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Updated October 16, 2005

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Caution: This is a mod list, not a listing of compatible mods nor a specific endorsement of any that are here listed. Some mods are likely to conflict with others. See Telesphoros' List o' Mods for play tested mods and some recommendations on compatibility.

Read the readmes and start small to avoid problems. Some of these mods may still need to be cleaned of "Evil" GMSTs. Remember also to always backup your files before messing around with mods (especially Data Files, Save Games, and Morrowind.ini).

See Starting Out With Mods first if you are new to mods or new to Morrowind for PC. It is recommended reading before you start down-loading mods and messing up your game.

Please note that some mod makers patch and version their mods quite frequently. Links on this list therefore may not always point to the most current version: it is often worth double-checking the author's home site or the major download sites to ensure you have the most recent release. Also, mods are not removed from this list because a download source is experiencing hopefully temporary difficulties: where possible, alternate sources will be included.


  • Booty Island
    by JOG. The pirates of the eastern coast have become a problem, they hit on the most rewarding and least protected targets. Supposedly someone tells them where to hit. Socucius Ergalla sends you on a mission to infiltrate the pirates and try to find out more.
  • Pearl Island
    by Zink. This mod adds a small island with a short main quest to the east of Morrowind.
  • Pirate Quest
    by Dirko. The quest will take you to a previously unknown fortress in the west of Ebonheart and then far out to sea.
  • Ash Pirates
    by Athanos. East of Vos many ships have disappeared. The ships sent to investigate have never returned. Adds an island to the east of Vos.
  • Buccaneer Island
    by Olaf the Merchant. Unfinished version. Includes two quests, dungeons, pirates, a haunted ship.
  • Mariner Hats (Internet Archive)
    by Adul. The plugin adds a tailor rogue to Gnaar Mok who sells top quality hats of various types. Have a little chat with the tailor about "Changing Hats", and he'll tell you that he's able to fit your hat just for you, and decorate it as you like.
  • Jack Sparrow Outfit
    by Caine. Get the clothes (coat, breeches, boots, glove) in Balmora at the clothier, then head to the blacksmith to for the cutlass.
  • Pirate Outfits
    by Braddock aka Mantodea. Adds a pirate outfit consisting of musketeer boots, knee breeches and captain's coat.
  • Smite's Plight Pirate Plugin
    by Smite Plight. Adds eye patches, peg legs and hand hooks. The larger hook is a shield which doesn't unequip when you switch to hand to hand fighting.
  • Renaissance Clothing
    by Smite Plight. Adds a merchant who sells Renaissance styled clothing.
  • BadKarma's and Leeloo's Serenity
    by BadKarma and Leeloo. A mysterious ghostship anchors in the bay of Ebonheart. The captain sells male clothes (Better Bodies), which have a medieval/greek/roman and fantasy styled look. There are also some pirate clothes available.
  • Myrabell's Clothing Emporium
    by Myrabell Narsil. This adds a shop in Sadrith Mora with Better Bodies compatible clothing and armor for males and females, some of it pirate themed.
  • Better Bodies Peasant Gowns Replacer
    by Korana. This mod replaces some female outfits with the Peasant Gowns. Also, random gowns are added to the inventory of local clothiers, and there is a new shop in Pelagiad. Alternatively, "Peasant Gowns", to add only the shop in Pelagiad, and not replace any NPC clothing.
  • Pirate Shirt
    by IggyEGuana. Adds a pirate shirt to Arrille's shop in Seyda Neen.
  • Niero's Thin Clothing Addon1
    by Niero. Adds a fancy pirate shirt and a pair of boots. The shirt uses racial scripting, and is hence unenchantable.
  • Stans Better Bodies Clothing
    by Stan The Monkey. Adds fantasy style clothing, including bodices and striped stockings.
  • Ultimate Galleon
    by MadMax. This mod allows you to sail a galleon in real-time.
    Housing & Ambient:
  • Pirate Parrot
    by Mighty Joe Young & Kagz. This mod gives you a squawking parrot that will perch on your shoulder.
  • Solstheim Castle
    by Korana. Solstheim Castle has a bar with a pirate publician.
  • Guard Expander
    by Caine. Adds guards to the entrance area of most towns/forts, patrolers to streets, and archers. Also changes the guards on ships to sailors wearing JunkMail's pirate boots.
  • Pirate Hoard
    by Jimm Shady. Adds a shack across the river from the egg mine near Balmora.
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