Children of the Night Part 2



THIS IS A Walkthrough OF THE MOD CREATED BY John Barbosa


Warning: Children of the Night is aimed at an adult audience and, as such, is not necessarily suitable material to be handled by minors. (There is nothing “unsuitable” in this walkthrough). It has been written in such a way as not to provide merely a recipe for completing the game, but to encourage some self-participation. It is based on a game running Tribunal but not Bloodmoon, with Better Bodies (beta) installed (highly recommended), in addition to Astarsis’ Basic Replace, Bethaliz’s Drow, Draege’s Dread Ruby, Ignisis’ Hellripper and Hurdy Gurdy’s Robes mods. Not included are all the numerous side-quests, which will become obvious as one progresses, often providing some nice loot but not essential to the main plot. (Journal entries are referenced JE).


Note that if you have not already started playing the game, the mod should first be “patched” with the official patch downloadable from the Children of the Night 3 Web-Site (


Screen-shots can be seen here. WARNING: Included are some pictures displaying full-frontal nudity (although not in a tasteless manner). However, if this might potentially cause offence do not access the screen-shots.





Your character’s intimate friend Ariela, the daughter of a famous alchemist, has been mysteriously kidnapped by an equally mysterious cult, right from under the noses of the Imperials (led by one Varder Moravias) who themselves have been after her (CON1).



Chapter 1 - A Message


The plot begins whenever you enter a major city - head for Balmora, where you had last seen Ariela. A Guard hands you a letter from Varder (read this) as well as Ariela’s Diary (which explains what happened in CON1) and disappears. The mysteriously arrived Dark Elf, Angelis, might show up (for protection) to accompany you.


Before heading to where the letter instructs you, go and talk to Kojali (a CON1 figure) near the Silt Strider. A “vision” appears in which you are powerless to do anything and you “see” Ariela die. Could she really still be alive after all this? Kojali will tell you.


With Angelis following for protection head for Pelagiad and, on nearing your destination, he will disappear as mysteriously as he arrived. (If the plot does not begin for you like this, head straight for Pelagiad).


On arrival, seek out Xandra Vanucius, Varder’s messenger, in the Halfway Tavern. Speak to her and, before leaving, make sure you ask about Hygina (a character from CON1) and receive Ariela’s “parfum”. A new letter from Varder gives you new instructions (and south does mean south, to the stretch of land in front of cave Mannammu).


Talk first to Shayna (a character from CON1) and respond that “Ariela didn’t know the dark nature of the cult’s intents” to stimulate a dialogue with her. Finally, talk to Captain Julius to be taken to his ship the Trianon.


Once on board, go below deck and strike up a relationship with Marsonia (if she attacks you, one of your plug-ins is causing a conflict and will need to be removed) to obtain JE1. Go back up on deck to let Shayna know you were pleased to learn what Marsonia told you and then do as she tells you.


After having enjoyed the scenery at the first stop of the ship, talk to Shayna and you will sail on to Suran. Once there, talk to Shayna again, remembering to do as she tells you and thereafter you’ll obtain JE2.


Visit Alyssar’s Hut and return at the time he is prepared to talk to you. (Dusk is twelve hours after dawn, which Alyssar considers to be at 8 o’clock). Alyssar retells some of what happened in CON1 and you’ll obtain JE3. (There is a side-quest involving a slave, but it does not have to be completed to continue, unless you choose to do this to “kill” time waiting until dusk).


Head into Suran and talk to Smelly/Toe. After the inevitable, and a quick visit to Desele’s House for refreshment (!), go through the arches to observe the cultists. Speak first to Sister Mirel, then to Father Lobyo (moving up a level) and, after having seen what happens, speak to him again (JE4). Take the “Hood of the Dunmer” which one of the cultists was wearing. Return to the Trianon and talk first to Shayna.


Note that after the first time you sleep, you will have a “disturbing” dream which causes a “vision from the past” to appear. Make sure you talk to her.


Underway, talk to Marsonia. She’ll go to the side of the ship (for a very good reason), follow her and talk to her again for an unexpected “surprise” (JE5). Thereafter talk to Shayna again, then Captain Julius who will dock the ship at its next stop.


Before going ashore, talk to Shayna once more and, since you can see Marcos and Jamir have left the ship without Marsonia, now would be an opportunity to go below deck for a moment of intimacy (good luck!) with Marsonia. You’ll get JE6 and then head ashore for the closest place offering sustenance.


On arrival you’ll meet Ariela’s father, who knows you from the past. Talk to him and on your way out make sure you talk to the captain of the ship which brought him, Marelius. Follow his instructions to learn something more of what happened in CON1 and obtain JE7. Afterwards, read his letter to learn of an accomplice whom you’ll find outside the building in which Ariela’s father is staying.


Well, the detour’s worth it, but remember what your parents always told you about talking to strangers! (The key is where you would expect to find it - on the bed). Back on board, as usual first talk to Shayna and then Julius. If it’s too early to leave then “kill” time until dusk and talk to Julius again.





The ship is struck by a massive tempest, after which Marsonia now feels better and you should talk to her at the side of the ship (JE8). Before following Marsonia’s suggestion, however, talk to Julius and then to Shayna.


Off for adventure. Take the note in the captain’s cabin and head below deck, being prepared for a good fight. What you need to retrieve is a valuable item not in the steel closet. Take the item to Shayna and when she’s finished examining it, talk to her again. Trouble is at hand. Talk to Shayna for a third time (JE9) and then for a fourth time.


If you’re at a high level you can stay and fight (talk for one last time to Shayna) or, if you can levitate, “go up” and simply enjoy the spectacle of battle. Follow Shanya’s previous instructions, because playing the hero here will achieve nothing.


The Island of Zamura lies to the east of the ship. Explore, where many surprises await you, and you will come across directions to X’abi. Make your way to him and do not be afraid to talk to him, even if he has a rather unpleasant “problem”. He’ll direct you to assistance (JE10).


The river, which is east (there is a hidden cave behind the waterfall) flows into a lake. The settlement to which you are heading is situated on its northern shore, immediately east of the river. Speak first to Shaba in her hut. She will tell you some of the island’s history.


JE11 tells that you must face “Dvarna”. (Underwater, south and slightly east of the jetty, before the “floating” island).


You will find yourself in a rather large and confusing underwater dungeon. You need to swim “up” to find the fairly well-hidden “daedric door”. Going through this and continuing in an easterly, and slightly southerly, direction brings you Dvarna to whom you should talk before attacking.


Return with Murika Salos’ book (which you should read) to Shaba. Talk to her for JE12. As suggested, go and speak to Tijani (three times) and head up the steps, with her following you, to Sand Bay (north and then east) - down to the marble jetty and around the coastline in the water.


Let the pirates come after you one by one whilst you are still in the water, and watch Tijani’s back!


How you play the “Lair” is up to you, but the objective is to free Nogui and for this you need to find a key. Once you’ve freed him, you’ll receive JE13. Then, of course, you have to see Tijani safely on her way.


What to do, now that the pirate captain has sailed off with the precious cylinder? Return to Shaba, or X’abi, or go and look up the “loving” couple? Decisions, decisions! Someone is prepared to offer you an important position, which you must decline, but instead you receive from them an important document as a reward. With this you should set off back to the “windy one”.


Back to the lake, this time to the engine room of the “floating” island to talk to Xarniz’Yi. (Entry is through the Sub Moon Lower Door). By now you will have realised that most of the Daedra on Zamura are good and one can develop a meaningful relationship with a Golden Saint. (You should have received JE14, and it might be worthwhile to “mark” your position here).


You must now obtain the key to The Abode of Nargun (taken from the Scamp Largos by one of his two sons Lataka and Latuki). First visit Latuki in the Southern Complex by heading west and slightly north, to the two large statues guarding the entrance.


Lataka has now to be visited, in the Three Towers Complex, which lies south-east of the Southern Complex. Go past the volcano, and immediately south, towards the ocean. But before entering the Complex, talk to the Scamp called Morsaka and follow his advice.


Guess whom you meet on the little beach - yes, the ghost of your “love-sick” friend. By now you will have also come to realise that ghosts and “time travel” are going to play a not-insignificant role in the game. (If you do not make this little detour, you will miss out on some fun later on). You receive JE15.


To save having to find a friendly ghost, do what you always knew you would have to do and make sure you then have a new item in your inventory. Now head back to the Complex. Before entering, go down the marble staircase for a bit of fresh sea-air and to listen to the mesmerising sound of the breaking waves.


Ayala will trick you. Do what you like with him. Lataka is down the stairs. You have the choice of either killing him now or first returning, as he would prefer, to his brother (and then having to come back to kill him). Either way you are going to be disappointed because, like all good Scamps, brother Latuki has tricked you and you will need to go back one final time to him.


With the key now in your possession, return to Xarniz’Yi for JE16 and her “blessings” to enter The Abode of Nargun (near to your “windy friend”). An uncomplicated dungeon awaits you and take the note you find on Xulax back to Xarniz’Yi.


Xarni’Yi tells you that the Winged-Twilight, Ximizo, can be found near the Pool of Eternity (north and slightly west) and you receive JE17. Make sure you save a new game before talking to Ximizo who teleports you to Zadra, a small island to the north of Zamura, to teach the Seductress, Yonoxari, a lesson. On Zadra, speak again to Ximizo, head towards her “girls” and then follow the road north, with them at your side.


A fairly tough and “spectacular” battle takes place but unfortunately “disappearance into thin air” prevents you from grabbing any bodily loot. You do not at first find Yonoxari (alias Gdy’Ngoma’Ke), because she’s taking a “shower”. Enjoy the beautiful fish in her pool, after disposing of her, and then return to Ximizo on the beach to tell her you have completed your mission and you’ll be teleported back to Zamura. Once there, talk to Ximizo to receive the switch, which you can now take to Xarniz’Yi.


Before returning to Xarniz’Yi, it might be a good idea to levitate upwards to the Eye of the Moon which is “floating” above Ximizo’s patch. The ghost, Izimir, provides some interesting details. If you manage to get downstairs, you will find Nargun’s Travelling device (inoperative) and a strange woman who will not talk to you. Whom could it have been?


Now to Xarniz’Yi.  As always, one’s problems only really begin, just when you think they are over. The Moon and Spawn Complexes need to be traversed and battle done with Dadrix. You receive JE18 and must set off. The entrance to the Moon Complex is atop Nargun’s Abode, just south-west of the waterfall at the head of the river which flows into the lake. Upwards is out (but don’t forget the key in one of the crates) and leads to the bridge to the Spawn Complex.


Dradix will be a fairly tough fight, depending on your level, but someone will come to your assistance (don’t injure her). Speak with her afterwards and do as she says, speaking twice to her when you meet up again.


After “setting sail”, speak to Xarni’Yi and follow her instructions and “descend”.


NOTE: In true Morrowind fashion, there are many more things to see and do on Zamura than just following your quest. Take the opportunity to explore the island thoroughly and enjoy some of the magnificent scenery.





You have arrived near Vos.


Take the quickest route to Gnisis and seek out one of the most beautiful Nords you will have ever seen (depending on your NPC-replace mod). Her name is Camelia Favar. (The woman you travelled with to Balmora - CON1 - was Ariela, by the way). Follow Camelia’s instructions, after having been given the key to Varder’s quarters.


You will first meet Ingel Thuryaki (who will “string you along” for the rest of the game; after all, she’s married!) Amazing what a resemblance she bears to dear departed Marsonia. Talk to her before continuing (through the trapdoor in the stairway) and then talk to Sion.


Thul’ana and Bijanic can be spoken to later. Head now to Varder’s room, to speak to him and find out the “state of play”. He asks you to do something and you receive JE19.


In Varder’s prison you meet Mulos (talk to him twice) and then talk to Corsarias who will instruct you in the art of torture. Speak to the prisoner and you will receive a “vision” in which you are powerless to do anything but merely watch (talk, however, to Father Valius); continue your questions and the inevitable happens.


Return to Varder and you will now learn the true nature of Ariela’s father, Caius Funlar, the supposed alchemist. After a somewhat extensive “history lesson” he sends you on a mission to Balmora (you obtain JE20). It might now be appropriate to move your “mark” to your present position at Varder’s.


In the Hlaalu Council Manor you’ll find Lumius upstairs who tells you to meet him at the River House after dark. Kick your heels until nightfall and then take the path northwards out of Balmora and head east to the tower on the opposite riverbank. Downstairs awaits an appropriate greeting, but its upstairs you need to go to find Lumius. His welcome is unexpected (don’t kill him straight away, but beat him into submission and let him talk) and you will end up with a letter from Gladys.


Take Gladys’ letter to Varder, who tells you there is a new prisoner (to be interrogated and for whom Ariela’s “parfum” is significant). Another “vision” and the same result as before with the first prisoner. Back to Varder. (JE21). You now have the option of first re-examining Lumius’ River House (not essential, but there are some interesting developments) and then going to the coast just north of Hlormaren to seek out Gladys, or going to the coast directly. You can either carry on alone or take Ingel, Thul’ana or Sion (or any combination thereof) with you. Having a “mix” can lead to some “interesting” dialogue! Specifically, there is a quest involving Sion.


Either way, you need to end up where Gladys has come ashore. Be prepared to have to deal with about nine bandits before talking to Gladys and, once she tires of you, she will have summoned a half-dozen creatures and even tougher bandits. On Gladys is a letter from Hygina to be taken back to Varder, but first you need to head on to Seyda Neen to deliver Varder’s missive for the newly arrived Admiral Luxar (in the Census and Excise Office). 


Now return to Varder and your JE22 will tell you that you need to report to Celas Badji in the Black Shalk Corner Club (Lower Waistworks, Foreign Quarter) in Vivec. Celas requires some assistance in identifying Hygina from amongst three new female arrivals in Vivec. (You “bumped into” her once in Pelagiad in CON1, but that was when she was wearing no clothes).


Wow, Badji sure visits some classy tailors! He asks you to check out Caia Lupi, newly working as a guide in the Arena; Mircenella Papesca, a newly started trader in the Foreign Quarter Plaza; Annygea Marti, a newly appointed barmaid at the Elven Nations Cornerclub of the Hlaalu Canton. Ordinator Houmus at the Arena might be able to be of assistance. You receive JE23.


Try talking to Mircenella first (since she’s the closest) and then head over to Ordinator Houmus (he’s outside) at the Arena. Man, does he provide some helpful advice. Go into the spectator’s area of the Pit and converse with Caia, who tells you she was born in Balmora and so should know everything about Vvardenfell. (Hint: Sneak skills will prove useful here, after talking to her). Finally, go talk to Annygea (and with “heels” as red as hers, she must be the one!?)


Return to Badji to tell him whom you think is Hygina (the one you’ve figured out who lied about her background). You receive JE24 and heaven help you if you’ve committed the wrong damsel to the fate which now awaits her and to which Varder is only too keen to subject her. After telling Varder whom you suspect, question him further to learn something more of significance. He will then tell you about a traitor you need to eliminate whilst he arranges for the luckless Hygina to be brought to his torture chamber.


Even if you took no companion with you previously, you must now take Thul’ana with you to Balmora (JE25). Talk to her to receive some travel money. By taking Ingel with as well, an interesting little side plot hatches around her subsequent disappearance. Before embarking on the Silt Strider, you hear the beautiful Camelia’s voice bidding you farewell. Pity she couldn’t join the “party”.


On arrival, ask Thul’ana what the plan is to be. (JE26). There will be an additional JE if you’ve taken Ingel with (plus one more after “finding” her again). If you’re not searching side-streets for Ingel, rest up at your favourite lodgings with Thul’ana (although expect no favours) and perhaps it’s best to avoid the Eight Plates.


At precisely 10 am the next day, enter the Eight Plates. (The unexpected surprise will have to be given away here, since the overall quest might inadvertently get broken). You are ambushed and, whilst fending off the two cultists, two assassins will try to attack Thul’ana with poisoned blades. If you are “too good” in defending yourselves, the quest will be broken. Unfortunately, you have to let the assassins do their dirty work and then subsequently perform the unpleasant task of disposing of the body of your faithful companion and finding her tragic letter. (At least you will now have obtained some spectacular gear).


It is Muryani whom you were supposed to meet and he makes a disturbing comment. Acting on it, you find another old friend from the past outside (remember it was to you that he gave his shirt!) Your long-lost friend will spell out instructions on how to catch the traitor, JE27, but these entail further hanging around until nightfall.


Hide atop one of the Western Guard Towers, make yourself comfortable and while away the hours. At 10 pm (exactly 12 hours after your morning meeting) the traitor arrives in the plaza to talk with two cultists. Now is the time to act (but first make a new save game). Talk to the traitor, after which the other two will attack, but move away to continue the skirmish and do not hit the traitor. After killing the cultists, grab the useful garments and return to talk to the “traitor” and show magnanimity (JE28).


Whose that who now shows up at the plaza? Find out from her what happened (JE29) and then return with her to Varder’s quarters, depositing her in her room.


Report to Varder and then speak to Hygina and follow her instructions. Continue as instructed. Now you discover the true relationship between Hygina and Arelia. (Although implied in CON1, incest was never, in fact, committed - you inadvertently prevented the act by stumbling in on the two of them in Pelagiad).


You will now need to do what Hygenia challenges you to do, even if you find it distasteful. (Make sure you have previously saved your game, because if you are too powerful……….) Continue until you receive JE30. By now you will know the objective of the “cult” and their plan to achieve this.


At this point those players with a female character will have realised that the “magic” of the story does not extend just to ghosts of the past and spirits of the future, but that “magical conception” will take place as well; and, if you find having to act the role of a lesbian distasteful, just “grin and bear it” since to continue is well worth it.


Return to Varder. Don’t worry any longer about Hygina - she will be released (eventually). Do as Varder says and visit Admiral Luxar once again. He will instruct you to sail to the island of Anzizabar, both to search for the captured Shayna and to investigate the corrupt Governor.


To get to Anzizabar, you need to join up with your crew in the Six Fishes in Ebonheart. Mitas, Bana and Terabaya welcome you as their long-lost friend. After the frivolities, the only thing left for you to do is to rent a bed for the night.


Fresh in the morning, talk again to Mitas who will take everyone to Captain Marcala. Once Terabaya has donned her outfit, you could swear she was the reincarnation of poor Thul’ana.


Pay Marcala to take you to Anzizabar.





Anzizabar is an amazing place. Imagine Ebonheart, Suran and Balmora thrown into one but even better! Explore everything and talk to everyone; you’ll be at it for days. The townsfolk come out during the day and are at home at night. Apart from the proverbial “ladies of the night” and pickpockets, the streets are much quieter after dark, although there is the odd ghost to meet up with. It might be appropriate to leave Bana and Terabaya in the Manor you have been given and just have Mitas accompany you (he is required for a couple of the side-quests) since negotiating the narrow streets with a party of four can sometimes be problematical. Not every quest will be dealt with here, but in addition to the main one, some of the more “interesting” ones will be described (next Chapter).


At this stage, after arriving, send all of your companions off to the Manor and follow Mitas’ advice to visit the Governor’s Castle. Talk, first of all, to Cassis Missus (JE31). You might just get a chance to speak to the Governor, by barging in before he “disappears” (up the stairs to the right). Then try his “official quarters” where his desolate wife (room at the top) will confide in you.


Wait until daylight and head up through the massive “gate” into the city. Speak first to the Dark Elf Humaras Xuvio and accept his “job” (JE32). The LEAGUE OF GENTLEMEN (MAIN) QUEST has been initiated.


Continue up the steps in front of you and you will hear a cry of help from Lussani. The LUSSANI QUEST has been initiated. To get to their house, come back down the steps, turn left and head up the back-street. Their house door is the second on the left. Talk to Lamarius on entering. Then run upstairs to the second floor to Lusana’s bedroom. Talk to her mother. Voila (!) the beautiful Lusana has recovered (and guess what happens when you speak to her?) LUSSANI QUEST COMPLETED.


Exit the house and ask Dishy about Shayna. By completing your interrogation of him you will obtain JE33. To get into the fortress, you will need further information, so your main quest becomes one of finding out this information.


Head to your Manor (NW of Lussani’s house) at the water’s edge. Explore, and in the cellar you will find someone who will help you enter the League of Gentlemen’s building. It’s best to leave your companions at the Manor and go to the League of Gentlemen’s Building on your own. Enter this, dealing as quickly as you can with all your attackers, and head to the top floor to speak with Floris. Return to your Manor to interrogate her, letting her go afterwards (JE34). LEAGUE OF GENTLEMEN (MAIN) QUEST COMPLETED and SLAVE (MAIN) QUEST initiated.


Based on the information you have received, go down into the sewers, looking for the “Sewers Corridors” and where you will require a lock-picking skill of 25 or, alternatively, an appropriate spell. Bakassa is prepared to divulge more information, but is not yet prepared to trust you completely. You have to prove yourself to him first. The Slave Cells are in the adjacent sewer. You will have several tough opponents to defeat and Selanas holds the key to the cells. Open the doors and free the two slaves and return to Bakassa who will give you a key to the fortress (JE35). SLAVE (MAIN) QUEST COMPLETED. Return to your Manor for a good night’s sleep.


After midnight, the ghostly hour, it might be a good idea to check out what goes on outside. Up the alleyway, almost immediately south of the trapdoor to the sewers near the main square stairs, roams the unhappy Mauriel Yukumaki. Talk to her (MAURIEL QUEST initiated) and do as she says. After the surprise in her house, you will find what you are looking for round the corner, at the bottom of the next street near the wall.


Jamayo is quite a ferocious opponent but yields some nice loot, especially the “Night Wing” ring, which could “send you over the moon”! MAURIEL QUEST COMPLETED.


The walkthrough will now first describe completion of the main quest on Anzizabar and then, before departure, it is suggested that the principal side quests be tackled.


After resting up at your Manor, set off with all three companions to Captain Marcala at the docks. MAKE SURE YOU FIRST MARK YOUR POSITION ON THE DOCKS. He will give you some advice (take it or leave it) and then you can set sail in his Raver (JE36). If you do not arrive at your destination under cover of darkness, it is advisable to rest on board until nightfall. Set off with your companions, swimming north, under the arch of stone, and then westwards until you near a ship with two pirates standing guard. Let them come after you, dispose of them and, once on dry land, ask your companions to wait.


Levitating up to the rampart of the fort where there is a trapdoor and only three pirates is probably the best strategy if you are on your own. Dispose of the pirates, enter the fort and fight your way downwards (Shanya is in the dungeons). Unfortunately, this is a bit of a wild-goose chase, since the key from Bakassa got you into the fort, but it doesn’t open Shanya’s prison (and none of the pirates is carrying a key). Perhaps there is a key to be found up at the top of the stairs?


Up you go again and this time, enter the Central Tower. You will need to do battle with the mage, Janaxa (on his body is a valuable hood) and the warrior, Agnar. After having suitably despatched them, continue on, to encounter the ravishing Xuvina (you will be able to loot her red temptress outfit despite the absence of the relevant icons).


At last you encounter the Governor (Aurelius Maximus) who tries to do a deal with you. Do you accept? Remember, you have to report to Luxar (and will require some “records” to show him).


Now who can this be (after having appropriately dealt with Aurelius)? It can’t be Terabaya. She was left outside (possibly). Ah ha! You finally meet. But where has she gone? Outside, perhaps? (It would be a good idea to save your game here). Follow, and keep questioning, Gazza, who will also try and strike a deal with you. Where has she gone to again? Outside, once more? (Be prepared for one of the most visually stunning combat “feats” in which you are likely to participate! OK, you’ve got the key, but now where do you go?)


Finally, head all the way back to Shanya who will pour out her heart to you and you receive JE37. Leave her to find her own way back, report to Mitas on the shore and head to where the Raver was anchored. In case the ship has set sail without you, you will need to use a recall spell to reach the docks (hence the necessity for the mark). Speak to Marcala and get him to take you back to Ebonheart. However, before departing, it would be worthwhile to get to know the island better; and if you killed any of the pirates before they attacked you, there is now a bounty on your head.





Get Mitas to join you (“Fellowship”). Note that you will need to tell the two girls to “wait at your Manor”, once you are outside (if you decide not to take them with you). Walk directly ahead and you will meet up with Domenica. Talking to her (although there is dialogue with Bana and Terabaya despite them being absent, if they have been left behind) initiates the DOMENICA QUEST.


You now need to seek out Usuras Dinheiro at the Bloody Mary (near to your Manor) and keep a low profile when you enter. He, in turn, requests your assistance. At this stage, unless you are planning to spend considerable time on Anzizabar, buy the deeds from him and return to Domenica. DOMENICA QUEST COMPLETED.


Go with Mitas to the League of Merchants (down from the Bloody Mary) and talk to Leyla (same dialogue issue as with Domenica). Then go down the stairs and talk to Evva Comtomates. You’re obviously not going to be able to join the League of Merchants (Pirates), not that you wanted to, so send Mitas back to the Manor and go off on your own.


Where now to turn? Evva said something about “selling my wares in the market place”. Might as well head there (and try the covered stall right at the end). Iriel Kadan calls for help as soon as you arrive and this initiates the IRIEL QUEST. The quest is completely straightforward and will help to relieve some of the agro built up inside you for not being able to sort out some of the other obnoxious people you’ve had to ignore. Iriel invites you to her home (where she will be at night and you could try to pay her a visit, but she will simply introduce you to her husband). IRIEL QUEST COMPLETED.


One establishment that no one has been keen to mention, except Floris, is The Pimp and The Horn. Why? This should be your next port of call, even though it’s a pricey place. Talk to Madame Pimp on entering (JE38) but, before talking to her again, go and explore.


There’s no need to provide a walkthrough here. However, do go upstairs (with or without some paid company) and make sure to “peek” in all the rooms there, where some surprises await you. You’ll not be able to enter Madame’s Privee, so go back to Madame and ask her about this (JE39) which initiates MADAME’S QUEST.


Set out for the Horny Guar to find Antelmus Puris. On entering you will be caught up in a quarrel. You might as well assist the fairer sex. Antemus is upstairs and, as to be expected, you are sent off elsewhere, to the sewers! Wait until dark (this is beginning to take on a familiar ring but, after all, this is “Children of the Night”) and look for “Hidden Storage” (and be prepared to do battle). Talk to the “reincarnation” of Yonoxari, Xiuo’Youki.


Agree to help break into the Governor’s Mansion (the three sisters will be waiting at the wall, opposite the League of Gentleman’s building). Using the key provided you can enter the front door (the Governor is away and it is night-time); however, expect to be confronted by half-a-dozen Imperial guards. Butler Jeeves is in the cellar, but you wont get much out of him (don’t “get rid of him”, however).


Go upstairs to the bedroom. In the locked and trapped bedside table is the jewel the three sisters are after. (If the key cannot be found, your “thief” or “spell” skills will be required here - a lock of level 50). Take the jewel to Xiuo’Youki, making sure you are going to do this under cover of darkness and, instead of departing the way you came in, to avoid drawing further attention to yourself exit via the trapdoor in the cellar!


Xiuo’Youki exchanges the jewel for Madame’s violet ruby and departs (JE40). If you really fancy a black temptress outfit, you can always taunt, and duel with, one of them for it first. You’ll face quite a challenge, and make sure you do not involve the other two sisters. (Unfortunately, despite the outfit being wearable - depending on the race of the prospective wearer - the garment icons will be missing). Return now to Madame, who will give you permission to enter her Privee (JE41). MADAME’S QUEST COMPLETED.


Go upstairs and feast your eyes. “Table-dancing” as it has never before been performed! It’s amazing how many of your “old friends” know about this place (!) Naturally, having been specifically instructed by Madame to keep away from her daughter Zu(lf/ph)rina, you are inquisitive. Talk to her and then go and have a dance with her under the stairs. ZU(LF/PH)RINA’S QUEST has been initiated. (This is the final side-quest to be dealt with here).


Talk to Zu(lf/ph)rina to learn about Perdigoso and agree to help her. Perdigoso’s Tower of Mali is just outside the town wall, south-west from where you met the three sisters. He will send you off to do something for him in the nearby mine before providing you with an appropriate potion which you should take to Zu(lf/ph)rina, who then invites you to visit her at home. (The key to her house is lying in the street outside the house). Yes, the potion is to help her to return to “normal” (much to her mother’s displeasure) and your reward for assisting her is her “eternal” friendship. ZU(LF/PH)RINA’S QUEST COMPLETED. (NOTE: In some instances, the Tower of Mali will not be able to be entered and so this quest, unfortunately, will not be able to be completed). Now you can set off.





Before reporting to Luxar in Seyda Neen, return to Gnisis and speak first to Ingel and then check with Varder, to arrange for the release of Hygina. Do as Varder says. Talking to Hygina gives you JE42 (in the absence of completing Zu(lf/ph)rina’s quest). Return for one last talk with Varder and receive JE43, JE44. Hygina has been set free and Varder departs to have her followed. With any luck, Ariela will finally be released. There should be no further need for you to visit Varder’s Gnisis quarters.


Now would be the time to report back to Luxar (although he will probably have lost interest in you). Then speak with Ariela’s father, Caius, still in Arrille’s Tradehouse (JE45). Guess whom you run into on departing to follow Caius’ coded instructions (and is that a new hat he has)? Are you being tailed, and is it a good or a bad thing?


Go far north, looking for the fisherman’s hut along the coast. The hut is located just north of Gnaar Mok, east of Khartag Point. Sahbros will give you a lengthy explanation of what happened and, guess what, he tells you that you will need to wait until nightfall (10pm)!


Oh what bliss! Your intimate friend is finally back (and the music lets you know this). After some moments of tenderness (JE46), do as Ariela asks and talk to Sahbros again and then to Caius who now explains his background in detail. Before setting off, talk to Ariela (ask her about Balmora - CON1 - and then offer to trust her one more time).


You’d better get her to don her armor and then make sure she follows you. The dead Imperials you spot confirm your worst suspicions about having been tailed. The quickest (and probably safest) way to get to Seyda Neen is to head to Ald-Ruhn and take the Silt Strider.


On arrival at Seyda Neen, Ariela insists on going to Arrille’s Tradehouse. The first person you meet is Elone and Ariela attempts to distract her and goes on upstairs. You should now go and talk to Elone and then follow her upstairs. Someone new has also arrived (Serenelia, Varder’s servant). Smart pants! Have a chat with her (and she heads off to Balmora where Elone has led her to believe she’ll find Ariela). Obviously Ariela’s disguise is working, so go and talk to her again.


Have you ever “played” with “Slave Girl Jessica”? Ariela seems to think so! Anyway, she’ll now open up your eyes to her true self and this is where you find out that you are to be parents (it’s either your child or a magical conception - tell her this, if your character is female, and she’ll explain). However, she has what appears to be an incurable disease - so she intends to change her father’s plans.


She suggests resting a while (although nothing happens) to kill some time before setting off once again to Alyssar, outside Suran, in the hopes of finding out if he can assist in suggesting how to cure her disease. Take the Silt Strider and you’ll need to stop and rest en route since Ariela suffers easily from exhaustion.


Alyssar listens intently, explaining what the true problem is and suggests how to tackle it. This is going to take some doing! You receive JE47 and you have been told to try to obtain the tears of the Crying Lady whom might be found (only at night of course) on the peninsula of land on the western shores of Lake Amaya. You are to return to Alyssar if successful.


Seeing as she suffers so easily from bouts of fatigue, it’s best to leave Ariela with Alyssar and seek out the Lady on your own. She appears in a boat on the northern side of the peninsula once it’s late at night. Talk to her and receive her bowl of tears and JE48. Return immediately to Alyssar (and, of course, your dear Ariela).


Talk first to Ariela and let her take the bowl of tears. She will tell you some more of her “story”. Speak with her again. Then speak with Alyssar to be told of the necessity to seek out a beast on Frostwind. He mentions that the elf Laralas, located in Ebonheart, owes him a favour and could assist in getting you to Frostwind (JE49). He also points out that there are people after you, so take care.


Get Ariela to join you again and set out (Silt Strider to Vivec and boat to Ebonheart). Check with her on arrival about the plan and head for the Six Fishes, where you meet your old friend Bijanic who turns out not to be so friendly this time. Be careful not to cause “full-scale war” by inadvertently attacking non-combatants. Help yourself to Bijanic’s attire, once you have dealt with him, and seek out Ariela’s friend.


In the tavern, speak to Arelia, who goes upstairs asking you to pay for a room. Do this and join her. Unfortunately, it’s not for a romp, but for a “chat” with Nels whom Ariela asks to find Laralas. He responds that he’ll be there the next morning. Now is the time for a serious talk with Ariela, to find out more about her past and to tell her some of the things you’ve been up to.


Finally its time to rest, and that’s all you are both capable of, after all the previous excitement.


Next morning, seek out Laralas (on the northern pier). After asking him to take you to Frostwind, and some banter about you going there, pay for the trip and set off. You arrive on a bleak and frozen Frostwind island (JE50).





It truly is a bleak place! The only hope of any warming company is to visit Shabnar’s house. Shabnar will tell you about the island, and asks you to see if you can find his long-lost son. You may rest by his fire until morning and then its time to be on your way, north and up to the mountain pass. Admire the majestic splendour of the mountains, even if the howling wind does bite into you.


Go into the first cave and up and out again, being careful not to slip when you exit. (Through the door at the bottom of the cave are some of the unpleasant inhabitants of the island about which Shabnar told you). Bear right and head slightly downwards, keeping to the left at the junction, cross the suspension bridge and once you pass briefly through the mountains and come into the open again, at which there is the next fork, continue left.


After a while you will encounter a second suspension bridge. Save before attempting to cross, just in case Ariela slips en route. One of the unfriendly inhabitants greets you as you round the bend, after crossing the bridge. Enter and traverse the next cave. Deal with what meets you at the other end and turn left (the only way you can go). Remember this place well, for here you shall have to return to fulfil Ariela’s destiny.


Make for the next cave and head through it. (All the crystal should get you wondering whether there is not a lot more of it somewhere). What’s that sound you hear on exiting - a foretaste of Bloodmoon? You’d best be careful, and bear in mind the fir-trees are somewhat difficult to “negotiate”. Deal with the “strange creatures” and approach the skull-like edifice, the entrance to Bahara’s Lair where another gaping skull awaits you.


Go down, deal with the Kagouti and go up to the right, making for the north cave (watch out for the Frost Atronach in the hidden cave to the left). If you decide first to go up towards the left before heading for the north cave you will enter Bahara’s Realm and BAHARA’S QUEST will be initiated. (Save this for later).


Exiting through the north cave finally brings you out on the other side of the mountains. Head in the only direction you can (south-east) until you reach two isolated finger-like rocks sticking up from the ground. From here change direction slightly and continue eastwards until you encounter a battle with two fabricants. Assist, without injuring either of the other participants, and then talk to the strange looking warriors. (On the dead Niy you will find the Revenge of Kir blade and a mirror shield). 


Not having been able to understand either of the two “newcomers”, head up into the strange-looking domed citadel. Talking to the others doesn’t help either, so proceed north to the gold-coloured doorway. It turns out to be a portal which whisks you up and away, to the next level, but you can’t understand Matara or Mizra either. Try the other portal, which brings you into the Main Hall.


At last, a recognizable human! Go talk to Arros, from whom you learn that your guests are Orcan and that he is, in fact, Shabnar’s lost son. You learn something more about the names encountered in your wanderings this far, but Arros doesn’t want to return home just now because of the recent problems which have resulted in the disappearance of Garran the Orcan Sage.


Arros offers to try to assist, if you do likewise, and without at this stage having to commit yourselves, suggests seeking out Kafariz & Shamira the Orcan’s two best warriors. (It turns out that these have also picked up something of the English language from Arros).


Kafariz offers to go with you to the “Icy Mountain” where it is suspected that Garran is being held prisoner, but only once you’ve assisted (again after nightfall) in the getting rid of the fabricants that have been sent to attack the Dome (JE51).


So, “wait until dark”, instruct Kfariz to accompany you, and set out together to exterminate the fabricants. Travel anti-clockwise round the Dome, keeping close to the water and avoid getting “entangled” in the trees. There are two pairs of fabricants to the north of the Dome and a “loner” just to the east of these; almost due east of the Dome is another one and south of this is a seventh.


You need to have killed all seven fabricants to be able to proceed and, as nice as it might be to have companions supporting you, the Icy Mountain is difficult enough to get to on your own, let alone with three companions in tow. Take all three of them back into the Dome, tell them to wait, and set off on your own heading slightly north-east of the Dome to find a mountain pass which leads due north.


Oh no! Not again! Those blue (from-the-cold) furry creatures sure are pesky.


Icy Mountain lies across the bay. How you get there is your business, but the entrance you are looking for is difficult to find. Continue northwards (very slightly north-west), up and over the mountain, and come down on the other side, where the entrance is at the water’s edge (distance-wise, about as far as from where you left the shore originally, as that departure point is from the Dome).


Head through, dealing with your adversaries (and in one room there is quite a horde of them that will attack you) until you come face-to-face with the Goblin Leader. This is quite a powerful creature, which you will need to defeat to obtain the key to release Garran. Once this is done, unlock the door and talk to him (JE52). Garran sets off, on his own, and you now need to find “Dragon’s Gate”. But who was that woman the Goblin Leader was talking about having to make fabricants for?


First it is necessary to collect Ariela and one might as well say good-bye to Arros whilst in the Dome. Don’t even bother trying to get through the “locked” Dome portals and don’t forget to bid farewell to Kafariz as well. Set off back in the direction from which you originally came.


Now would be an opportunity to check out Bahara. Enter “her” part of the cave and when you encounter her, talk with her. A zombie (with a nice black cloak) awaits you further on. Enter the tunnels and eventually you can either go right (two fairly powerful zombies with some interesting loot) to The Lying Eyes (not much of interest) or proceed left to the Gates to Bahara’s Realm where you encounter Bahara one more time. Is she not a vampire? Follow round to the left and deal with the Liches. You’ll also have to deal with a zombie mage. Bahara greets you in the mist, in front of an impenetrable shield at her “palace”. If your character is a vampire, you will no doubt be expectantly awaiting a nice “bite”! (As with ZU(LF/PH)RINA’S QUEST in Anzizabar, there might be some instances when this quest cannot be completed. Despite providing an amusing little interlude in which Bahara cages you and Ariela, to take you for the “morsels” she considers you to be - with you, of course, subsequently escaping, the quest is not vital to the main plot).


So, there’s nothing else left to do but press on, back the way you originally came and keep looking out for “Dragon’s Gate”. Head for the gaping skull. Wend your way back, and up on the pass you’ll encounter a shimmering blue object - yes, the magic portal. But surely that wasn’t there before, was it? No, it wasn’t. Your kindness to the Orcan caused its appearance.





Enter the portal, check with Ariela to find out her opinion on the matter (THIS IS IMPORTANT) and make your way through the cave to finally talk with V’Assathe’Rhisar (who is entrapped in a magical encapsulation). He asks you to deal with his tormentor, the even more powerful dragon Arkat’ialnexi, to enable him to be released, after which he will be able to assist you.


He offers to transport you to Arkat’ialnexi and suggests you seek out his friend Farhoe (Pharoe) for advice. (If you need to stock up on potions, do so now, once you have been given the opportunity). This done, you are teleported to a strange floating island, where Pharoe can be found fluttering about to the north-east of the teleporter. Seek her out having first agreed with Ariela that you have gone to Arkhanoria, above the skies of Tamriel.


She offers the assistance of her friends, warning that to take on Arkat’ialnexi will be one of the toughest challenges you have faced, but it must be done to protect Ariela’s daughter (yes, it’s to be a girl). Arkat’ialnexi is resting in the “nest” to the north of the island.


You face the largest and most ferocious red dragon you’ve ever encountered. Keep up your attack on him and occupy him sufficiently for the others to get in their “hits”. This strategy eventually causes Arkat’ialnexi to realise he is going to take a beating, so he flies off in a hurry, warning that you will pay dearly for your insolence. (JE53). Why did he not continue the battle? Speak to Pharoe and you will find out.


Apparently Arkat’ialnexi has returned to Akavir but Pharoe doesn’t know how to get there. However, little (unborn) Zurina is already capable of demonstrating magical powers and tells Ariela how to get there.


Arrival is on a comparatively bleak landscape. Akavir is a large U-shaped island, with marshland and spider-infested hills in its centre. On one of these is where Arkat’ialnexi is holed up. Not as much to see and do as on Zamura Island, but undertake some exploring, despite the poisonous snakes and insects. Watch out for the pesky Swamp and Fire Racers, equally as annoying as their Morrowind cousins.


If you see a green dragon, it’s best to leave it alone (remember, green is good, red is - or can be - bad). This is an appropriate point to remark, if you hadn’t already guessed, that two “kinds” of spirit visions are likely to be encountered. The lightish-grey ones are invariably ghosts from the past (of dead or semi-dead characters). The lightish-green ones are time-warped characters from the future, returning into their past, which is your present. Einstein would have loved playing Children of the Night!


Head northwards, into the stretch of sea which marks the “mouth” of the U, between the two strips of land; then turn and swim eastwards. This won’t stop the snakes coming after you (they are at home in the water) but you will need to get to the centre of the island this way. You finally reach dry land again. The best route to Arkat’ialnexi is probably east and slightly south, moving through the swamp as quickly as you can from each piece of dry land to the next.


Fortunately, Ariela is quite adept at using her powerful sword and can usually fend for herself. In fact, stand back for a few moments of pleasure watching her exterminate the “enemy” on her own. If you do need to go to her assistance, be very careful not to get too close to her in the skirmish and accidentally dispose of your partner.


Once you’ve crossed the swamp and reached the shore on the other side, the hills ahead of you part, yielding a narrowish pass. (There is another, more tortuous, route through the hills which leads past an interesting cave). Head up through the pass, in a north-easterly direction, to discover an awesome sight - the Old Temple. If you enjoy playing Indianna Jones, it’s worth a visit. Otherwise, take the “yellow-brick road” in an anti-clockwise direction around the temple structure.


On the far side is a precarious bridge of land leading to your destination. Be careful not to slip off into the abyss below. What a structure ahead of you! As you approach the gigantic gates, look up to get a magnificent view of the mountains at the rear, then enter the lair. Save, as soon as you get in.


Talk first to Arkat’ialnexi. Hopefully you have plenty of restore health potions available, because this battle isn’t going to be as easy as the previous one with him. Now it’s to the death, although some green spirits will come to your aid (and whatever you do, don’t go after them - not even accidentally). Ariela, however, appears transfixed to the spot she was at and doesn’t assist. Perhaps just as well, with her being in the “condition” she is!


Quarter of an hour later (or for how long were you at it?) a slain red dragon lies at your feet. On Arkat’ialnexi’s body you will find a nice sword, the Breath of Deliria. But now it might be appropriate to see if the spirit (yes, it’s Zurina - my, isn’t that a beautiful child you helped to produce?) has anything to say for herself.


Drat! That’s the problem with spirits from the future (unlike the ones from the past) you daren’t talk to them in case you end up changing the course of history!


Now you can report back to V’Assathe’Rhisar that you have succeeded, and he will explain something of what will happen in the future. The main thing is that you get your cup with his tear, then, off he goes. Ariela is “fatigued” again and should rest.





At this point, it should be possible to let Ariela have the cup from which to drink, JE54, resulting in the “waters of life” fountain at the back of the cave becoming a “teleporter” which teleports you to the crystal lake (in the centre of one of the mountain ranges on the island). If, however, your dialogue with Ariela on entering the lair for the first time has not been terminated, she will enter into a “conversational loop” and not be able to take the cup. (This is why it’s important to load the patch for the game). In this case, return to the portal entrance and continue back down the mountain, retracing your original route until you come to the suspension bridge near to where the giant was killed. Instead of crossing the bridge, slide down the side of the mountain (in such a way that Ariela can follow you) and you will land on the crystal lake.


Either way, seek out the Water-Nymph, Whahayoshi, who is to be found standing in the mist in the centre of the semicircle of central crystals. (The fact that she is “green” has nothing to do with the future - it’s her natural colour). She will send you underground into her realm.


Continue on through the fountain spray (the Fountains of Khalir) and you will encounter a trapdoor to the “Dreams of Water”. Head straight on, to the ladder to “The Assembly”. Plenty of nice nymphs to talk to here, but they won’t tell you much! Carry on down the stairs, heading for the water once again.


Ariela will have difficulty negotiating the pillars when you take the plunge, so take your time and swim carefully to the Waters of Life, making sure that she is at least above you, even if not right at your back. The magical Waters will take you through to your end objective (and don’t worry if you no longer find Ariela at your back when you emerge on the other side).


Talk to Bulloyah Fahara, who should explain that to fulfil the prophecy and ensure that Zurina will be born safely, Ariela has to complete her “cleansing” by bathing in their magical pool. That’s where she is to be found now and Bulloyah suggests you go and join her.


Well, if Ariela was shy about disrobing before, she certainly has no qualms about it now (she has to, of course, to benefit from the cleansing effect of the magical pool). The two of you finally make it together, somehow (!) and then its time to head home. (JE55) Hey, you don’t want her to catch cold do you? (At least get her to cover herself with her tunic before heading back). Unfortunately, if the quest thread has been broken, you will miss out on the addition of an “adult” attribute to Ariela’s capabilities (she should now become an even more “loving” companion).


Bid farewell to Bulloyah. By climbing the ladder, it will no longer bring you out at the crystal lake, but brings you back onto the mountain pass. Talk to Ariela once more, head south and you should recognise your route from your first day on the island.


Return through the stone door into the cave you traversed on your first day - not all that long ago, but with everything that’s happened in the meantime, it feels like an eternity. Make sure you report back to Shabnar who is, of course, pleased to hear of his son; and then you can return to Laralas who all this time has been waiting patiently for you and is only too keen to get back.





If you never received JE55 (you’ve not been told to head to Ald Redaynia in Sheogorad and seek out a cave near to the Andavel Tomb) your game is over, although your adventure is now really only starting, with your new, loving, companion at your side. Sail over to Anzizabar to show her your Manor and introduce her to Madame P. (She naturally won’t appreciate you getting fresh with either Kakushka or Jaheira and is likely to “disappear” should you try!) But she’s quite happy to savour the delights of Madames’ Privee with you.


Take her shopping in Vivec, or go with her to Pelagiad to visit your old friend Ingel, who has now returned to her husband. Is this really the end, or is this the beginning? It depends on how you look on things. It’s the end of one beginning but the beginning of another beginning - although that’s another story, to be told in the magic of “Children of the Night 3”.


On the other hand, if you did receive JE55, head to the cave in Sheogorad. Speak to the guard and enter “The Holy Temple”. Keep talking to Ariela and once you find the Book of Rituals, tell her (JE56). More travelling! On your way out, talk to Sionella. This, then, is a second good deed you were able to do for that family.


If you plan on “playing” with Ariela as a “companion”, then now’s the time to interrupt the main game and do so. The trials and tribulations of what is to follow might not let you into such game-play subsequently.


Your destination is a difficult one to find, especially if Ariela’s levitation skills are not that great. Head for the enclave north-west of Maar Gan and which lies west of the mountains bordering the Foyada Bani-Dad but east of the range defining the perimeter of West Gash. Yesami cave is almost at the northern tip of this enclave, on the eastern side. (You do not need to enter the cave). 


Yesami cave is your first bearing. Three others are: the Bthungthumz Dwarven ruins in Foyada Bani-Dad, the Alen Ancestral Tomb in West Gash and the Druscashti ruins south-west of the Urshilaku Ashlander Camp. You first need to seek out 3 cultists on a mountain-top. They are located north and slightly west of Yesami cave; somewhat south-west of Bthungthumz; north-east of the Alen Ancestral Tomb; due south (a fair distance) from Druscashti.


Good luck with your search! Having disposed of them, take the key, which one of them was carrying, and head for the Blessed Shrine behind them (slightly north-west). The Shrine is west and somewhat south of a fifth bearing, the cave Sha-Adnius. Enter the Shrine and talk to Ariela, taking heed of her words. Draw out the three cultists, one at a time and then continue on to the next shrine (the Initiate).


Talk to your awaiting hosts, but do as Ariela advises (there is some nice clothing to be obtained from them, subsequently). Talk to sister Hygina and follow through the dialogue. You will have no option but to talk to her one more time and follow her into “The Trials”.


You’ll meet Hygina further on, this time as you only once glimpsed her before in CON1. Talk to her and you can but only do as she says. Continue - wow, some outfit (but why all the water?) Converse again and remember to carefully “explore” the illusory world in which you get left behind.


So, another ghost from the past. Was he also part of the “ploy” all the time? And yet another one! Make a new save game at this stage, before talking to him. This time you not only learn what has happened thus far, but are subsequently faced with a formidable task. But what a wonderful way to double up everything in one’s inventory - yes, simply “dispose” of the corpse!


Next comes the Imperial Throne. As usual, converse with any ghost that is willing to talk - and off you go, to follow him. Speak to him again and, after admiring his construct’s battle for a short while, speak to him once more. Oh no, Hygina again. She sure is persistent; and she’s quite some fighter, although Ariela does come to your assistance.


Speak to Ariela, following her instructions. Where has she (they) gone to? The only way is back into the Blessed Shrine. And there are both of them, but which is which? Remember what Ariela told you on entering, about illusion? No matter! And afterwards, a third! Your hopes of “saving” Ariela appear to have been dashed.


Dejected, it’s obviously time to return home. However, there is an interesting character awaiting you outside. A long discourse results in JE57 and the need to set off on a long journey once again.


Take the Silt Strider from Maar Gan to Khuul and sail down to Ebonheart to catch the ship for Anzizabar. Listen to Ariela’s comments about the place, but head for Saranta and his sick Silt Strider (north-east of the town). Speak to him and eventually you receive JE58, after which you should speak to Ariela again (and only then is Saranta ready for departure).


Travelling with Millie is somewhat difficult. You need to have Ariela standing on the plinth before you tell Saranta your destination. (Since you will need to levitate up to him, get Ariela to levitate herself, before you do so, otherwise she’ll jump off the plinth and be left behind). On arrival at Zarathrashkan Saranta is somewhat perturbed (JE59) and you will have to ask Ariela to take things in hand. Listen attentively to what she eventually says on arrival (and it’s best to save your game before you set off).


Head up the (somewhat difficult to negotiate) stairs to meet High Priest Vanos, surrounded by two fathers and two sisters. Speak to him and then be prepared to do battle! After taking the key from his body, carry on into The Night Chapel. Speak to both the “guardians”, who willingly die, allowing you to “proceed”. Enjoy the lovely choral work before continuing, and check with Ariela as to what her opinion might be.


Sister Jaha can be disposed of in the same way as the other two (and by now you will have given up collecting cloaks no doubt). Finally…………you reach the door to THE GREAT TEMPLE. Yes, this is the finale! Listen to what Ariela has to say. Then confront Mother. You naturally step in to defend Ariela and wow (!) the “altercation” with Mother truly is some battle. But, the way her armor “peels” off in the conflict, makes the fighting of it all that much more pleasurable.


All that remains is her dried-up husk (JE60). Now back to Ariela for the celebrations. Unfortunately, she has to set off to undertake her confinement in Terrun (JE61). You will need to meet her there - in Children of the Night 3 - but that’s another game. In the meantime, all you can do is get Saranta to take you back to Anzizabar and hope to drown your sorrow at Madame P’s. Of course, you also have plenty of lovely “loot” with which now to play! Have fun.





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