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Configuration Tweaks (.ini Tweaks)

The following is a compilation of Morrowind.ini tweaks obtained from various sources. Much of it is a direct cut & paste from a thread on the Elder Scrolls Forums. Contributors include falkinblues, beardo, DP88, felix and PersianImmortal.

Show FPS=1
To see the FPS during the game

Max FPS=60
Change the FPS; this should match your monitor's refresh rate

To get an 'extra' button to skip all error messages in the game and in the Construction Set.

This will get rid of some of the smaller loading delays in the game. You'll get longer loading delays, but they'll happen less often.

Disable Audio=1
This may improve your fps on low-end machines, but this will also 'break' any scripts that detect sounds being played.

Interior Cell Buffer=64
Exterior Cell Buffer=128
Use more/less memory to store interior/exterior cells.
Have more than one instance of the Construction Set running.

Werewolf FOV=110
Values: 1 to 360.  Field of Vision when playing Werewolf in Bloodmoon.

Create Maps Enable=0
Values: 0 to 2
From Scripting for Dummies 5:
CreateMaps "Filename.esp"
Creates map image file for Xbox. According to the UESP: Creates map image file depending on the Create Maps Enable value in the Morrowind.INI file. If it is 1 (XBox), the file FILENAME.ESP.MAP is created in the DataFiles path with the map data (unknown format). If the value is 2 (Exterior Cell Maps) and you have created a directory Maps in the main Morrowind game directory, this command will create a 256x256 high color bitmap of each exterior cell in the game. This command takes a long while even on fast computers as each cell in the game is loaded.
Screen Shot Enable=1
Enables screenshots by pressing Print Screen.

Screen Shot Base Name=ScreenShot
This is the name of the screenshot bitmap file.

Screen Shot Index=131
The current index of screenshots.
Number of Shadows=0
Eliminating shadows may give you a small performance gain.

Maximum Shadows Per Object=0
Redundant if you have shadows switched off.

With this set to 0, your dialogue will load in reverse order from text/export file.

Keeps dialogue hyperlinks in exported text file.
Best to keep this switched OFF; moving info responses while filtered will likely dirty up your mod beyond repair.

Displays subtitles for spoken audio.

Displays an opponents health bar.

<username> = 1

Adds a Merge To Master button in the Data Files window of the Construction Set.  For more information on Merging to Master files, visit

set to 1 for a possible fps boost.

Show Travel Lines=1
Your in-game world map will show a coloured line between the places that you have fast traveled.

Travel Siltstrider Red=238
Travel Siltstrider Green=230
Travel Siltstrider Blue=30
Travel Boat Red=30
Travel Boat Green=30
Travel Boat Blue=230
Travel Magic Red=230
Travel Magic Green=30
Travel Magic Blue=30
Set the colour of each travel line.

Editor Alpha=0.40
Increase this value to get a less transparent water in the editor. Decrease it and the water will get less transparent.

World Alpha=0.75
Increase to get a less transparent water in the game. Decrease it and the water will get more transparent.

Sunrise Time=9
Sunset Time=17
Hours Between Weather Changes=3
You can edit the amount of daylight hours and how unpredictable the weather is by editing these lines.

Font 0=magic_cards_regular
Font 1=century_gothic_font_regular
Font 2=daedric_font

Change that to:
Font 0=magic_cards_regular
Font 1=magic_cards_regular
Font 2=magic_cards_regular

All your scrolls will now be in the standard game font.

Change all three to century_gothic_font_regular if you want the whole game, menus included, in a plain non-fantasy font. Or century_gothic_big in a LARGE plain font, or to daedric_font for the ultimate gaming challenge!

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