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> DaethTrap Dungeon FAQ (Contains Spoilers)
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post Apr 21 2004, 05:47 PM
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The question I get asked most is, where are the jewels?

Jewel #1, Sukumvit's Left Eye

Between the First Level of the Dungeon and Level 2 there is a large round room containing a large statue of Baron Sukumvit ('The Idol Room'. ) levitate up so you're looking at his face. The jewel you want, despite being called 'Sukumvit's left eye', is actually his right eye (the left one as you look at it ). If you need a levitate potion then there's one in level 1.

Jewel # 2, The Sapphire of Strength

This is the hardest one to find. In Level 4, if you go North from the first room you enter with the two guards in, you will go along a corridor. On your right hand side as you are going north you will see a prison cell, containing a prisoner. Just to the North of this room, again on the right hand side, there is a hidden door (if you look on your minimap you can actually see this room). Behind the hidden door is a Level 75 chest containing amongst other the things the sapphire. If your security isnt up to opening lvl 75, there is a key back in the room where the guards were.

Jewel #3, the Diamond of destruction

This has been taken by one of the contestants, a Ninja, who is hanging out in Level 6 waiting to ambush and kill whoever has the other jewels (ie you). If you kill the NInja, and search his body, you will find the jewel.

Other tips

if you are playing Version 1.3

In Level 1 you get attacked by two Orc guards standing outside a door. One of these guards is equipped with a special shield, the Manticore Shield. Take this shield, and equip it just ebfore you enter the last area of the dungeon, 'the Manticore Room'. The shield will give you pratical invincibility for 45 seconds giving you every chance of easily defeating the Manticore. (Note, In earlier versions this shield is leaning against the chair where the skeleton is sitting in level 2.)

If you read Ingrid the Dragon Slayer's journal (on her body in level 5), you will note that Sukumvit laughed at her claims that the charm she was wearing would protect her from certain creatures. Her claim is correct, it will protect you from the otherwise fearsome Pit Fiend on level 6, as long as you are wearing it, the Pit Fiend will not attack you.

Right at the end of Level 4, as you are travelling with throm, you get attacked by a goblin. In that corridor, against the East wall, there is a shelf carrying two books. One of these books, Creatures of Vvardenfell' describes the fearsome Bloodbeast, and how to kill it. Ensure that you take this book with you, and when you come across the Bloodbeast in its den, try and get as close to it as you can. At very close range, with this book in your inventory, the bloodbeast will fall down dead.

On the same shelf is a book called 'Strength through Unity'. Its not a book at all, but a container with a ring and a note (V 1.3 and later). the note explains that the ring is a ring of Trap Detection that will sound a bell as you approach certain traps. Equip this ring and will save your life twice.

In Poisoned Ivy's room there is a cupboard, containing a 'tasty bone'. put this bone into your inventory and go down the slope into the room containing the Nix Hounds. They will not attack you.

The best way through the Great hall of Feasting is to make yourself invisible in the short passageway before entering the hall proper. I have never made it through alive any other way. there is an invisibility potion hidden in a chair slightly earlier in level 5.

Thief classes should note that there are two areas in the dungeon built especially for them. IN level 3, the short passageway with the mushrooms in, there is a hidden door in the left wall. there is a level 50 trapdoor leading to a room, a level 75 door into a short corridor, and a level 100 door leading to a small room containg some good thieving equipment. Also on level 5, there is a lvl 100 door which also leads to some good thieving kit.

In the trialmaster test, the dicethrow is genuinely random, you can throw anything from 2 to 12. lower is the best prediction, but not necessarily always correct. save before trying.

The next test is the snakebasket. grabbing the snake tests your agility, dominating the snake tests your willpower and fighitng it tests your fighting skill (you will actually have to kill it ). Choose whichever is best suited to your character.

Lastly, the two options the Trialmaster gives you are as follows:

Eel knots - Skeleton
No Star of Cha - frost Atronach

naturally, you should choose the eel knots :-)

Finally, there are two ways into the Treasury in the village. One is to prize the key from sukumvit's dead fingers. I've never succeeded in killing him and his guards, so would suggest method 2.

if you have completed the dungeon, and been paid off by sukumvit, go around to the back of the Treasury building. You will see a large rock that looks somewhat out of place. Activate on this rock and you will be teleported into a secret passageway underneath the Treasury. this will not work until the quest is complete
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