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I included a section in my recently released manual for the Enchanted Editor on cleaning save games and doubling as well as several suggestions made on these forums about dirty saves, causes and cures (by aaargh the name slips my mind right now but he was fully credited in the manual)

Anyway, having done a LOT of installing of new mods recently and repeatedly hitting doubling I realised you can be a lot more specific than just deleting all CELL entries in the save.

I tried the recently proposed method of quicksave/quickload but unfortunately half the time that CTDs for me when done in close succession.

After a spate of updates for Balmora expansion I found I had triple characters and guars and I didn't want the side effects of resurrecting EVERY dead char in the world and regenerating every unique item already acquired, which are mentioned as side effects in my cleaning saves original post and EE manual entry. So...

(As always, backup your save game in case something goes wrong)

1. If you delete a CELL entry with EE it cures all doubling, end of story. I've had issues with companions and other items though so make sure all your pack guars, companions ETC are in another cell then save, then delete the CELL record for JUST THE CELL WHERE THE DOUBLING IS OCCURRING. Voila. End of doubling. This, I presume, can also be done with TESAME.

2. You can be really fiddly with the Enchanted Editor if you want to be super-specific and do the following to delete ONLY the doubling NPC or creature, rather than any other change to the cell specified in your save:

2.1. Switch Safe Editing ON (Edit/Editing Options/Safe Editing). When the Safe Editing option has a tick next to it in the menu, safe editing is enabled.

2.2. Open the save game file (File/Open)

2.3. On the tree view, click the "Cells" node to view all cells.

2.4. Click the cell record of the cell in which doubling is occurring (e.g. CELL Balmora -4,-2)

2.5. Scroll down through the subrecords and click on each NAME_NEXT subrecord in the cell (these are the names of items and NPCs and creatures in the cell)

2.6. When you find the NAME_NEXT subrecord of the creature, NPC or object that is doubling (the name will appear in the editing window on the right), press the "Delete" key on your keyboard.

(note: I have a bug on my version of the Enchanted Editor [which is heavily modified from the release version] that means the delete key works slightly differently from pressing the delete button next to the subrecord label. I doubt the same bug is in the version I released but just in case, press the "delete" key rather than using other methods.)

2.7. The Enchanted Editor will then delete that subrecord. If you followed the instructions carefully and enabled safe editing, the safe editing process will kick in and suggest you delete other associated subrecords in the cell (CELL/FRMR, CELL/XSCL and so on) for that item. Just click "Complete operation" when it brings up the safe edting screen. This will delete not only the NAME_NEXT entry but all other entries regarding that Item/NPC/Creature, AND NOTHING ELSE>

2.8. Save file. Voila. End of doubling of that specific thing. Unless, of course, you had three or even four of the same thing in a cell in which case you have to repeat the operation until you've deleted every reference to that Item/NPC/Creature in the cell.
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Just to let folks know, even #1 can still result in some apparant doubling.

Introduce a NPC that can chang cells to the mix, and clearing the CELL data results in a new clone of that NPC if you happened to have moved that NPC out of that cell (Wow confusing). Ultimately, this is alot easier to handle (single person you have to disable instead of a swarm).

Some other minor possibilities of problems may exist (scripts that instanciate objects in a cell without redundancy). Anything that uses setdelete will replicate. But they really aren't doubling issues so much smile.gif.

Just be careful, and save as Farren said. Big thing is just to be aware of what can cause these things to occur smile.gif.
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