Mecha's Khajiit Mod List

UPDATED: August 16, 2006

WARNING: The following links and replies are pro-Khajiit/pro-beastrace. If you don't like the Khajiit (or even Argonians), turn back now.

Although I cannot say I have used every one of these mods, I have played through quite a few. I have no idea as to if any of these will conflict, though I doubt it as most of them are race mods. Feel free to suggest additions, etc. I have tried to include the author's name, but as there were a few names I couldn't find, feel free to inform me of that as well. If you wish to have your mod(s) taken off this list, please PM me (Mechafox on the forums) and I will do so gladly.

NOTE: I have gone through this list (4/17/05), fixing links and noting where there are dead links. If you know where one of the mods with "DEAD LINK" next to it is hosted, please notify me (bottom of page) if possible. Thank you!


Boots for Beasts by MorrowModder

Adds modified "boots" that the beasts can wear.

Leggings and the Attractive Arsenal by Adul (enable pop-ups and follow the links)

Adds an NPC that will make beast-race leggings from boots, and the Arsenal adds more leggings and a helm, too.

Beast Leggings set 1 / set 2 / set 3 by Dragonheart

More leggings! There are Tribunal and Bloodmoon legging sets, too.

Void Gear by Kieve

Really great armor here, made for his Senche Tigers, but looks great on any Khajiit!

Carnithus Armamentarium by Carnithus

Armor for any race, but Carnithus also sells beast race boots to match all of his armor.

MaSsAcRe's Armor for Beast Races by MaSsAcRe **DEAD LINK**

Allows beast-races to wear full helms. According to one comment, attempting to put on non-beast boots with this mod wreaks havoc with the PC's walk animation. Currently Unconfirmed.

Open Daedric Helm by Dragonheart **DEAD LINK**

Adds an open Daedric helm for beast races.


Better Bodies for Beasts by Sabregirl (scroll down to the list of her races to find it)

Applys the BB meshes to the stock beast races.

Two Male Khajiit Faces by Exailious, Turjan, and Motoki **DEAD LINK**

Two new male faces.

Khajiiti Faces by Detritus2004

Seventeen new faces, and two male "hair" pisces.

Five Khajiit Faces by Zuldazug

Five more new male face retextures.

Sharper Khajiit Faces by Carnajo

Self-explanatory, I should hope.


PC Voice-Khajiit Male / Female by Lucypher

Apparently, it gives the PC a voice (god was that an understatement). I haven't downloaded this one yet, so if you have it, feel free to offer sound interesting.

Khajiiti Architecture by Veet **DEAD LINK**

Adds a new architecture style based on Pueblo and Anasazi buildings. Now all we need is a desert mod...


AlienSlof's Morrowind Mods

Khajiit Variations (Black Panthers, White Tigers, and the Mane, oh my!), Better Bodies for Beasts, Robes, and more

Jo'Rakht Khajiit by Sabregirl

Half-dunmer half-Khajiit race (dark-gray fur).

Ra'Kath Panther Khajiit by Evil Panther Productions

A black-furred, blue-eyed Khajiit race, complete with backstory.

White Senche Tigers by Kieve

Adds White Senche Tigers, with some nice hair options.

Eljiit by Nytekat

A half-human half-Khajiit race.

Sajiir by Cactus Boy

Adds a gray Khajiit variation.

Bengali by MP*Canus

Adds the Bengali Khajiit with an innate ability to Detect Creatures.

Beil'Kaj by Cell **DEAD LINK**

Snow kitties!

Khajiiti Diversity by Atreus

Puts four different forms of Khajiit in the game, each with different powers. Screenshot! I tried to keep them looking as similar as possible to better illustrate the differences.

Daggerfall Khajiit 2.0 by Agouti

Ohmes-raht. Does not use BB or SB. Two problems: One-the males are missing the ear texture. Tried help. Two-while the race ID is "daggerfall_khajiit" the race /name/ is Khajiit and that somehow made MW CTD when I clicked on it. This was easily fixed via the editor. Other than that, it's pretty nice. One head/hair for each gender. Tail does not move. **NOTE** Apparently it has undergone an update...I haven't tried it so I'm unsure if the problems in the original were fixed or not. Front View Female---Back View Female

Alu'Couatl/Couatl by The Undying One

Adds two new races. Unfortunately, the summit is being mean, so I can't download anything currently.

Tret'Alit by Eleanor Kavanagh

A winged Khajiit race.

Half-Human Khajiit by Astarsis

A Half-Human Khajiit race.

X-jiit Races and Orcjiit by Regan

An interesting variation on the half-breed Khajiits. Extra .esp included to give them tails and/or companions. The vampire heads have flaming eyes. Check it out!

Ohmes-raht Khajiit by Khajiit

Ohmes-raht. No details.

Treeger by Lady Rae

A very interesting Khajiit/tree mix. Nonbeast, optional tails, and a pretty green color!

Many thanks to Rogue_Shadow for finding god knows how many of these for me, and to all the others who offered suggestions and support!

Suggestions and comments may be added to the original thread, PM me on the forums (Mechafox), or feel free to contact me personally.

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