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Updated June 25, 2008

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Marbred has put together an excellent list of "straight Dungeon crawls", omitting larger quest mods that include dungeons. For example, Deathtrap Dungeon is not listed here because it is part of a larger storyline. If you like exploring in the dark, see also the Tomb Raider and Undead Mod List.
Please carefully review these Cautions if you are new to mod use or using this list for the first time.

  • Aaltethrar
    by IceScraperNinja
    Cave system and Daedric Shrine with an entrance in the Mournhold sewers.
  • Aard Vetooch 2.0
    by Blockhead
    Adds a 100 level dungeon, in the style of the huge dungeons by Qwerty. Two addons are available;
    • Undead Vetooch
      Links Aard Vetooch and The Undead Dungeons in several places so they become one combined dungeon. Requires Tribunal, Aard Vetooch and The Undead Dungeons.
    • More Undead Vetooch
      Adds more connectors between the dungeons. Requires Tribunal, Aard Vetooch, The Undead Dungeons and Undead Vetooch.
  • Aarkaiikyev
    by Xereau
    West of Gnisis, battle the worshipers of evil and save the dwarves from annihilation.
  • Abandoned Well at Dagon Fel
    by jman0war
    A Spelunking, dark and very detailed, Daggerfall-esque dungeon. Level 12-20.
  • A Blight In Time
    by Dangleberry
    Explore the Plane of Bone - a large cavern with different bone raptors - and risk being hunted by them or by the Avatar itself.
  • Altor Island
    by MouLDY_LLaMa
    Northwest of the mouth of the Odai River, a small island with Dwemer ruins and a small dungeon.
  • Aquarius Dungeon MC7
    by morsepone7
    Near the bridge in Seyda Neen there is a trap door leading to a subterranean Dwemer dungeon with powerful enemies and potent rewards.
  • Ashinarba
    by Alex Strada
    Adds a small smuggler cave outside Seyda Neen, just past Addamasartus on the path to Pelagiad. Level 5-8.
    Requires Tribunal.
  • Atok's Cave
    author unknown
    A small cave and quest in Pelagiad. Go to Fort there, look on the table near the altar and read the aqua book to begin the quest of Atok. If you cannot find the way to the cave, look very close to the fort near two bushes. No Readme file.
  • Barabus' Graveyard
    by Barabus
    A small crypt and graveyard outside the town of Caldera; primarily a modders resource.
  • Battlescene 2.2
    by Kuusik
    Adds a cave near the Moonmoth-Caldera road. Medium level.
  • Beasts of Burden: Dwarves
    by Kevin Castellano
    Adds an interior to the tower just above the Abaelun Mine, a buried city full of angry dwarves and an old tunnel. Level 12+.
  • Bone Tomb
    by Crypts Of The Dead
    A small tomb Northeast from the Seyda Neen silt strider, best suited to a mage. Level 2-10.
  • Cave of Shadows
    by su han kim
    The Cave of Shadows has been known to many but do they know the story behind it? Enter the trap door at the top of Fighter's Guild in Balmora to find out. Requires Tribunal.
  • Cliff Racer Burrow
    by SwordForTheLord
    A dungeon crawl in Ald-Ruhn to deal with the Cliff Racers.
    Levels 1-5
  • Clockwork Tower
    by Tsar_of_Cows
    A new Dwemer ruin has been discovered; a dungeon crawl with a big story behind it, hordes of monsters and challenging puzzles. No readme.
  • Cult of the Talosec
    by Martini60
    Reclaim the artifact of Omnicron, a powerful dark skull that summons undead Daedra. The last known location was the old Dwemer ruin of Munzflek, taken there by the separatist Daedra Cult of the Talosec. Now the Mournhold Museum is looking for someone brave or foolish enough to recover it. For medium to high level characters.
  • Dagoth Cavern
    by Abaddon
    Adds a cave Northeast of Seyda Neen for higher level characters.
  • Dreadful Caves: Updated
    by Lady Eternity, updated by Arkenor the Green
    Adds a cave near Seyda Neen, overlooking the ocean. Locals shun it, whispering of the evil reputed to dwell within.
  • Dungeon Island
    by Blockhead
    Adds a landmass with many dungeons. Includes an optional patch to connect Dungeon Island dungeons to Xindaz Veft. [From Dec 2004 - conflicts with Ald Vendras V2 Moved and newer.] Requires Tribunal and Bloodmoon.
    • Dungeon Island to Vogar Bridge
      Adds a bridge from Vogar to Dungeon Island. Later versions of Ald Vendras include Vogar. [From Dec 2004 - conflicts with Ald Vendras V2 Moved and newer.] Requires Tribunal and Bloodmoon, Dungeon Island, Vogar and Ald Vendras.
  • Dungeon Mages
    by TrevorDemented
    Travel mages in the Caldera Mages Guild will teleport you to six dungeons. Levels 1-50.
  • Dungeon of Death
    by Hegzx
    Adds a small cave near Balmora for high level characters.
  • Dungeon Romp Double Feature
    by Warlord Jim
    Two dungeons to explore, separate .esps. Lord Vaudere's Tomb is in the Grazelands, filled with Undead. The Castle of Illusion is a random dungeon in the Molag Amur region.
  • Dunzar 2.0
    by Blockhead
    Adds a long dungeon with levelled creatures and treasure; connects Vivec and Mournhold, corresponding 1:1 to the surface distance. Requires Tribunal.
    • South Dunzar
      Adds a little more dungeon and two more entrances to the South end of Dunzar. Requires Tribunal, Bloodmoon, and Dunzar.
  • Eisus Cave
    by Cris Yoder
    Eisus cave was occupied by a secretive cult a millenia ago. When the cult died out, the location of the cave was lost. Can you find it and the treasure it contains?
  • Epp Tomb
    by Epperson?
    Adds a tomb outside Seyda Neen, for a lower-level character.
  • Exile: Spirits of the Underworld
    by Clone
    Adds an underground world of cities, dungeons, tombs and more. It is very dark. The level of your character determines how far you want to explore. There are no quests in Exile. Requires Morrowind only.
  • Falon's Tomb
    author unknown
    A small tomb with decent loot; needs a password to unzip.
  • Fward Ancestral Tomb
    by TwIsTeDbOi
    Adds an ancestral tomb to the Ascadian Isles Region (2,-9), near Balur's Farmhouse outside Vivec; for medium low level.
  • Ghorak Dungeon
    by Kaith
    A dungeon for high-level characters, with a trapdoor leading to a cellar in Ghorak Manor, much hazard and a beast-friendly glass helm for those who survive.
  • Heart of the Inferno
    by Xereau
    A fiery dungeon West of Erabenimsun Camp with four wings full of fire atronachs, fire scarabs, fire breathing racers and powerful boss creatures.
  • Helm of Sheogorath-LD 1.5
    by LDones
    Legend says that a clipping of the god's hair was crafted into The Helm of Sheogorath, making it a powerful artifact prized and feared by magicians of Tamriel. Can you find the cavern and the Helm?
  • Hlaalu Catacomb
    by Umir Shadowblade
    A smallish tomb West of Gnisis in a mountain pass.
  • Horror Mod 2.6
    by LightningFlik and MentalElf. Version 3.01 on MentalElf's site.
    Head to Suran and talk to one of the Imperial Guards. Level 35+ and graphic Adult content. Requires Tribunal and Bloodmoon.
  • House of Madness
    by Qwert
    Adds a 100 level random dungeon close to Hla Oad.
  • House of Pain 1.0
    by Maulton
    Adds a Sotha Sil style dungeon with an entrance behind the Ald-ruhn temple. Requires Tribunal.
  • Hrazmah Tower
    by The Skinky Sharpshooter
    For higher level characters, a Tower dungeon in the Grazelands, filled with Vampires.
    Requires Tribunal and Bloodmoon.
  • Imperial Tomb
    unknown author
    Adds a tomb East of Balmora on the Bitter Coast. Requires Tribunal and Bloodmoon; readme but no description.
  • Io's Cave
    by +Zero Bit
    A small cave in Seyda Neen for beginners, more difficult for starting wizards than warriors.
  • Khazzar Cave
    by Mr.Been
    Adds a cave near the Odai Plateau.
  • Killing Fields
    by Lady Rae
    A 99 level hack'n'slash dungeon and a merchant who wanders around buying your unwanted loot. Esp only - no new meshes or textures.
  • Knaarus
    by Blockhead
    A long dungeon Southeast of Suran.
    • East Knaarus
      Extends Knaarus to points the East. Requires Tribunal, Bloodmoon and Knaarus.
  • Korsuth
    Jake Whiton
    An abandoned dungeon off the coast of Vos, the island fortress of Korsuth may now be haunted. Level 20- .
  • Kwerner Complex 1.03
    by Stabbey_the_Clown
    Adds a complex eight-level Dwemer dungeon and maze. Go to Moonmoth Legion Fort to get told where to go. Level 7+; requires Tribunal.
  • Lob Shephli
    by Blockhead
    Adds a dungeon connecting Gnisis, Dagon Fel, Vos and other places in Vvardenfell. Requires Tribunal and Bloodmoon.
  • Lord Raven's Tomb
    author unknown
    Adds a tomb to Balmora for higher level characters.
  • Marassa's Peat
    by Xereau
    Southeast of Hla Oad is a dank, rancid dungeon with numerous hostile bog rats, raptors, fish, crabs and bosses behind doors that you must find the keys to enter.
  • Martistan Castle
    by ed_conn
    A ten level dungeon crawl to get Martistan's diary. Level 25+ .
  • Mebridith
    by Jake Whiton
    Adds large dungeon in the Ascadian Isles region. A mining company has found a buried Daedra shrine deep underground. Level 20.
  • Narus Ancestral Tomb
    by David Peno
    Talk to the Dagon Fel locals about the rumored Narus Ancestral Tomb. Level 40+ .
  • Necromancers Tomb
    by Ben McCubbin
    Adds a tomb Southwest of Gnaar Mok, left at the mountains.
  • Neverhalls
    by Vality7 & Midgetalien
    This is a small to medium sized dungeon mod. The idea of this mod was inspired by the Ayleid Ruins from Oblivion, and was in fact originally planned to be an Ayleid Ruin before changing it to a Falmer Ruin. Requires Tribunal and Bloodmoon
  • Orc Dungeon
    by unknown author
    Adds a cave in the Grazelands, filled with friendly Orcs, though I imagine you can provoke 'em!
  • Party at Boro's House
    by Marbred
    Talk to Regent Boro near the northern exit of the town of Seyda Neen for directions to his party where you can meet interesting dungeons. Level 5.
  • Privateer's Hold
    by Jman0warS and ManaUser
    An alternate beginning that adds the starter dungeon from Daggerfall. Requires Bloodmoon
  • Puzzle Canal
    by Shanthe
    Some litter, a doorway and a dungeon on the bottom level of the original Puzzle Canal.
  • Shrine of War
    by Xereau
    West of Tel Vos is a dungeon of downward spiraling keyed hallways, full of Undead and surrounding a massive central shrine.
  • Skeleterra
    by Wildman
    An underground dungeon featuring new skeleton creatures including a Lich Queen using Amelexia's animation, Skeleton Spearmen using Hircane's animation, Lingarn's particle effect mage skeletons, Elim's Pirate Skeletons, and more. Requires Tribunal and Bloodmoon
  • Skull Maze Quest for the Red Skulls
    by soar182
    The Skull maze and Daedric passages have been all but forgotten. Adds an eight-level dungeon and a 30 level dungeon; levelled creatures, NPCs and treasure. Best suited to higher level characters.
  • Smeradon 1 (and Patch)
    by Blockhead
    Failed Chaos Magic and a low-med level dungeon between Seyda Neen and Balmora. Patch included in download.
    • Extended Smeradon
      Adds to Smeradon, making it bigger and connecting to more places, plus more and different creatures.
    • Further Extended Smeradon and Patch
      Extends Smeradon and Extended Smeradon further and connects Smeradon to Blockhead's Knaarus, Dunzar and Xindaz Veft dungeons, connecting Solstheim, Caldera, Balmora, Seyda Neen, Suran, Hla Oad, Vivec, Mournhold and many other places. Requires Tribunal and Bloodmoon, all the Smeradon plugins, Xindaz Veft, Knaarus and Dunzar.
    • Smeradon and Dwemer Tunnels
      Connects Smeradon to xereau's Dwemer Tunnels and Corprusarium Cavern.
  • Sullen's Foxhole
    by Xereau
    An adventure mod with five progressively harder dungeons that become available as you do quests. Level 25-30.
    Requires Bloodmoon.
  • Telos Rin Graveyard
    by dalin
    The citizens of Skaal Village are troubled by recent sightings around the Rin Ancestral graveyard and tomb.
  • Temple of Destruction
    by Xereau
    Northwest of Falasmaryon is a linear dungeon filled with giant and Undead creatures and keyed doors that eventually lead to the Citadel of Entropy. Requires Bloodmoon.
  • Tgorvaz
    by Blockhead
    The Empire's smallest dungeon.
  • The Catacombs Beneath Farlon Keep
    by Soar182
    From a cave North of Fort Moonmoth, on the Foyada Mamaca heading toward Ghost Gate, enter the network of catacombs beneath Farlon Keep.
  • The Cave of Woe
    by Zdim
    In the Razor Hole in Balmora, search for a clue that leads to the haunted caverns of Lorogh and Lagorn and three lost weapons of legendary power. Level 8-12.
  • The Deep
    by bob196045
    The Deep is a low level Dungeon Crawl, play tested at level 2. You'll find the entry located near the bridge north of the Balmora Shrine. Requires Tribunal and Bloodmoon.
  • The Deepest Chasm
    by Xereau
    Northeast of Urshilaku Camp is a cavernous underwater dead-end dungeon, a labyrinth full of hungry sea life and confusing choices.
  • The Demon Mage 1.3
    by Zargis
    Adds a floating skycastle, serious dungeon crawling, a brief quest and a demon mage. Level 40-60. Requires Tribunal and Bloodmoon.
  • The Drunken Moon
    by Leviathan
    In the Arena Canton in Vivec, on a billboard in a shabby bar, find the information about the lost Daedric ruins of Akrateshu. Level 25+ .
  • The Dwemer Graveyard
    by Qwert
    Adds a 1000 level Dwemer dungeon; look for the Dwemer tower near Buckmoth fort.
  • The Haunted Bridge
    by DarkDragon
    Alk-Korath, the ancient Dwemer bridge connecting Vvardenfell to Solstheim has long been abandoned. But the bridge has some hidden secrets and has attracted evil in all its forms. Level 25+ .
  • The House of Six Pains
    by Qwert
    Adds a 500 level dungeon; entrance above the Temple in Balmora, near the dragon statue.
  • The Labyrinth 0.8 Beta
    by Deathar and DeepRedCee
    The labyrinth is a puzzle mod: dungeons, mazes, puzzles and more. Start at Ra'Virr's.
    Requires Tribunal and Bloodmoon.
  • The Old Unused Well of Pelagiad
    by jman0war
    Find out why the water in the Well of Pelagiad was making the residents ill.
  • The Undead Dungeons
    by Qwert
    Just outside of Seyda Neen is a 100 level dungeon for starting characters: it gets tougher as you go down.
  • Thorn's Lament 1.2
    by Kieve
    Seek out Rhuthu in Pelagiad to learn the secrets of Thorn's Lament.
  • Three Shades of Darkness
    by Fingers & Zdim
    A multi-dungeon treasure quest; a treasure map is circulating in Seyda Neen and Balmora, said to show the way to a shunned place where restless spirits still jealously guard their worldly treasures. Level 20+ .
  • Time Rift
    by Xereau
    The Time Rift outside Balmora was sealed, perhaps. But now one of the investigators is missing and your help is required. Level 40+ and pre-quest test. Requires Bloodmoon.
  • Tombs Expanded
    by Zappara
    Expands every tomb in Vvardenfell by adding 1-6 new levels to them which means that there will be over 300 new levels to search. Every tomb has also new loot and new undead monsters.
  • Tos Caverns 3.0
    by dalin
    Off the Sheogorad coast, West and slightly North from Dagon Fel, are five interconnected caverns - full of traps, puzzles and a band of smugglers and their skeletal minions. Level 35+ . Requires Tribunal and Bloodmoon.
  • Underwater Krosmis
    by D@rk_Blu3
    The only entrance to the forgotten creation center of the Dwarves is underwater at Azura's Coast (9,13), difficult to find at the bottom of a cave in the water. Great Dwarven inventions were constructed here in this huge ancient cavern.
  • Varomingi Tomb
    by Predator
    South of Caldera, to the East of the beaten path, lies a tomb of an evil necro Lord. Level 50+ , requires Tribunal.
  • Vault of the Great Cat
    by Dangleberry
    As the waters recede around Vivec, a strange entrance has appeared, supposedly the entrance to the ruins of an ancient Khajiit Kingdom. Level 30+.
  • Vethan Ancestral Tomb
    by itsme7
    Adds an Ancestral Tomb guarded by Stone Warriors, just south of Balmora.
  • Woodenfel
    by Dangleberry
    Talk to The Woods Guide at the Vivec siltstrider ramp to get to this dungeon for high level characters.
  • Yin Dungeon 1.2
    by Yin Solo
    Adds a tower near Pelagiad leading to a one-way dungeon in the Dungeon Master style, full of traps, monsters and tasks.
    Level 30+ . Requires Tribunal.
  • Zaddam Cave
    by Steven Moors
    Seek out the outlaw Zaddam and obtain his monstrous weapon.
  • Zhffrt Ruins
    by Benny
    An ancient evil, very strong, is lurking somewhere in the Ruins.
For those who really cannot get enough of dungeons, Blockhead has some Sample Dungeons on his excellent site, Pogo Stuff, as well as a great variety of applications used to auto-generate dungeons. If you are looking to post your hazardous caverns, Dungeon Signs  are available. There are a few other crawls listed at Planet Elder Scrolls but not listed here because of apparent problems.  An experienced mod user might wish to give some of them a try.

Feedback is always welcome. Please let us know about broken links or about any other dungeon mods you find. You can contact  Marbred  by PM on the Elder Scrolls Forums or PM  Ronin49  there. You can also reach us by email by using Contact Us in the navigation bars
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