Knight/Paladin Mods

by GhostNull

Updated Jan 17 2008

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Caution: This is a mod list, not a listing of compatible mods nor a specific endorsement of any that are here listed. Some mods are likely to conflict with others. See Telesphoros' List o' Mods for play tested mods and some recommendations on compatibility.

Read the readmes and start small to avoid problems. Some of these mods may still need to be cleaned of "Evil" GMSTs. Remember also to always backup your files before messing around with mods (especially Data Files, Save Games, and Morrowind.ini).

Please note that some mod makers patch and version their mods quite frequently. Links on this list therefore may not always point to the most current version: it is often worth double-checking the author's home site or the major download sites to ensure you have the most recent release.


  • Breasal's Royal Armor by Rhineville
    - Add a set of regal Nordic/Celtic armor, perfect for a Nord Knight or Paladin.
  • Ceremonial Nord Armor by The General
    - Adds a set of Nord Ceremonial Armor; made to look warm in the cold climates with the same stats as Nordic Mail armor. (Screenshot)
  • The Knights of Tamriel Series by Jeremy McGuinn (Homepage)
    • Part 1: Jet and Gold
      - Adds "The Armor of Jet and Gold" used by the Order of the Leopard.
    • Part 2: Dibella
      - Adds "The Armor of Dibella" used by the Order of the Lily.
    • Part 3: Arkay
      - Adds "The Armor of Arkay" used by the Order of the Circle.
    • Part 4: Akatosh
      - Adds "The Armor of Akatosh" used by the Order of the Hour.
    • Part 5: Kynareth
      - Adds "The Armor of Kynareth" used by the Kynarian Knights.
    • Part 6: Mara
      - Adds "The Armor of Mara" used by the Maran Knights.
  • VagabondAngel's Armours: (Homepage)
    • Emerald Ymsidril Armour
      - A brillant armor suited for those Elven Knight/Paladins out there.
    • Blue Ymsidril Armor
      - Same armor as the last, but blue instead of green.
    • Indoril WarMaster Armour
      - Another superb set for Elven Knights and Paladins.
    • Morkeleb Armour
      - Inspired by Barbara Hambley's dragon, Morkeleb, from Dragonsbane, a full set of black and silver plate armour with male and female versions of the boots and cuirass.
  • Paladin Armor by Mantodea/Braddock
    - Adds Paladin's armor, the lightest heavy armor possible with great enchantment values with less protection than ebony. Also includes Faith and Valor, a highly enchantable, very powerful and medium-weight claymore.
  • Aedric Steel by Mantodea/Braddock
    - Adds a set of re-textured Daedric armor.
  • Four Strong Armor by Mantodea/Braddock
    - Four sets of armor based on the same set of brand new meshes, as well as a few new weapons.
  • Tsaesci Dragonscale Armour by Maj. GHOB
    - Armour forged from the scales of black dragons and metal adamantium.
  • Imperial Dragonscale Armor by Maj. GHOB
    - Completes the Dragonscale armor set in the original game. You have to become Knight of the Imperial Dragon to earn this awesome set.
  • Holy King Armor by Blackshark64
    - Adds a very nice set of regal armor and claymore to the game with an attached quest to obtain it.
  • Holy King's Queen Armor Add-On by Jester
    - Adds a female version of the Holy King Armor.
  • Brass God Armor by lochnarus
    - Adds an awesome, black & gold armor set to the game with a small quest to get it.
  • Obsidian Armor by Ronin49
    - Wonderful armor re-tex of lochnarus' re-tex of the Brass God armor.
  • First Guard Armor by Zenorf
    - Adds a set of new armor (meshes) that is built for a beast, mainly for Argonian's though.
  • Créhange Manor by ReflectioN
    - Adds a Morrowind version of an existing castle/manor in Larochette Luxembourg to the city of Suran. There's also Créhange Manor Guard Towers available.
  • Criechinger Haus by ReflectioN
    - As ReflectioN put it, could be considered Version 2 of his Créhange Manor house mod. Now with re-textured interiors.
  • Castle Vianden by ReflectioN
    - Adds a large castle based on an existing castle in Vianden Luxembourg. Located near Sadrith Mora and Wolverine Hall.
  • Castle Kanthrock by Centurion
    - Places a large castle within the Bitter Coast Region (or Ald-Vendras with optional .esp) that you can gain access to by gaining ranks in the Imperial Legion.
  • Ald-Vendras and Update by Centurion
    - Not a house mod per say, but this large landmass mod does include various castles and manors that the player can earn through quests from the Fighter's Guild and House Redoran.
  • Castle Dragonfall by Centurion
    - Adds a another highly detailed castle to the Ald-Vendras Region that player can move into.
  • Solstheim Castle by Korana
    - Adds a new landmass with a small town and large castle that you can earn through a short and simple quest. Has seperate rooms for the Lord or Lady.
  • Xenterra Keep by Korana
    - Adds a large underground castle in the Bitter Coast with plenty of storage room, seperate chambers, and other nifty features.
  • The Golden Dragon and the Patch by Rogue Shadow & _Damien_
    - Adds a new landmass with a shop that has a large amount of armors and weapons for all Knight and Paladin types.
  • The Hidden Pathway by StarBoi
    - Adds several shops with great-looking and suitable weapons for the Knight and Paladin types. One in particular is the Paladin Sword.
  • Crusaders of Tamriel by grVulture
    - Adds a shop in Ebonheart selling armor based on authentic Crusader and Roman armor.
  • The Ultimate Knight Shop by Orry aka The Hand of God
    - Adds a shop in Moonmoth Legion Fort that sells various armors and shields specifically for Knight and Paladin types.
  • Chainmail Armor Merchant by ReflectioN
    - Adds a merchant to the Moonmoth Legion fort near Balmora. He sells a complete set of Chainmail Armor.
  • Astion's Chrysamere Replacer by Astion
    - Replaces the original Chrysamere with a new, reflective version.
  • Harlequin Sword and Bow by Phijama
    - Adds some awesome weapons made by the talented Phijama. In this particular resource, there's a 2-handed sword with sheath. But, that shouldn't stop you from using the other weapons, to.
  • Requiem by Phijama
    - Another sheathing sword made by Phijama. This one has one and two-handed versions of the same sword.
  • Dragon Blade by Phijama
    - Adds Phijama's personal version of "Requiem".
  • Peace and Tranquility by Phijama
    - More great stuff from Phijama. In this mod, there's a golden 2-handed sword.
  • Silver Longswords by VagabondAngel
    - Adds two new swords to the game - Vagabond Silver Longsword and Claymore.
  • Horror Mod by LightningFlik & MentalElf
    - Descend into the depths of Horror to find out what's causing the people of Suran to disappear!
  • Wizard's Island by The Wizard's Island Team
    - Ged, The Frost Bringer, created the "Great Chill" and is draining the living energy from the land. In order to survive, The Drakens built a city of 3 pyramids and artificialy created their own natural habitat within. Only the town of Wintervale and the three Draken Pyramids resisted, with the protection of the Naz soldiers and the Draken's mages. Goblins have been hiding from the Frost Bringer under their castle ruins and created a new kingdom as their home. Ged is now in control of a Cult of Followers and, with the help of the Lich Grymward, is slowly gathering an army of evil. Dark days await the town of Wintervale. Should you help defend Wintervale or join the Cult of Ged and lead the attack? The choice is yours.
  • Veldion, Quest for a King by FlyTSI
    - Embark in an epic quest to find the missing king. Your travels will take you through some supposedly abandoned mines, the West Labyrinth (a large maze like dungeon), the Catacombs where you will find some very tough fights and several other interesting areas.
  • The White Wolf Of The Lokken Mountain by Emma
    - An enchanting island (a story built on the Lokken Island by TeuTonic) with beautiful landscapes, an awesome main quest, side quests, romance, and a handful of possible companions.
  • The Black Mill by Bilbo WillowTree
    - "Embark on a new Journey, In the obscurity of an Outer Element, I came across a Face, from my own Inner Soul..."
  • Privateer's Hold by Jman0warS and ManaUser
    - Alternate beginning mod that adds the starter dungeon from Daggerfall into Morrowind.
  • Scourge of the Lich Father by Dan T.
    - A multi-part adventure which adds new characters, locations, factions, creatures, armour and weapons to the world of Vvardenfell. When a mysterious cripple arrives on the Silt Strider at Balmora a chain of events is set in motion that threatens the lives of every soul in the realm.
  • Inferno's Island Revisited by Inferno
    - A journey to Seyda Neen and a letter will lead you on an interesting quest, from joining the Legion of Inferno Island to solving many a puzzle to a delicious final battle at the end.
  • The Order of the Tamriel Crusaders, Part One: The Initiate by grVulture
    - The Crusaders landed in Morrowind! Will you join them and help them rebuild their Order? A new faction, new quests, battles, etc.
  • The Aerie of Tir Thalor & Tir Thalor Quest by The Endhome Staff
    - Places a new faction with a widespread presence all over Vvardenfell. There are mercenaries you can hire long-term (if you're worthy) who may be commanded with new options.
  • Dread Knights by NarkyBark
    - A new evil Orc faction has rolled into town, and the Imperial legion isn't happy. Choose which side to team with and help to hunt down the other.
    Gameplay Improvements:
  • Dracandros' Voice by Dracandros
    - Give orders to your followers in your faction as well as other improvements to NPCs.
  • Give Your Orders by TheLys
    - A stand alone mod that also complements Dracandros' Voice. Give orders to lower ranking faction members, your slaves, your companions, and those who like you (disp>95)...including the expansions and ones found in mods, past and future.
  • Combat Enhanced by Aerelorn
    - 30 different combat combos performed using simple combinations of the basic attacks (i.e. Slash, Slash, Thrust). There are 5 combos for each of the 6 weapon types (Long Blade, Short Blade, Blunt Weapon, Axe, Spear, and Unarmed). The combos range from stat drains to knockdowns to decapitations. Requires Morrowind Enhanced.
  • Blocking Enhanced by Aerelorn
    - Blocking Enhanced is an attempt to make blocking more fun by bringing it under the player's control.
  • Freelancer by Tomas
    - Changes several existing quests, dialogue and journal entries so that players can play as a freelancer and be able to get and complete quests. Adds some new 'latest rumors' to point non-faction players towards quests.
  • Knight Errant by Esper
    - Knight Errants are strong melee fighters well trained in fighting with blades, maces and shields. Knowledge of alchemy and the healing arts makes them very durable in battle although they lack training in heavy armour use.
  • Paladin Class by Patrick
    - Adds a Paladin Class to the game, similar to the Knight and Crusader classes already in-game.
  • Qwert's Paladin by Qwert
    - Adds a special Paladin class to the game that is heavily based off of AD&D rules.
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