Help and Hints for "Children of the Night - Part 1"
New version 2.0
Do a backup copy
Uninstall previous version.
Load game removing previous version.
Save the game-load the game again-saved the game again.
Install new version.

This only covers the mod events before you get to Pelagiad.

If you start a new game/saved game:

Look for a ship near Seyda Neen, talk to Caius and Ariela, she will offer to join you as a companion. Go to the decks below and meet Marelius. He will have something of interest to tell you. You will need to give him plenty of skooma until he tells you what he has seenů

Travel around Seyda and the surrounding regions and explore the area. Talk to Ariela as much as you can as there are some funny and interesting comments about yourself and Morrowind in particular.

Ariela is the main NPC of this mod and you should hear some important dialogue regarding her own quest while you are traveling and exploring the area of Seyda Neen, the Bitter Coast and the Ascadian Islands.
If you're using a saved game you may well have been to all these places before. In this case, if you desperately want to get through the mod ASAP without exploring parts of the game that you've been to before this is the sequence of play you should follow:

Ariela should talk to you about her addiction to moon sugar; the more you give her the more lucid and "free-talking" she will become, check disposition bar on the right hand side.

Ariela should mention her dreams and her desire to travel to Pelagiad and then on to Balmora. She wishes to investigate the source of these nightmares. At this point, if you go to either of these cities nothing will happen and she will tell you that it is too early to be there. There should be a reference to other mods but this is JUST a reference, NOTHING MORE!! J (This conversation won't happen in Seyda Neen or if her disposition towards you is less than 55).

Ariela should take a dislike to a sunny day and will cause a storm. She will deny that she was the source of this event and insult you.

At night and only at NIGHT she will talk about the" Children of the Night". Pay attention to this dialogue as it gives you hints about what is coming next.

Ariela will finally tell you that the time has arrived to travel to Pelagiad and urge you to do so. (If you are in the Pelagiad area this conversation won't take place until you leave to another area and enter another cell, the reason is obvious with the next event).
She will tell you about a mysterious woman (THIS DIALOGUE WILL ONLY TAKE PLACE if her reaction/disposition bar is equal or over 65 and you're not in Seyda Neen).

You should now travel to Pelagiad: try to use the road that goes south of Seyda Neen. When near Pelagiad she will start an argument and leaves you.
If you follow that road you will meet Shayna near a crossroads, see what happens and take note: this NPC will become important in the following events.
SIDE QUEST: meet Mitas and his party of adventurers; help him fight the smugglers and you will have a friend for life. As dusk breaks into night talk again to Mitas from 22H00 onwards until he sees a group of smugglers descending a hill.