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Updated September 30, 2005

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Thanks to Mahatma_Dandee for creating the list.
"Being powerful is like being a lady, if you need to tell it to people, then you are not."
Please carefully review these Cautions if you are new to mod use or using this list for the first time.


  • Dwemer Battle Centurion 1.5 by Michael Panetta and Ethan Holbrook
    [From the Polish] Adds a playable race, a Dwemer robot with shields for hands.
    Requires Tribunal and Bloodmoon.
  • Dwemer Race Mod by T-Bone
    Adds the Dwemer as a playable race.
  • Dwarf Race & NPCs by Matt
    Adds the Dwarf race and NPCs around Morrowind.
  • Dwarf Race by Blitzer
    Adds a new race called Dwarf and Dwarven merchant in Seyda Neen who sells Dwemer articles.
  • Dwarf Race & Necromancer Class by Sangiunius
    Adds a Dwarf race and two new classes.
  • Winged Dwemer Guardians by -Eidolon-
    Adds a new creature (race) - the Dwemer Guardian to levelled lists. Also adds a Dark Priest with a unique staff and robes to a Daedric Shrine.
    Quests and Factions:
  • Children of the Night Part 2 by JB
    During your travels through Vvardenfell you will also discover the mysteries of the Dwemer relic of Zamura
  • Cult of the Talosec by Martini60
    Mournhold Museum has decided to reclaim the artifact of Omnicron, a powerful dark skull which can summon Undead Daedra for the caster. They are looking to hire someone brave or foolish enough to attempt to recover it.
  • Ismea by Dusk Mage
    An unknown and hidden Dwemer ruin is protected by a powerful Altmer mage, the ghost of a necromancer and Fire and Shock Centurions. One seeking access to the ruin might begin the search in the foyada west of Falensarano.
  • Moon's Spawn by Paul H
    Long ago the Dwemer created floating fortresses to oppose Dremora Warlords. A great battle was fought over a remote part of land far off the coast of Vvardenfell. The Dwemer emerged victorious but at great cost. Only one Dwemer fortress, heavily damaged but partially repaired, survived the encounter.
  • Nehfaern Sanctuary by Aaron "Vaaish" Dickey
    The Dwemer are gone, but the stories of a shipwrecked Dwemer lord still float around the town of Gnisis.
  • The Clockwork Tower by by Tsar_of_Cows
    A dungeon crawl with a story behind it in a newly discovered Dwemer ruin.
  • The Dwemeri Secret by JCSpencer
    An archaeologist insists that the Dwemer are not directly responsible for their astounding advances in technology, but rather that they engaged in dark dealings with those not of this world. Why has no one else uncovered this mystery?
  • The Quests for Daedric Dwemer Helmet by Xanathar
    Adds an ancient a Dwemeri helmet based on Daedric design and method; four quests intended for level 35 or higher, starting from Bthungthumz. See readme. Requires Tribunal and Bloodmoon.
    Dungeons and Ruins:
  • Ascadia by M7
    Buried in the sea to the West of Ebonheart lies the Lost City of the Dwemer. Explore the treasures on the sea floor: the Secrets of the Dwemer await you. Recommended for more experienced players; requires Tribunal.
  • Altor Island 1.1 by MouLDY_LLaMa
    Adds a small island, NW from the mouth of Odai River, with Dwemer ruins and low to mid-level dungeon.
  • Bloodmoon Dwemer Additions by Blockhead
    Adds many Dwemer ruins to Solstheim.
  • Bloodmoon Dwemer Ruins by Executor Zurg
    To reach the dungeon, travel to Solstheim and head for the tiny island underneath Mortrag Glacier.
  • Dwemer Observing Station by Necrolesian
    Adds the Dwemer Observing Station ruin to Lake Amaya, with an entrance through a grotto to the east and the reward of a very powerful sword.
  • Dunzar by Blockhead
    Dunzar is a long dungeon connecting Vivec and Mournhold and corresponds 1:1 to the surface distance between those cities; levelled creatures and treasure.
  • Dwemer Graveyard by Qwert
    Adds a Dwemer dungeon a thousand levels long. Look for the Dwemer tower near Buckmoth Fort.
  • Dwemer Ruin by Johndoe/Pchl
    Adds a ruin, with a new faction, outside Balmora.
  • Dwemer Tunnels by synthetics
    Adds a series of lengthy tunnels connecting seven of the Dwemer Ruins and crawling with levelled creatures.
  • Greater Dwemer Ruins Preview by Nedius
    Greatly expands Arkngthand, making it a much larger ruin with minimal changes to the original level; new weapons and creatures. Preview of cancelled mod by the same name: other resources released.
  • Underwater Krosmis by D@rk_Blu3
    Krosmis is a big ancient Dwemer castle that was buried under the sea decades ago.
    Game Improvements and Fixes:
  • Dwemer Headache Fix by Sandman
    Reduces the ambient noise inside Dwemer ruins.
  • Dwemer Loot by Poodemon
    Adds retextured alchemy set, Dwemer money, lute and many other Dwarven items to levelled lists.
  • Dwemer Ruins Fix by Crazyboy
    Explore new, previously hidden Dwemer areas.
  • Illegal Dwemer Trading by Spline
    Makes the trading of Dwemer artifacts, weapons, and armor similar to the trading of skooma. Most merchants will refuse service to those who possess Dwemer items.
    Companions and NPCs:
  • Dwemer Centurion Construction 1.0 beta 2by WrongNote
    Adds a quest to gather materials needed for the creation of Spider, Sphere or Steam Centurions to command.
  • Dwemer Cyborgs by Henkbein
    Adds a new 'race' of controllable Cyborg, a Dwemer Production Facility, and a quest.
  • Dwemer Repairs  Needs readme
    Mod author and description?
  • Pocket Pals - Dwemer Mechs by andoreth
    Adds figurines that allow the player to summon various Dwemer constructs as familiars.
    Requires Tribunal and Pocket Pals - Base Pack.
  • Shock Centurion Companion 1.2 by Vorwoda the Black
    Allows the creation of an enhanced Companion from the Great House Telvanni quest reward of a Shock Centurion - a Dwemer Animunculus that will follow the PC and fight for him or her until destroyed.
    Requires Tribunal and Bloodmoon.
  • The Construct by Endrek
    Adds a suit of magically animated armor, The Construct, that will follow your orders and protect you. Be ready for a fight as well as a bit of questing, when you go to find it south of Gnaar Mok. The Construct levels up when you do and it can be ordered to stay put or follow. Check its damage status at any time and repair it with scrap metal.
  • Yagrum Advanced by M.C.
    With this mod, the Last Living Dwarf will now be able to use his Master Crafter skills to build you Sphere, Steam, and Archer Centurion companions, as well as a Dwarven airship to take you anywhere in Morrowind.
    Items and Clothing:
  • Dwemer Bio-Monitor by Tundro Walker
    DBM can auto-heal health, fatigue, and magicka if they get below 30%. It detects and cures poison, disease, and blight. Checks for fire, frost, and shock damage. And more.
  • Dwemer Clock Enhanced by TheLys
    When equipped, this device looking like a Dwemer cube gives the hour and date and proposes to modify its settings. It can automatically show time and date each new day and/or each hour and shows time when you stop resting.
  • Dwemer Cube by Gara Attila
    Part of the Balmora Mage Guild Upgrade ; makes soulgems out of gold.
  • Dwemer Lanterns by Nigedo
    Adds rare and powerful, portable Dwemer lanterns that illuminate a large area and will not burn out.
  • Dwemer Magic Box by Rodrigo Ortiz / Max a.k.a. ~NOBODY~
    The item is basically an Eight Ball like toy, but it can be much more useful. Features: about 150 different yes/no answers, almost 100 humorous comments, tips or quotes about Morrowind easter eggs, and about 25 area-dependant quotes.
  • Dwemer Music Player by Funky
    The player allows you to listen to your own choice of music at any point in the game.
  • Dwemer Sky Glider by Mykul
    This glider (with flying pants) will let you soar the skies in comfort and ease. Just equip the glider and pants and away you go!
  • Dwemer Sky Glider Add-on 1.05 by Lady Serena and JamesW
    An update to Mykul's classic, adding an attachable Dwemer Machine Gun-type crossbow with special respawning bolts, special gloves and house next to the glider garage.
  • Dwemer Thermometer by Zappara
    Adds temperature values and effects to every single location in Vvardenfall and Solstheim.
  • Dwemer Trap Device by OderWat
    Places a portable trap device near the Mages Guild in Balmora; functions like a lethal land-mine.
  • Xanondorf's Rare Robes Collection and Dwemer Robe Fix by Xanondorf
    Adds four rare robes, found in various tombs, ruins, clothiers and other locations throughout Vvardenfel : Dwemer Robe, Daedric Robe, Oracle's Robe and Necromancer's Robe.
    Weapons & Armour:
  • Advanced Dwemer Armor by Sahardoom
    Adds a set of retextured Dwemer armor to a vendor at the Balmora Temple.
  • Ancient Dwemer Shortsword Needs readme
    Mod author and description?
  • Fusion Weapons by Joel Braddock aka Mantodea
    A claymore, spear, and shortsword with stats comparable to Dwemer weapons but each with one hundred points of enchantment.
  • Dwemer Armor Restored 1.20 by Mortis-Nai
    Adds a completely new set of Dwemer armour. To get started head to the Mzahnch Ruin 8, -10.
  • Dwemer Bow and Helmet by Cethegus
    Adds a fine open Dwemer helmet and a longbow to Arkngthand, Deep ore passage.
  • Dwemer Ceremonial Scourge by DlocPuWons
    A mysterious man has tipped off Larrius Varro at Fort Moonmoth to the location of a unique Dwemer sword. Are you brave enough to find the clues and claim the ancient Ceremonial Scourge as your own? Includes a Lite version.
  • Dwemer Ice-tipped Weapons and Armor by Frankie Waring
    Adds a pewter coloured set of Dwemer arms and armor with blue ice highlights, a staff that fires Frostballs and a small dungeon. Requires Tribunal and Bloodmoon
  • Dwemer Longsword by T-Bone
    Adds a Dwemer Longsword to levelled lists so that it is found randomly all over Vvardenfell.
  • Dwemer Mk2 and Steel Alloy Armor by Vaernis
    Adds three new sets of armor: DwemerMk2 and a light and dark version of Steel Alloy Armor.
  • Dwemer RPG by WormGod.
    Adds a Dwemer rocket propelled explosive device and ammunition.
  • Dwemer Towershield by T-Bone
    Adds the missing Dwemer Towershield; must be placed in-game by the user.
  • Dwemer Warrior Princess and Firefly Armor by SnakeBitten
    Adds an elegant set of new Dwemer armor that you might acquire near Ghostgate and ninja-like set of armor from vendors in the Ald-Rhun Morag Tong Guildhall.
  • Medium Dwemer Armor by Ratchild
    Adds three sets of armour; reskins using Dwemer artwork.
  • Recoloured Armours and Weapons by Curry
    In two parts; the second recolours Dwemer armaments.
  • Restored Dwemer Armor 1.1 by -Eidolon-
    After Divayth Fyr sends you down to get the Dwemer Boots of Flying, talk to Yagrum Bagarn to have him restore Dwemer Armor for you, if you have the right tools.
  • Snakebitten's Lair by SnakeBitten
    Includes Dwemer Princess Armor and some new weapons and Dwemer inventions.
    Houses and Structures:
  • Abandoned Dwemer Lighthouse by Kal-El
    The Abandoned Dwemer Lighthouse in Seyda Neen has been used by adventurers for years. It is currently vacant.
    Requires Tribunal and Bloodmoon.
  • Artuzu 4.2 Beta by Crazyboy
    The house includes an alchemy sorting machine, a training room with pool, a bedroom, and workable kitchen. Also an armoury, clothing room, weapons room and junk storage. Requires Necessities of Morrowind for kitchen.
  • Balmora Shelter by Eli
    Adds a comfortable house in Dwemer style, situated on the Odai River in the center of Balmora.
  • Dwarven Submersible by The Mad God
    Adds a Dwarven submarine in Vivec and a merchant who is willing to sell it.
  • Dwemer Base  Needs readme
    Mod author and description?
  • Dwemer Fortress  Needs readme
    Mod author and description?
  • Dwemer Galleon by Davidevil
    In the port of Vivec is a huge war galleon of Dwemer style. Armed with powerful ballistae and an awesome Centurion, it is ready to plough the seas once more.
  • Dwemer Outpost by Black Glove
    A Dwemer style house or outpost close to Balmora on a small island near the Siltstrider.
  • Dwemer Submarine House by Lochnarus
    Adds a Dwemer bathysphere converted into a dwelling, docked in the West Gash region near the mouth of the River Samsi.
  • Dwemer Storage Device by AirBreather
    In a very remote Dwemer ruin lies The Dwemer Storage Device, a device that will warp the player to a small area full of individually named storage containers. Requires Tribunal.
  • Mechanical Manor by Tenner
    Adds a manor located inside Abarillius mountain, south of Tel Branora; a mix of Sotha Sil and Dwemer architecture.
  • Mournhold Dwemer Outpost  Needs mod author and readme
    Adds the ancient Dwemer ruin of Mazchmnur to the Mournhold Temple Courtyard. Includes a living tower and a Dwemer Observatory.
  • Old Keep by Tristan.
    A house built in Dwemer style, found at a rocky place near the Vivec Foreign Quarter.
  • Sorkhaven 1.2 by Michael
    An island North of Khuul; includes a manor, trader, transport and Dwemer ruin.
  • Subway Mod by Euthanasiologist
    Adds another way of getting around. Entrances to the Subway are located in cities as stand-alone buildings or are accessible through interior cells.
  • The Cave Elysian by twEeK
    Adds a cave to the Ascadian Isles Region near Seyda Neen, containing a house with a garden, entry-way, atrium, bedroom, library, labratory and cellar.
  • Zetuleft's Dwemer Shop by firedrakearchon
    Adds a shop to the Telvanni Plaza in Vivec, run by two Dwarves who sell almost all Dwemeri items.
    Requires Book Rotate.
    Models and Resources:
  • Dwemer (Air)ship Reskin by Niero
    Adds two reskins of original models, one for use in water and the other for airship construction.
  • Dwemer Airship/Varia Bike by Snakebitten
    Adds an airship model and the Varia Bike and Varia Suit from Metroid.
  • Dwemer Sword by Proudfoot
    A weapon resource: a Dwemer Shortsword in the archaic style, bejewelled and with rune markings.
  • Greater Dwemer Ruins by Nedius, PirateLord and team
    The mod, now abandoned, aimed to increase the size of all Dwemer ruins. There was a preview mod and the team has released the extensive Greater Dwemer Ruins Resources.
  • New Dwemer Coin by MrMistophelees
    Retexture and slight deformation of the Dwemer coin to make it look more worn and weathered.
  • Blue Dwemer Retex by VampyrPrince
    Texture replacer; recolors most of the Dwemer architecture blue.
  • Dwemer Golem by Damien
    A modders' resource with the Dwemer Golem as a non-playable race. It can be used to create a new NPC or enemy.
  • Dwemer Imperial Tileset by SciMuse
    A reskin of the Dwemer tileset with an Imperial flavor.
  • Dwemer Platform Pack by pianomanDylan
    A small download of six Dwemer meshes: platforms, beams, a beam clamp and a pipe-column.
  • Dwemer Vertical Shaft Meshes by pianomanDylan
    A small download of ten Dwemer meshes for vertical structure and exits.
  • Elite Dwemer Armor by Erdrick255
    A resource for a steel grey set of Dwemer armor to be added via the Construction Set. Loose pack.
  • Shannons Dwemer Texture Replacer by Shannon
    A Dwemer ruins texture replacer, with the metallic appearance like the original Dwemer textures.
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