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Updated January 3rd, 2006

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Here is a list of Lord of the Rings mods compiled by the following:

Ronin49 - He tracked down and provided most of the links, without him this list would have died long ago. I can't thank you enough for all these links!

Redwoodtreesprite, Gold_Dragon, lochnarus, kalikut, TheSiriusSnape, LordJBeckman, MorandirNailo, ska8tdude, and Gro-Ab-Shalk all contributed to this list as well.

Thank you OldeCow69 for making this list into html.

Also big thanks to all the modders who made these wonderful mods! Without you, there would be nothing to make a list of!

If you have any suggestions for mods that should be on the list, or if you find any problems you can private messege me on the official Elder Scrolls forums under the profile ~Ninja Monkey


    Races & Classes:
  • Dwarves! 1.0 by Tarnsman
    Adds tolkienesque dwarves as a playable race, with appropriate skills, birthsign, and even fully bearded faces.
  • Goblin Race 1.0 by Golden Buffalo
    A new balance race for Morrowind complete with new (edited) skins, and their very own armour set.
  • Halfling Race 1.31 by Hello Khajit
    Adds a playable Halfling Race to Morrowind (Screenshot).
  • Halflings 1.0 by Lobotomist
    Another playable Halfling Race for Morrowind.
  • Lothlórien Elf by Miguel Felix
    Places the Mirkwood Bow and two new books about the Galadhrim elves of the woodland realm of Lothlorien to the barrel just outside of the Census Office in Seyda Neen, and adds new birthsigns.
  • Playable Uruk-Hai 0.21 by Ghoul_21
    A small mod that adds Uruk-Hais males as a playable race, with retextured bodies, one face and one hair.
  • Races and Classes (Tribunal Mod) by Cutthroat Mods
    Adds two races, Hobbits and Dwarves, and a number of essential new classes.
  • Isengard by Arnon Marcus
    This mod recreats the beautiful scenery of Isengard and the Misty Mountains, as well as the river Isen. Also has a fully funcional replica of Orthanc tower and its encircling outer wall. A quest will guide you through each of the above, onto a big PRIZE!
  • Lord of the Rings Quests 1.0 by saborcoco
    This mod contains MANY mini quests with ONE big quest which is the Lord of the Rings Quest.. ( you'll se why once you play it).
  • The Quest for Hadafang by TommyKhajiit
    Meldor has a nice looking new sword called Hadhafang, a weapon famous among the High Elves. Following the Quest for Hadhafang you'll meet Arwen's granddaughter Orelinde and learn about "The Hobbit Book of Wisdom".
  • The Quest For The One Ring by Christopher Frey (SeniorFrito)
    A mod that adds a new island where you find Sauron's Resting Place.
    Homes & Buildings:
  • Abandoned Hobbit Hole by Fang
    I made this little hobbit hole for my newest character. Good for a starter character in Seyda Neen, and definitely better than that nasty rug of a bedroll in the Census Office. (ScreenShot).
  • Boromir's House 1.0 by Duskrider
    The house is situated South of Balmora in the area of the Shulk Egg Mine.
  • Dwarf Kingdom of Moria 1.1 by D@rk_Blu3
    This is an Underground Palace based on Lord of the Rings "Moria".
  • Gondor Castle by the Mighty Joe Young
    A modder's resource featuring a huge castle mesh, just begging for an authentic interior, maybe NPCs and quests?
  • Helms Deep 1.7 by Vamp666
    A 'Helms Deep' - like fortress, with NPCs, new armor and more. (Screenshot)
  • Minas Ithil Keep 1.4 by Miguel Felix
    This mod creates a Keep in the Ascaidian Isles. The King has left you a note, explaining that he left the keep because he was getting too old to travel, and orcs kept attacking the keep. He asks you to watch after his "Precious" and hidden treasures.
  • Palinor The City in the West 2.0 by Tristan
    Palinor City In The West is a little village that is east of the city Gnisis.
  • Sauron's Abode by Hung Doan
    This plugin places a manor on the outskirts of Pelagiad, the home of the great mage, Sauron. Come in and let Sauron's Abode reveal its secrets. Explore the mysterious and beautiful Garden of Arda with its Temple of the Star. Wander the Sanctuary of Valinor and discover Sauron's magical treasures. (Screenshots)
  • Ash Mail Armor 1.0 by Steven Moors
    This adds a textured set of ash mail armor to an ex-noble in an unknown location. Some may notice that the armor is similar in appearence to one of Aragorn's armors of lord of the rings...
  • Elendil's Helm by LordJBeckman
    Adds Elendil Helm mesh and textures. No esp file.
  • Elven Armor by TheGeneral
    This Mod includes the 2nd age elven armor seen at the beginning of Fellowship of the ring and the 3rd age Elven armor seen in The Two Towers.
  • Elven Mithril Chainmail
    Adds a chainmail suit, female only, for sale in Arrille's tradehouse in Seyda Neen.
  • Gondorian Ranger Armor by rojak
    Adds a set of Gondorian Ranger armor in a chest near Hasphat in Balmora, Guild of Fighters.
  • LOTR Shields 1.0 by AnOldFriend3
    This modders resource includes 2 new shields modeled after the High Elven shield and the Gondor shield from Lord of the Rings.
  • Mithril Armor 1.0 by JePu
    Adds a complete set of Mithril Armour to Meldor (Balmora), Hodlismod (Caldera) and Aryne Telnim (Tel Aruhn). There's also a dead body with the Mithril Armour and a silver longsword somewhere.
  • Mithril Armor Complete by aragorn24 and Dcoy
    Adds a set of mithril armor to the inventory of Meldor the merchant in Balmora.
  • Oblivion Mithril Armor, Female by CanadianIce
    Deep inside the Corprusarium is a Dwemer Chest containing a set of long forgotten female mithril chain armor (Screenshot).
  • Oblivion Mithril Armor, Male by Kalikut
    This plugin adds a male version of the mithril armor based on TES IV: Oblivion concept art and CanadianIce's textures.
  • The Sauron Project by Orry aka The Hand of God
    The Sauron Project recreats Sauron's great armor, mace and ring from the Lord Of The Rings.
  • Gandalf by Arttt
    Adds the hair, beard, hat and robe of Gandalf the Grey.
  • Legolas' Gear by MagicNakor
    Adds Legolas' armor (tunic, undershirt, pants & boots) and bow to Arrille's Tradehouse.
  • Wizard Clothes 1.2 by Aragon
    This mod adds wizard clothes to the shop of the fine clothier Milie Hastien in Balmora. These clothes have a higher enchantment rating than normal. This mod is meant especially for unarmored heroes.
  • Wizard Hats 1.0 by Daduke
    Adds 31 recolored Wizard Hats to game world that can be bought by Mage Guild members in Ald-ruhn, Balmora, Caldera, Vivec.
  • Anduril, Flame of the West by coolman
    Places Anduril in the crater of Red Mountain (screenshot).
  • Aragorn's Bastard Sword by Tommy Khajiit
    This plugin gives you the opportunity to use Aragorn's sword as a bastard sword.
  • Aragon's Bow 1.0 by Ilium
    Endure the trials of Aragon the Battlemage and win "Aragon's Long Bow" a Daedric long bow with the capability to conjure it's own arrows.
  • Chamber of the Sword by Morrowindfreak
    This mod adds Arwen's Sword Hadhafang to a shrine on the road from Balmora to Moonmoth Fort.
  • Gandalf's Glamdring by Taylor
    Mod creates a one-handed and two-handed version of Gandalf's sword Glamdring. They can be found in Ravirr's shop in Balmora.
  • Gandalf The White's Staff 1.0 by AnOldFriend
    Adds the staff of Gandalf the White.
  • Gimli's Axe by Thann
    A modder's resource containing mesh and texture for Gimli's Axe.
  • Hadhafang by Coolman
    Hadhafang, sword of Arwen from the movie Lord of the Rings. It can be found in Ald-ruhn Guild of Mages (Screenshot).
  • High Elven Warrior Halberd Sword by Thiadlef
    This plugin adds the High Elven halberd/sword hybrid from Lord of the Rings. The sword is for sale by Meldor, the smith in Balmora.
  • Knux' Weapon Pack 1 by Knux Econa
    Includes The Uruka Halberd (Screenshot).
  • Lord of the Rings Weapons by Wave_Existence
    A collection of LOTR weapons - Screenshots.
  • LOTR weapons pack
    Adds nine LOTR weapons to RalenTilvur in the Foreign Quarter plaza in Vivec.
  • Narsil by Ainur
    Adds a mesh and texture for the sword Narsil from LoTR.
  • Orc Sword 1.0 by Ravager
  • Ornate Elvish Sabres v1.0 by VagabondAngel
    Another couple of sword resource offerings, this time with a celtic/elvish slant. Both swords come complete with sheaths and are scripted to allow them to be equipped on either back or belt. Screenshot
  • Saruman's Staff 1.0 by CikMatt
    Adds Saruman's Staff, found in Arrielle's Tradehouse, in Syda Neen, next to the door.
  • Sting from LOTR by McMornan
    Look under the Special Projects section for the famous Sting from LOTR.
  • Sword Pack by LordJBeckman
    Includes Narsil and the Helm of Elendil in normal and gold themed colors.
  • The Hidden Pathway 2.0 by Star Boi
    This mod includes all new meshes by me to expand on the magical and unique weapon selection in Morrowind, including Sting, Gandalf's Staff and others.
  • Tree Bridge and Gandalf The White Staff by AnOldFriend
    A modder resource pack with a high poly Tree Bridge and a Gandalf The White Staff.
  • Uruk-Hai Scimitars by Arnon Marcus
    Adds two scimitars, as used in the LOTR movies by the Uruk-Hai warriors.
  • Witchking's Sword 1.0 by EntWentMoot
    Adds the Witchking's Sword, which can be found in Arrielle's Tradehouse, in Seyda Neen.
  • Wizardly Staves by Khelgrymn and detritus2004
    Creates defensive staves that the PC can carry in their off-hand (much like other off-hand weapon mods). Additionally, upon reaching certain ranks in the Mage's Guild and the Telvanni House, the character will be presented with a special staff denoting his rank.
  • Wizard Staffs 2.0 by Tjolbi aka pc_freak
    This mod adds six new staffs that shoot their enchantment instead of you casting it. They are added to the "random excellent melee weapon" misc item so you will have to search for them.
  • DB Plugin Pack by D@rk_Blu3
    Adds a number of LOTR related books, rings, armour and a model of Sauron with his own hammer.
  • Lord of the Rings 1.0 by MGSkind
    This MOD places all 20 LOTR Rings throughout the game, each by their original holders (Dwarves, Elves, Ringwraiths, and Sauron). The player collects all 20 Rings with the help of the guide, Liovion. There are 2 new playable classes (Dwarves and Ringwraiths).
  • Middle Earth Rings of Power Plugin by BeckhamFC9
    Adds 3 Elvish Rings...7 Dwarf Rings...9 Rings of Mortal Man, and the One Ring of the Sauron. The rings are scattered around, and wont be easy to find...along your journey, you might discover one of the rings as Bilbo first discovered the One Ring in The Hobbit, the prelude to the Lord of the Rings.
  • Two Rings by D@rk_Blu3
    This plugin adds two well known rings into the game, one of which is the famous One Ring from the movie "Lord of the Rings".
  • Smokeable Pipes 1.1 by EntWentMoot
    This mod adds a smokeable pipe and pipeweed into Morrowind...essential equipment for Gandalf and Sam.

Finally, some of the Specialty and Theme Mod Lists at Mythic Mods are worth looking at when selecting mods to outfit a game for a LOTR character or Fellowship. See, for example, the various wizardly mods on Reffa's Mage Mod List, as well as the Ranger List, Thief/Assassin List, Pseron_Wyrd's Dual-Wield Weapons and Quiver Lists, Vagabond's Armoury and various others.

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