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> Walkthrough - Oluhan, Path Of The Warrior, Serious Spoilers
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post Feb 21 2005, 05:16 PM
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Note: Where I have written Imperial, it means that this is a crossover point with the Imperial spy series, and you should refer to that walkthrough for detaisl)

Gulville Radas gives you three possible paths, one fo which is the Path of the Warrior. having chosen this path, there is no way to do the other paths with this character, so choose wisely.

Journal PBO_F_01 10: Radas has explained to me about the three schools within the cult, and I have chosen the 'Path of the Warrior'. I should report to Heifmar, Captain of Armies, in the Military District, for further instructions.

The Military District lies immediately to the East of the Commercial district. Go through the door into the Military District, and along the corridor to the big empty looking hall where all the practise dummies are. (Screenshot). From there, turn to the right (South) and through another door to Heifmar's Quarters. Note that you may only buy from traders in this whole section if you are on the Path of the Warrior. They are cheaper than their equivalent traders in the Commercial District.

Heifmar is the person you will report to for all missions using the dialogue topic 'Path of the Warrior'. He is also the only person at this stage who can promote you within the cult, using the dialogue topic 'progression'. (See Cult walkthrough for further detail on promotion).

Mission 1 - Slave Bracers

Speaking to him about Path of the Warrior, will result in this journal

Journal PBO_F_02 10: Captain Heifmar asked me to report to the Quartermaster, Lagakh gro-Dulah in the Main Square of the Military District. The Quartermaster will give me some slave bracers which are to be delivered to the Detention area Segeant for the latest batch of prisoners. Prisoners? I wonder....

As heifmar said, the QM is back in the large square (Screenshot of Quartermaster). Speak to him about 'slave bracers' and he will give them to you, along with this update

Journal PBO_F_02 20: The Quartermaster has given me the bracers and directions to the Detention centre which lies to the North of the Military district past the barrack rooms.

Go through the door immediately opposite Heifmar's quarters and follow the corridor around to the left. At the end of this corridor in the right hand wall is a door. Go through it into the detention centre and speak to Jamin, the Inquisitor in charge of the cells, about slave bracers. (needless to say, you cannot go through the door behind Jamin into the actual cells, not yet anyway, unless you are an extremely skilled thief).

Journal PBO_F_02 30: I have delivered the bracers to the Detention centre Sergeant, Jamin as requested.

Return to Heifmar, and speak about slave bracers

Journal PBO_F_02 50: I have reported back to Heifmar who thanked me for my work.

5 FacRep points

Mission 2 - Area Cleansing

Speaking to Heifmar about Path of the Warrior and then Area Cleansing will lead you to:

Journal PBO_F_03 10: I am to cleanse a recently discovered part of Khare. A blocked off passage just off the Residential district must be blown up, using a satchel charge which I should acquire from the Quartermaster again. Once inside the new area I should kill any of the dwemer guardians I find, and then report back to Heifmar.

If you've played through Tribunal you'll know whats going on here. Return to the Qm. ASk him about Area Cleansing and he will give you an 'Explosive'. Take the explosive back along to the Commercial district, and then through the door to the North to the Residential District. There are two doors exiting this area, you want the one to the right (East) which leads to the uninhabited zone. Loads of good dwemer gear knocking about here, and no guardians just yet, so fill your boots. Eventually you will discover a rock fall called, as in Tribunal, 'Collapsed rocks'. Activate on this with the explosive in your inventory and you will get a countdown timer. get well away or you;ll get killed in the blast. A doorway (well, blackness really) will have been revealed. Activate on this to enter the new area. gain, loads of nice dwemer gear, but more importantly, four sphere centurions (only one at a time you'll be glad ot know). After killing the fourth you will get a journal update

Journal PBO_F_03 20: I have killed all the dwemer guardians

Take whatever you like from this area and return to Heifmar

Journal PBO_F_03 30: Heifmar was pleased with my work.

5 FacRep points

Mission 3 - Weapon Delivery

Heifmar will now give you this journal

Journal PBO_F_04 10: As the coming campaign draws ever closer, it is time to start distributing weapons to the Cult's secret 'cells' around the island. First of all, I need to deliver 5 Nordic Broadswords to Alvan Vedran in Vivec which i should get from Lagakh. The cell is based in the Arena Underworks, in a cleansed Daedric shrine. Heifmar gave me a 'Return Amulet' so that I can return to the city. To get to Vivec I should speak with Melie Fralinie on the dias in the Commercial District and she will transport me.

So, report again to the QM, who will give you 5 swords.

Journal PBO_F_04 20: The Quartermaster has given me the Nordic Broadswords, which I should deliver to the secret cell in the Vivec Arean underworks.

Take these, and your return amulet, to Melie on the dias in the commercial district. As long as you have a Return Amulet she will teleport you out. She has four possible destinations, one of which is Vivec.

Imperial - You should, if you have been to see Marcus Levitatus, and wish to turn spy for the Imperials, now return to him to tell him of your discovery.

You will be teleported ot the St Delyn Canalworks. Make your way from there to the Arena underworks. These underworks have been populated with some corprus stalkers. Fight them or avoid them as you see fit. In the South West part of the underworks you will find a door. Go through it, and speak to Alvan Vedran. He will take the swords from you

Journal PBO_F_04 30: Vedran thanked me for the delivery

Return Amulet on, and from the dias back to Heifmar

Journal PBO_F_04 40: Heifmar was again pleased with my work

5 FacRep points

Mission 4 - Nix Hound Trouble

Heifmar gives you the next journal

Journal PBO_F_05 10: It has been reported that some initiates are having difficulty getting from Zainab Camp to the Inscribed rock. It seems that a pack of five Nix Hounds has taken up residence in the valley. I should exterminate them

Although this is right on the doorstep, its actually quite a lengthy journey, as you cant og back out through the trial chambers. So its a case of travel to Sadrith Mora, from there to Vos and then a hike across country to Zainab. Then along the valley towards the Inscribed rock. In that valley you will find a total of five Nix Hounds. Tehy're slightly tougher than usual, but its easy enough even for a low level character to dispose of them. once the fifth one drops

Journal PBO_F_05 20; I have killed all the Nix Hounds

Amulet on, back to Heifmar

Journal PBO_F_05 30; Heifmar was pleased with my work

Mission 5 - The Trouble With Ma'Tesh

Journal PBO_F_06 10: The recruiting sergeant Ma'Tesh in Vos reports that he is being bothered by an Imperial agent. I should go to Ma'Tesh and find out more

Those doing the Imperial Spy series are sniggering at this point.

Anyway, return to Vos and speak to Ma'Tesh in Varo tradehouse

Journal PBO_F_06 20: Ma'Tesh tells me that this agent, who he suspects of being one of the Blades, has been sniffing around looking for information. The agent, an imperial by the name of Pilus Urtius, will be somewhere in the town.

Where in town? Ask a native about Pilus , after first getting their disposition up to 70 or more

Journal PBO_F_06 30: I have been told that Pilus is in the temple here in Vos

Or, just go straight to the temple/chapel and find him there. He will forcegreet you and initiate combat

Imperial - You will get a slightly different dialogue, giving you the chance to let Pilus go. he will agree and leave town. This is the journal index 40 - Ma'Tesh will never know any different

Journal PBO_F_06 50: I have killed the Imperial agent Pilus Urtius and should report back to Ma'Tesh at Varo Tradehouse

Return to Ma'Tesh

Journal PBO_F_06 60: Ma'Tesh was pleased that his troubles were over, for now at least.

Amulet on, back to Khare

Journal PBO_F_06 70: Heifmar again congratulated me on a job well done

to be continued
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