitable additions to the original list.

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