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> City of Thieves Hints Tips and Spoilers
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post Jun 19 2004, 08:43 AM
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OK, so first off lets deal with the Find Nicodemus quest that owen carralif gives you.

NIcodemus is located under the bridge just to the North of the market square. As you are looking at the bridge from the market, you will see a pile of crates and barrells to the left of the bridge. behind those barrels is an archway that leads to the river side. Turn right through that archway, and you'll see Nicodemus' door in front of you.

NIcodemus asks you to find some objects, these are:

Black Pearls: Located on the upper deck of the Pirate ship Grim Reaper. Dispose of the guard, go down through the Trapdoor, sneak past the sleeping pirates (you need quite a high sneak skill to do this successfully) and take the pearls off the table on the right hand side. You need to take at least 2 of the six.

Hags Hair: The Hag is in the sewers. The entrance to the sewers is a trapdoor just to the North of the arena....right next to favas Seleth's house, on the other side of the road from Ben Borryman's. To help you kill the hag, first complete the Gladiator games quest and get from Tendentius' body the 'potion of mind control'. Having this potion in your inventory will mean you dont have to fight the hag, it will just drop dead. Activate on the body to get the Hair.

Lotus Flower: This is located in the gardens. The garden entrance is in the North East of the City, near Ordvik the armourers shop. It costs 50Gp to enter the garden (you cant levitate over the walls BTW). On picking the flower you will be attacked by 2 bush beasts, modified spriggans.

Silver Arrow: See Ben Borryman the silversmith and ask him about 'silver arrow'. He will charge you 1000 GP. Bens shop is near favas Seleth's and the sewers, right by where the old man is being attacked by the two thieves.

Tattoo: Jimmy Quicktint the tattooist is your man, located in the central Northern part of the city near Azzur mansion.

Nicodemus will then send you to see Hinel the fletcher, whos shop is on the market square. Asking her about Nicodemus will increase her disposition towards you considerably. If your marksman skill is under 20 then you will need to train to that level. Note that there are a couple of marksman skill books in her shop. Buy a bow if you dont have one, any bow will do. Be aware that one of the bows she stocks is broken.

You then need to go to Maximillian's shrine and speak to the ghost of Maximillian. The shrine is in the South West of the City, near to Belgoth the thief and J B Wraggins the locksmith. From there you need the book of riddles off the lectern.

Go to the docks, and at the end of the long wooden section you will see an Argoniam called Keel-Gei. He will ship you the very short distance to just south of Zanbar Bone's Lair. Swim to the island, and wait until 8pm or later. Be aware that at 8pm a moon dog will appear on the island, and that these creatures are very, very tough.

Enter the tomb. The answer to the first riddle is 'a door is not a door when its ajar'. So, you are looking for a jar. When you get to the bottom of the stairs, dispose of the two skeletons - your best bet is to deal with them before they get up - and turn to the right. You will see a narrow coridor with a ghost NPC in. At one end of this corridor is a tapestry covering an entrance. Go through, climb the stairs, kill the ghost and activate on ' A jar'. This will disable a wall in the big room below. Go down, through the new entrance, along the corridor and out the door at the end.

The answer to the second riddle is 'second', not 'first' as you might think at first, so you need to activate on the lever called 'second' and only that lever. 'First' will flood the room, 'third' will teleport you back outside, 'second' will disable a wall in similar fashion to the first room.

The answer to the third riddle is the letter 'd'. Take this key from the table and go through the door activating on the lever to take you into the final area.

Do not sleep in the bed!

You will eventually find Mirelle Carallif, only its not really her, its Zanbar Bone. There are two ways of 'summoning' Zanbar for the final battle. First, strike Mirelle and she will vanish to be replaced by Bone. Second, go downstairs and rub on the 'dusty lamp'. A leprechaum will appear and give you a ring. Equip this ring and 30 seconds later Mirelle will be replaced. Go outside, fight the skeleton, go back to where Mirelle was.

Bone is immortal. there is only one to kill him. Make sure that you can see him and are looking at him. Equip a bow (any bow). Equip the silver arrow. Make sure you have the potion nicodemus gave you in your inventory. If your marksman skill is 20 or above a messagebox will pop up. You have 10 seconds from pressing OK to run up to Bone and activate on him. He will then die. take longer than 10 seconds and you;re dead. If your marksman is less than 20 then you;re dead.

Return to Nicodemus and he'll give you the option to return to Silverton to claim your reward.

More to follow
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post Jun 19 2004, 01:17 PM
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Group: Morrowind Mod Consultants
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On we go to the Blacksand Brigands Quests

These start when the player is attacked by two bandits on the orad to Blacksand. One of these bandits, peraril, has a note on his body from Bathus Azzur asking Peraril to search the nearby tomb for something.

The something you are looking for is a book, which is in a chest next to a corpse laid out on an altar. Take this book to the Old Dreugh Inn on the Market Square in the city and speak to Bathus. It doesnt matter which response you give him.

First of all he will send you on a quest to get 1000 GP from the slave market. note that he will accept any 1000GP, so if you already have that much money and dont mind paying it you can skip this mission by simply handing him the cash. Not much fun that though.

The slave market is over the bridge and turn west. You will see an alley on your left with two dogs in. Kill the dogs and go down the alley, then through the arch in the left hand wall. In the market itself you will see the slave master, a guard, and three slaves. You will also see a small locked chest on a table.

The slave master wont give you the money, no matter what you do. You will have to kill him and the guard. On his body is 500GP and a key. The key unlocks the chest wherein is another 500GP.

Alternatively, rather than entering the market via the downstairs door, go to the upstairs door, break in, break into the chest on the shelf and remove 2000GP.....or heck, why not do both?

Bathus will be happier with you, and your faction reputation will incrase better, if you kill the slave master. You will also get to keep more of the money.

Then he will sned you to find Blacksand's tomb. This is located under the guard tower that sits on the wall in the very Northeastern corner of the city.

Break into the guard tower (if you dont have a key), go downstairs. You will be attacked by an 'elite' Guard at the bottom of the stairs. Go through the trapdoor and enter the archaeological dig. You will meet two more elite guards who will also attack you. You will quickly find the entrance to the tomb proper. Go in, theres another guard, and a couple of undead guardians. You need to go all the way through the tomb, over the lava bridge, and up the stairs. Lying in the ashpit, next to an overturned urn, you'll find an amulet. Take it and get a journal update.

Return to Bathus for your reward.

Bathus will now task you with killing a Khajit. The Khajit's house is opposite the entrance to the Gladiator school near the arena. En route you will be accosted by Favas Seleth, who will ask you to meet him at his house, near Ben Borryman's and the sewers. Go first to his house, listen to what he has to say, and when pressed tell him about your mission to kill the Khajit. The trick with this quest series is to play both sides off against each other for as long as you possibly can.

Kill the khajit and his guard, and then get back to the Old Dreugh. I'd suggest either levitation or invisibility to avoid the attentions of the guards.

See the khajit in the pub to clear the price on your head, and then see Bathus. Dont tell him about Favas yet. You will now be sent to the warehouse. You will need a key and a warehouse pass, both of which are located in Thorbald's house (near the Shrine to Maximillian). Luckily enough, thorbald's key is lying right outside his front door. When you have these things, go to the warehouse (near the slave market). You have two tasks, one is to replace the ledger, and the other to swap over the ten vials of skooma. Before you go into the warehouse, go and report to favas.

This is a sneaking mission really, unless you dont mind beating up the guards. Swap over the ledgers. Go downstairs and find 10 crates containing skooma (there are 12 altogether). Take out the original skooma, and put 1 fake skooma in its place.

When you;ve done all the tasks you'll get a journal update. Return to Bathus for your reward. Again, try and keep both sides played off against each other.

Bathus will now tell you of his real plans, and will ask you to kill his brother's children.

This is where the path really splits. In any event, go and see favas. He'll tell you that now is the time to dispose of Bathus. Its up to you, but the 'right; way to do this is to do as favas requests, not to continue along Bathus' plan.

If you decide to follow favas' plan, go and see the guard captain, and she'll follow you to the Inn to dispose of all the Brigands. Speak to her about 'price on your head' before you leave the Inn and she'll clear you.

Return to favas, who'll sned you on to see Lord Azzur himself. Azzur will pay you well and give you the key to a modest house, the outlanders house, which you can use as a base for later missions on the island as expansions occur.

If for some reason you decide to ignore favas and stick with Bathus, go to Azzur mansion, kill the two guards inside, go downstairs and through the two locked doors (you might need a key which the elite guards have on them). The children are down there and are very easy to kill as they are very weak and have no weapons.

You'll get a big price on your head for this, and will have ot take evasive tactics to get back to the Inn for clearing that bounty.

Bathus will now sned you with his Orc guard to kill Azzur himself. Assuming they're both still alive, favas and the Guard captain will also now be in Azzur mansion. Lord Azzur is upstairs at the very top of the house and is relatively simple to kill once everyone else is gone.

You will then return to bathus expecting no doubt big rewards. bathus ill laugh at you and call you his pet dog.....such is the price for making the wrong choice. You didnt really think you;d get away with killing children did you?

more to follow
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