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> Walkthrough: Oluhan (part 1 - Before Khare), Serious Spoilers
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post Feb 20 2005, 01:51 PM
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I will add to this as I go along.

Mission 1 - A Mysterious message

The mod starts with the player upstairs at 'The House of Earthly Delights' in Suran. The player speaks to a female Redguard called Naloha, and gets a journal update

Journal PBO_01 50: As I was visiting the House of Earthly Delights in Suran (on, ahem, business of my own), I was approached by a servant called Naloha. She told me that her master, a Redguard 'Noble' called Huloan has information which I may find of interest. Her master is staying here in Suran as a guest of Avon Oran, and will be found at his manor, probably with Oran himself. He requests my company, and I am assured that it will be worth it.

Go from the House of Earthly Delights to Oran manor. Go to Avon Oran's room (on the first floor), and speak with the Redguard 'huloan'. He will tell you a tale. Whether or not the tale is true we will see later on

Journal PBO_01 100: Well, what a story this Huloan had to tell! Apparently, although I know nothing of my past, he claims to know my father. Furthermore, he says that he and my father have travelled to Vvardenfell to track me down, but my father was recently accosted and taken away by some men loyal to a strange character called Oluhan. He says that he knows nothing of this kidnapper, but is sure that if I research the matter then I will find what I need. My father? Can this be possible?

Mission 2 - Tracking Down Oluhan

Huloan will also give you this journal

Journal PBO_02 10: Huloan says that there must information on this matter somewhere. I should try and find some information on this subject so that I can be, at last, re-united with my past.

The clue here is in the word 'research'. What do you need for research (in pre-internet days)? Books. Where's a good place to find books? Speak to any NPC of class 'Bookseller' about the subject 'Oluhan' and you will get this journal

Journal PBO_02 20: A bookseller has told me that although they didnt stock any books on this subject, the best place for research of this kind would be the Great Library in Vivec. I should travel there to find out.

You dont actually need this update. It is possible that you go straight to the Library in vivec, as it is the natural place. The Library is in the Halls of Wisdom, where Mera Milo is. In there is a new NPC, Matthieu Staine. Speak to him about Oluhan and you get

Journal PBO_02 30: I have spoken to a Librarian in Vivec. He says that he knows of some information on this subject and I should come back tomorrow and he will have the book for me.

Self explanatory. Wait 24 hours and speak to Matthieu again

Journal PBO_02 40: The Librarian has given me a book called 'An Ashlander's Journal', and another called 'The Dark Lord'

So, you read the books and get the following two updates

Journal PBO_02 50: I have read 'An Ashlander's Journal. He talks of an underground city, an old Dwemer ruin, reachable via 'secret means' in which resides a 'Dark Lord', Oluhan, the 'Devourer of Souls'. This city is inhabited by what amounts to a cult, dedicated to their Lord and fanatical in his service. He says that the entrance lies near his village, but alas doesnt say what village that is.

Journal PBO_02 55: I have read the book 'The Dark Lord' which details that Oluhan is a criminal, the leader of some cult or other, in the 'lost' Dwemer city of Khare. He is very much a wanted man, and any information on him should be passed to the Imperial Legion. The book was written by Marcus Levitatus, a Legion captain based at Fort Moonmoth.

So, you have two possible avenues of approach. One is to track around the Ashlander camps asking about 'Oluhan'. The other is to go to Marcus Levitatus at Fort Moonmoth and see what he knows. You ****must*** see Marcus at this point if you wish to later turn spy for the Imperials.. Anyway, if you go and see him (in the Fort at Moonmoth) it starts another series of Journals which I will cover later. He doesnt say anything which will help you at this point in finding Khare.

So, if you trawl around the Ashlander camps, you will eventually arrive at Zainab (in the Grazelands, to the SouthWest of Vos). Speak to any Ashlander in Zainab

Journal PBO_02 60: At Zainab camp I am told that a local hunter, Ahu-Ran may have some information on this 'underground city'. At least, he has heard tell of secret comings and goings. His yurt lies on the outskirts of the camp.

in Zainab there is a new yurt (Ahu-Ran's yurt). Speak to AShu-Ran

Journal PBO_02 70: Ashu-Ran told me a strange tale. He was out hunting, and saw in the distance an outlander. As such things are rare in this part of the world, he followed the outlander to a strange rock. The outlander did something strange to the rock, and then vanished! Since then he has seen similar things many times, but when he examines the rock he can make nothing unusual happen. However, inscribed onto the rock, he says, amongst many words he does not understand, is the word 'Oluhan' in big bold letters.

Journal PBO_02 80: This rock, says Ashu-Ran, lies almost exactly due West of Zainab Camp, right against the Ghostfence. I cannot miss it apparently. It is large, and is near the entrance to some mine or other.

All of which is pretty self explanatory. Travel due West from Zainab camp, along a narrow valley. This valley ends at a t-junction with a North-South one

The Grazelands will quickly turn to Ashlands. Just to the North of a mine entrance, as you hit the slopes of Red Mountain with the Ghostfence perched high above, you will see a large Bloodmoon inscribed rock. Activate on this rock:

ournal PBO_02 90: I have found the strange rock of which Ashu-Ran told. Inscribed upon it are these words. 'In the service of our Great Lord OLUHAN. Only initiates into the cult may use this portal. Volunteers should report to Ma'Tesh in Varo tradehouse in Vos for further information on joining the service of the Great Lord OLUHAN'. Now I know what to do!

Incidentally, you can short circuit all of this by going straight from the Library in Vivec to Vos and asking around about 'Oluhan'

Journal PBO_02 85: In Vos, I am told that a Khajit is at the tradehouse in town who knows of this Oluhan. Apparently its some wierd religious thing or other.

And so you travel to Vos tradehouse and find this Khajit, ma'Tesh, who is on the first floor.

A number of options here, depending on what you say

Mission 3 - The Cult of Oluhan

Journal PBO_03 10: I have met Ma'Tesh at Varo tradehouse. I told him I was looking for my father, at which point he attacked me, and I had no choice other than to kill him. On him I found nothing of any real interest other than a ring inscribed 'In the service of our Great Lord OLUHAN'.


Journal PBO_03 20: I have met Ma'Tesh at Varo tradehouse in Vos. The Khajit is the recruiting sergeant for this mystic cult. On telling him I wished to join up, he gave me a ring, which he says will open a secret rock (yes, I know). He said I must always wear that ring. After giving me directions, he warned me that only those fit to enter the service of the Lord would make it through the puzzles and traps that lie in the way.

Note that killing Ma'tesh may well give you problems later.

Then, with the ring on your finger, return to the inscribed rock near Zianab, and activate upon it. You will be teleport via script to somewhere new. PArt 2 continues

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