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> Walthrough - Oluhan - Cult Progression, Serious SPoilers
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post Feb 21 2005, 10:19 AM
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This is a general walkthrough on how to make progression through the Faction, The Cult of Oluhan. It should be used as a companion to the other Oluhan walkthroughs on this forum.

So, overview.

The cult is a joinable faction, with 10 ranks. As I've tried to make the cult acessible to all classes, it has a strange skill preference setup. If you are creating a new character to play Oluhan (and I would suggest that you do), then you should have two of these skills as majors to enable smooth and easy progression through the ranks. Favoured skills:

Heavy Armour

Favoured Attributes:


Here are the ranks. The numbers after the ranks indicate, in order, the following rank requirements - Attrib 1, Attrib 2, Skill 1, Skill 2, Fact Rep

Initiate 30 30 0 0 0
Cultist 30 30 10 0 0
Preacher 30 30 20 0 10
Foot Soldier 30 30 30 5 20
Sergeant at Arms 31 31 40 10 30
Captain 35 35 50 15 45
Fanatic 35 35 60 20 70
Leader 40 25 75 25 95
Master Inquisitor 40 35 80 30 130
Master of Khare 45 45 85 40 200

So, even the weakest character should be able to reach the rank of sergeant at Level 1 in terms of skills, although they may struggle to acquire enough faction reputation points - as this rank requires basically six successful missions, and after the first few very easy ones they start to get difficult.

Promotion is awarded by the relevant quest giving NPC up to the rank of Captain. Warriors will speak to Heifmar, Mages to DuPont, and Thieves to Dro'kara. In each case, the dialogue topic is 'Progression'. You must, as always, be wearing your cult ring, and on a successful promotion that ring will be swapped out for a more powerful one. After the rank of captain, only Oluhan himself may award promotions, and you must have completed all 10 of the quests on your path before you are sent to Oluhan for the first time.

Promotions at ranks above this are awarded on a competitive examination basis. In other words, if you have the correct skillset and sufficient faction reputation, Oluhan will give you a token. This token you will take to the NPC who's position you wish to take. On handing him the token, he will initiate combat with you. The winner of this combat gets the promotion, the loser, erm, doesnt. Note: Prior to this combat all relevant NPCs are immortal. You cannot kill them as they have a CE health regen ability, which is only removed when you give them the token. Upon successful killing of the NPC in question, return to Oluhan and get the promotion/ring.

It is also a key element of this faction that there arent sufficient missions to get enough faction reputation points for promotion through the higher levels. It is also possible that you may lose facrep along the way, usually by failing to complete a mission properly. You will recieve no notification that this has happened.

Extra Faction points can also be earned in the following ways:

1) Slaughter

Oluhan has decreed that the following people may be killed. Killing them will raise your faction rep by a varying amount. The amount it is raised by depends on who is killed, the range being from 1-10 points

a) All members of the Imperial race (1pt)
B) All members of the Imperial Legion (2-10pts, depending on rank)
c) All members of the Imperial Cult (2-10 pts depending on rank)
d) All members of the East Empire Company (2-10 pts, depending on rank)

There is a script attached to the 'hit voice' for these NPCs that attaches itself to the NPC in combat. It should be noted that this kind of script is a little buggy, unavoidably so. There is a tiny chance of CTD at the end of combat, and a small chance that the script will just not fire, as the NPC never gets to use the right hit voice (1 hit kills for example). You will know if the script has fired successfully because a Messagebox will pop up telling you so. It is recommended that you quicksave before each combat.

2) Donation of Cash

The cult needs your money. You can earn faction reputation points through the purchase of what is called 'War Bonds'. The list price of these bonds:

Level 1 - 1,000 GP
Level 5 - 5,000 GP
Level 10 - 10,000 GP

The actual price paid may be more or less than this depending on your mercantile skill in relation to that of the seller.

Take your bond to the your quest giving NPC, and speak to them about 'War Bonds'. If you have one in your inventory it will be removed and your faction rep increased:

level 1 - 1 pt
level 5 - 5 pts
level 10 - 10 pts

3) misc Quests

There are also some odd jobs that you can do for faction members, not reated to your main series. Note however that these quests are difficult and are only available to higher ranks in the faction (Captain and above).


If you are expelled (usual expell rules apply) then there is no way back in. You are declared a heretic, and will be hunted down by all inquisitors (Guars) and all NPCs of rank Sergeant and above. If this happens to you in the City then it is game over, as the transport NPC is a sergeant - you will be stuck in Khare fighting inquisitors forever.

There are certain circumstances in which you may be forcibly expelled beyond the usual rules, but these are covered more in the relevant walkthrough.

Once you have risen to the top of the faction, to Grand Master of Khare, then the mod is over. Your reward will be a sumptuous apartment suite and command of a huge city with traders who love you and who's mercantile skill is set to a really low level on you attaining the highest rank (meaning you can sell high and buy low)

Once you are expelled it is also mod over, but without the boni mentioned above
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