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Updated Jul 28, 2006

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No intention of relisting here any of the fine mods in these two excellent theme mod lists:

  • Illtempered's Ranger and Rangeresque Mod List - things to use while hunting.
  • Wildlife Mods - things to hunt.

    • Animal Realism 1.0 by Sal Maker. More believable, less suicidal, animal behaviour. Blighted animals attack as normal. Increases in animal combat skill, agility and strength to various stronger creatures.
    • Blight Bounties 1.01 by Ivza. The Temple is now issuing rewards for those who kill blighted creatures. Rewards can be collected by visiting one of the specialized Temple representatives at Molag Mar, Maar Gan or Ghostgate (Tower of Dusk).
    • Blighted Animals 1.1 by kittybrod. Changes the colouring of blighted animals so that they are readily distinguishable from normal creatures, of especial benefit to adventurers who are hunting blighted creatures for a bounty or other benefit.
    • Creature Mounts 1.0 by cosades. Adds an NPC just Northwest of Seyda Neen who will sell you full body mounts of almost any creature in Morrowind to do with as you please.
    • Hunter Class 0.99 by Solar Scorch. Adds one new class; hunter.
    • Hunter Modification 1.01 by Martin Bohnet. Rumours lead to quests that lead in turn to learning how to use more parts of some creatures to create new potions. Tribunal version included.
    • Hunters Achievements 1.0 by Trollf. Adds a book that shows how many various creatures you have killed since the beginning of the game.
    • Hunter's Hall 1.0 by Joe. Adds a house, formerly Joe's Hunting House, a hall in the Solstheim Greathall style south of Thormoors Watch. Includes a dock, skeletal mannequins, chests that regenerate items, a working practice dummy and four bows by Zyndaar.
    • Hunters Island 1.0 by Jeffrey Brown. Adds a small island off Solshteim, with house.
    • Hunting Mod 1.0 by Jdooby. Adds an island off the coast from Sadrith Mora called Zafirbel Island where you can obtain permits to hunt the various creatures there.
    • Realistic Pelts 1.1 by Heremod Productions. Makes bear and wolf pelts more realistic and they can now be used to decorate your home.
    • The Hunter 1.0 by Prodigy.NL. Adds The Hunter birthsign, makes the class Hunter available and adds a shack on the road between Seyda Neen and Pelagiad.
    • Themed Homes: Hunting Lodge 1.2 by Tenner. Adds a lodge, using colony architecture and many Nordic elements, located NE of Frostmoth and SE of Thirsk in the Hirstaang Forest.
    • Way of the Hunter beta 1.0 by Amazing_Amoeba. Makes a lot of creatures stronger and ingredients more expensive. Adds a house near Raven Rock and four new Birthsigns. Includes two .esps with differring creature fight/flight responses.
    • The Woodstalker Armor 1.0 by Hellwolve. Adds a new race: the Freeborn, a Ranger Class, a complete Ranger Armor set in a chest in the Trade House in Seyda Neen and the "Freedom" birthsign.
    Mythic Mods  >>   Theme Mod Lists  >>   Hunting Mods   |     |   Mod Forum