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Technical Pages

This section is dedicated to the technical side of Morrowind.  This aspect of Morrowind has been my main interest in modding, and as such I have made it the focal point of this web-site.  Within these pages you can find several articles written by various modders, including myself. 
If you are having trouble finding which of your installed mods is causing problems in your game, then Blockhead's Binary Search method will certainly make things easier. 
If you've ever experienced objects doubling (or other weirdness) while testing or working on plugin files, then DinkumThinkum's article on Dirty Saves will give some good pointers as to why this occurs and how you can avoid these common pitfalls. 

Mod makers and mod users should also read the treatise on GMSTs (Game Settings) to ensure your mods and games run trouble-free.

There are also resources for programmers as well. See the format specifications for ESM files by Dave Humphrey as well as a thorough tutorial on interpreting the Morrowind file format.

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