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> Walthrough- Oluhan (part 2 Trial Of The Initiates), Serious Spoilers!!!!!!!
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post Feb 20 2005, 02:29 PM
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Room 1 - Khare, Entrance

You will find yourself in a large room, with 2 rats and a corpse. Kill the rats, and take the levitate potion and the water breathing potion from the corpse. If you activate on the door to the right you will that at this stage it is locked.

Go through the passage opposite and climb the winding stairs. There is another rat, and then a pit. Go down the pit, along a little way, and then up another pit (there is another levitate potion in this area in case you missed the first one). You will find yourself in a small room with a crank against the far wall. Activate on the crank, and everything below you will have filled with water.

Dive back in and swim the way you came back to the door which was locked earlier. Its a long swim, and you will almost certainly need to use that water breathing potion. Even with a very slow character I can make this if I time it right (make use of the odd air hole you may come across). Activate on the door and enter the next room

Room 2 - Khare, Sadim's Tomb

Get out of the water. You will see in front of you two things, a statue and a book.

Picture of Statue and Book

Read the Book:

The Legend of Prince Sadim

There was once a Prince of Khare who went by the name of Sadim. Above all other things Sadim craved wealth. He enjoyed the hunt with his friends, and entertained them with lavish parties in his father's halls, where the finest meats and wines were served. He wore only the finest clothes, and was always wearing jewellery worth thousands.

He enjoyed the high life so much that soon he was spending even beyond his father's generous allowance. Not wishing to give up his extravagant lifestyle he asked his father if his allowance might be increased. His father, Nomolos, warned him that this constant carousing would lead the prince into disaster and refused to increase his income.

Sadim was furious, and scared that he might lose his friend's favour. So, in a desperate attempt to save his lifestyle he went ot the Shrine of Azura, although he was not a believer in the powers of the Daedra. He asked Azura if she might find some way of helping him increase his wealth. Azura, amused to find a non-believer in such a desperate state told him that she might help him, for a cost.

She told Sadim that if he stood in the public square in Khare and openly embraced the cult of the Daedra and state that when he was king a shrine to her might be erected in the city then she would grant him wealth beyond his wildest dreams, wealth that would last him for the rest of his life

Not knowing the mischevious ways of Azura, Sadim agreed, and did as she asked. At first he could tell no difference, but when he went to his meat that evening he was astonihsed to find that as he touched his goblet of wine it turned instantly to gold. This greatly delighted our poor Prince, and he spent some time wandering his quarters turning everything that he touched into gold. <BR><BR>
Dreaming of the untold wealth that was his, he went to his best friend's house to tell him the news. He shook hands with the poor man, who of course instantly turned to gold, for to touch Sadim meant instant death. Horrified, Sadim shut himself away in his sumptuous apartments. He ordered food and drink be brought, but of course he could not eat the food, for as soon as he touched it it became the dull yellow metal he had previously craved so much.

Shortly thereafter he died of hunger, cursing Azura as he did so, and his story lives on as a cuationary tale for those who desire wealth. Death comes through wealth.

Now, even the most simple of players will recognise that Sadim is Midas backwards, and that this tale is very similar to the story of King Midas. Remember, evrything he touched turns to gold.

From this room there are four doors. one to 'Khare, lever Room' is the exit door. Activate on it and you will be told about three ring shaped apertures in the door and the door being locked. So, you need to find three rings. You will find one ring in each of the other rooms that lead off from this one.

First of all, Khare, Trial by Water

Simple enough. Its another deep dive, with a chest half way through with a water breathing potion in it, and another chest at the end with both a water breathing potion and a copper ring. There are some levelled water creatures in here, but nothing especially dangerous. Take the ring and return to Sadim;s tomb.

Khare, Trial by Bone

The note on the door is the clue: Whatsoever you sow, so shall you reap

Enter the room. In here are a number of extremely slow skeletons armed with levelled weapons (at very low levels they are armed with nothing and just punch.). If you kill one, you will get Instadeath (reaping what you sow). Avoid them. two doors - one locked, one not. Go through the far (unlocked) door and up the ramp. On the floor is a chest with a key and some potions. This is the key to the locked door down below. If you skillfully manage it, you can easily get past the skeletons and back down to the locked door. Go though and down the stairs into the next area. Again avoiding the skeletons go up the stairs and take the coopper ring from the chest, and then, still avoiding the skeletons, return to Sadim;s tomb.

Khare, Trial by Axe

SImple enough. Avoid the three sets of swinging axes to reach the chest at the end, which contains (yes you guessed it) a copper ring. Dodge the axes again and return to Sadim;s tomb.

Hooray! We now have the rings! Return to the locked door to the 'Lever Room' and....its still locked.

Whats all the Midas stuff about? It isnt copper rings that you need, but gold rings . Activate on the statue, but make sure that you have at least one copper ring in your inventory when you do so. If you do, the copper ring will be magically transformed to gold. Do this for all three rings. Note - if you activate on the statue without a copper ring in your inventory, then it will be you that is turned to gold, and killed.

So, with three gold rings in our inventory, we activate on the door to the 'lever room' and through we go, minus our rings.

Khare, the Lever Room ( the last one)

A small area contianing nothing but an exit door to Khare, Commercial District, and five levers. The exit door is locked unless the correct combination of levers is pulled. Which ones? Go and look closely at that exit door again....

OXOXO to Khare Commercial District

'o' stands for lever up, 'x' for lever down. You must pull the second and fourth levers from either end, and make sure the others are back in their original position. This will unlock the door.

Through you go and into the city. remember, you are looking for an NPC called Gulville Radas. Remembering to *always* wear your ring, speak to Gulville. The trial isnt over yet...Radas has one more test - the gauntlet of Pain. This gauntlet will drain your health until you are almost dead, then fall off on its own accord whilst recovering your health. If you remove the gauntlet you will fail the test and be attacked by just about everyone.

Once that is done

Journal PBO_03 40: Radas made me pass one more trial, the Gauntlet of Pain, before accepting me into the cult proper.

You will then be given three possible 'paths' - the Path of the Magus (select if you are a magic based character), the Path of the Thief (Stealth) and The path of the Warrior (Combat). Choose accordingly, and then follow the relevant walthrough section
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