My Morrowind list of mods

by Claudekennilol

Main Quest-Friendly Mods

Last updated March 19, 2007

Please review these Cautions if you are new to mod use or using this list for the first time.

Primary list
I'm only going to list graphical replacers as I believe Vanilla MW should be played first before mods.
Better Bodies v2.2 Replaces Bethesda's bodies with graphically enhanced bodies.
Changing Faces NPC Replacer Uses many wonderful modder made faces to give morrowind's NPCs some uniqueness.
Changing Faces NPC Replacer: Official Add-On Leeloo picks up where she left off and goes even further with lots of hostile NPCs.
Better Books for Morrowind Replaces the textures of Morrowind's books with better textures. I'd still recommend using this in addition to Book Jackets so that custom books from mods still look up to par.
Book Jackets Replaces each and every book in Morrowind with unique covers. Differs from the above in that this is more than just a retexture, it covers every book in the game. Don't forget the Bloodmoon and Tribunal addons.
Vibrant Morrowind 3.0 by Skydye Replaces stock game textures with much more visually appealing ones. There are others, but this is my preference.
K_Potion_Upgrade Replaces all of Morrowind's potion bottles with higher quality versions.
Blighted Animals Replaces the textures of blighted creatures, now it's visibly obvious which ones are diseased.
Diseased Animals Replaces the textures of diseased creatures, now it's visibly obvious which ones are diseased.
Meteors Adds random shooting stars to the night sky. They don't look out of place, at all. Gives you that special feeling for seeing something rare happen.
Soul Gem Replacer Retex Replaces the stock soulgems with much more eye pleasing versions.
Reflective Gold Makes gold coins shiny!
Daedric Weapon Enhancer Replaces these three sets of Bethesda's weapons with visually enhanced versions.
Glass Weapon Enhancer
Ebony Weapons Enhancer
Silverware Enhancer Replaces the silver items in the game with enhanced versions (tableware, not weapons).
Flask Replacer Replaces the clay flasks with glass flasks. Great for an alchemy lab, and they simply look much better.
Bottle Replacer Replaces bottles with real looking bottles. You'll never know you needed it until you've got it.
Misc Items Replacer Replaces misc items such as dishes and blue glassware and inkwells, to name a few, with enhanced versions.
Qarl's Statue Replacer Makes statues actually worth looking at.
Lurlock's Left Gloves Fixes the left gloves of the game so that they're actually left gloves, instead of right ones.
Lurlock's Scroll Icons Replaces the inventory icons of scrolls so that they match the scroll more accurately. Only replaces Bethesda's scrolls.
Female Armor / Clothing replacers
Divine Domina Part 1 Adds female versions of various armors to the game.
Divine Domina Part 2
Divine Domina Part 3
Divine Domina Part 4
Divine Domina Part 5
Avenger's Female Shirts Adds female versions of all female shirts, minus a few unique shirts--hardly noticable, as none of the unique shirts are worth wearing anyway.
Better Female Pants Adds female versions of pants, women no longer have huge groins...
Robe Replacer on Canadian Ice's site Replaces all robes to add female versions. Very awesome, it looks so much better to walk into a Mages Guild now. Sounds very complicated, but I assure if you if you read the directions step by step it is very simple. You'll have to register for her forums, but it is indeed worth it.
Domina Madness Picks up where the Divine Domina series left off. (Ice, Steel, Glass, and Wolf Cuirasses). To download these one must now apply to her forums. Sorry, but it's well worth it. The glass and wolf cuirasses are two of my favorite armors. ( I like light armor )
The Official LeFemme armor plugin Mesh adjustment by Bethesda that is required for a few of the above mods.

Secondary List
Game tweaks that will not take away from stock Morrowind but should have been included in the first place, imo. None of the items in this list will add anything drastically new, as to not take away from the stock game.
Thepal's Unofficial Morrowind Patch Fixes just about everything that Bethesda didn't. If you play with nothing else, play with this. Direct Download Link
Herbalism for Purists Gets rid of the "container" aspect of gathering herbs and adds the herbs directly to your inventory. Use only one of these.
Advanced Herbalism Differs from HFP in that gathering herbs is now based on a new skill, Herbalism. Seeds can now be found, bought, and picked to grow your own plant. (scroll to the bottom of the page)Direct Download Link
Bloated Morrowind Adds Bloatspores to morrowind, these were shipped with the game, but not included anywhere--now they are.
Note: This is already included with HFP, but is not compatible with Advanced Herbalism's skill system without a separate addon. PM me for my personal version, because afaik there was never an official released one.
All Boat Ports Makes it so that one can get from any boat port to another, travel times and costs are properly adjusted to make still make it fair.
All Silt Strider Ports Same as above, but for silt striders.
Take a Breather Been running and jumping too much? Need to catch your breath? Simple, just stand still, sheath your weapon and hit the sneak button to bend over and catch some air.
Vivec Voice Addon (Tribunal version) These mods give spoken dialogue to key Main Quest NPCs. It greatly increases their aura when you can hear them talking.
Almalexia Voice Addon
Dagoth Ur Voice Addon
Lich Barilzar Voice Addon
Dagoth Gares Voice
Atmospheric Sound Effects Adds ambient sounds to the world, makes it much more immersive. It's the little things that make the big difference. I discovered background noise is important! Be sure to read readme and run the mini after installation.
Better Cursed Items Rewrites the scripts on the cursed items so that after being picked up, they stack with the rest of their like items. Fixes the problem of an alchemist mixing a diamond with a diamond.
No More 'Excuse Me Nerevarine' You are now no longer continuously greeted with 'Excuse Me' after you finish the MQ. If you've ever beaten the MQ, you'll know that this is essential!
Expanded Museum of Artifacts Now the Mourhold Museum accepts all items listed in the book. About 2/3 of the way down the page.Direct Download Link
Merchant Unequip Makes it so that merchants will no longer equip armor that you sell to them. No more merchants in full Orcish! Doesn't apply to BM or Trib merchants. note: I use fashionable merchants, instead, but I couldn't find a DL link anywhere.
Improved Followers Increases the AI of all of the escort quest NPCs in the game.
Key Namer Gives keys a more descriptive name to match what they unlock.
Morag Tong Writ Fix Name says it all, it just completely reworks it for the better.
Playable Classes Makes all NPCs' into playable classes from the start, good for RP'ers and those who can't get their creative juices flowing.
Naked Nerevarine NPCs used to not care if Nerevar was naked, now they do.
No-Glo_revisited Disables the shimmer effect of enchanted armor and weapons - there are also other mods that replace the effect. I have not tried those, but I do like noglo..
Unique Birthsigns Adds 15 new, unique, and balanced birthsigns.
Nudity Greeting Expansion Increases the range or responses an NPC can give while the player is without clothes.
Persuasion Response Expansion Increases the range of responses an NPC will give when Persuaded.
Resources Enhanced Greatly improves the gathering of minerals, pearls, and kwama eggs. Picks up where all of those herbalism mods left off. This is an absolute must. This addon never ceases to amaze me, I love collecting eggs, diving for pearls, and mining now.
Improved Shrine Journal entries Gives appropriate journal entries when shrines are visited.
State Based Hit Points Makes it so that hitpoints are based on current endurance and not on endurance when at leveling up. One no longer has to worry about power leveling endurance to have enough health.
At Home Alchemy Alchemical apparatases can now be used from the table, shelf, wherever.. This is a much more visually pleasing look as one can now have them placed wherever they want and not have to worry about replacing them in that perfect spot whenever one needs to pick them up to make a potion. note that now the sneak key needs to be held to pick them up, barely noticable in game, just don't forget when you first want to steal one :wink:
TLM - The Lighting Mod (Complete) There are others, but this does a very good job. May be too dark for some, but simple .ini tweaking can fix that.
TLM - The Lighting Mod (Modular) Modular version of above.
Trib Integration Makes playing Tribunal with Morrowind more immersive by fixing a few things that smack you in the face after starting a new game with Tribunal installed. Also adds Tribunal ingredients to Morrowind's leveled lists. Absolutely vital if you've got Tribunal installed! Direct Download Link
Unique Banners and Signs Replaces the signs outside of different establishments to reflect their name / profession.
Visible Pets Adds pets around the pet seller in the Tribunal Great Bazaar. Now one can "see" what he has in stock.Direct Download Link
Unboarable Rieklings When fighting mounted Rieklings in Bloodmoon, now either the rider or the mount will die--leaving the other to fend for itself.

NPC and Creature Additions
This part of my list will add many NPCs to the world. Increases the life and variety or Morrowind. Also, any other game tweaking things that I felt were too invasive to be added above, but still won't detract from the stock game.
Morrowind Advanced Adds lots of well as at least 2 dungeons among a few other things, but the most noticable change is the creatures. (just don't equip an amulet you find on a body outside of Ebonhart at a low level and you'll be fine)
Morrowind Comes Alive Adds life to morrowind by placing many new NPCs in the world. Also adds more undead creatures to the world.
Where Are All Birds Going? Adds many birds to the world, greatly improves immersion.
Water Life Adds much to the water life of morrowind. Now there are more than 2 aquatic creatures (dreugh and slaughterfish), much more. Fishing poles are now more than just eye candy! Also greatly improves immersion.
Adventurer's NPCs Adds life to morrowind by adding many NPCs, can be used in conjunction with MCA.
Rings and Amulets Adds many nonenchanted rings and amulets to the lvled lists for more variety.
Traders 300 Adds diversity to stores by giving them additional restocking, random inventory based upon the type of shop. Gives reason to visit shops as one now never knows what their stock will hold. Will even include items from other mods if items were added to the leveled lists.
Morrowind Additions Adds new creatures to Vvardenfell and places new weapons throughout the world.
Creature Pack Adds tons of creatures to the leveled lists.
Creatures by Piratelord Adds a great number of creatures to the world with randomized stats. They all have their own ingredients. This is probably my most favorite creature addon for Morrowind.
Diamondback Kagouti Adds a tougher version of the Kagouti to Morrowind.
Disturb the dead Makes tomb hunting more dangerous, disturb too many dead and you'll start to be haunted during your sleep, or you could even awaken a resting soul as you're tomb raiding.
Dremora Archer Adds dremora archers to Morrowind.
Dwemer Playtime Counter Adds a dwemer cube to the census and excise office at the beginning of the game that keeps track of how long one has played (feel free to pick it up, it doesn't count as stealing).
Weapon Compilation Mod Adds numerous weapons to the lvled lists meaning you'll find them in the hands of NPCs, crates and even different Vendors if you've got Traders 300 (mod from above).
Morrowind Crafting Adds numerous skills to the player, cooking, woodcrafting, and glassblowing are a few. Very immersion friendly--new oppurtunities for roleplaying.
Morrowind Toy Shoppe Adds many collectable minis to the world! Doesn't have anything to do with playing the game, but it's oh-so-much fun to collect them.
Silt Striders Are In Vvardenfell Adds silt striders to the wilds of Vvardenfell
Sri's Alchemy (Bloodmoon Edition) Makes alchemy more useful by tweaking the abilities of different ingredients, also adds more ingredients to various creatures, very useful.
Wild Durzogs Adds durzogs, natives of the sewers of Mournhold, to Vvardenfell
Vampire Realism Adds to the fun of fighting vampires by staking them to kill them. Spawns vampires in various parts of the world. Also adds to the effect of actually being a vampire, see readme for more info (obviously).

all links should work (as of the update date). a few are right click & save links, if you find one that is broken, send me a PM via the official TES forums @ claudekennilol.

There. That is my list, it is finished. None of these should take away or distract you from what morrowind has to offer. (unless you get too sidetracked collecting miniatures..probably the only one on my list that reminds you you're in a game) All of these greatly compliment the game and take nothing away from the game.

p.s. that literally took me hours...

I've tried to make my code as neat as possible for easier viewing the html.

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