Amulet of Scrye
     Standard Edition



Written by Ivza, ivza1400 at hotmail dot com.

This is a complete walkthrough for the mod Amulet of Scrye, Standard edition v1.15.
Please. try to finish the quests on your own without reading this first.

Getting the amulet

Loc: Andan Ancestral Tomb

The Andan Ancestral Tomb is high on the mountains southeast of Suran. You can see the
entrance (barely) from the road. Climb there, whack the necromancer in there, read the
book he left opened on the altar there. Take it along if you like. Go through the
winding passage, kill the random undead, open the door. There's an insane spirit behind
the door. Talk to it and you'll learn of the fate of the amulet - and of Thynim Velos,
who lived in Hla Oad.

Loc: Hla Oad

Talk to the Dunmer in the village. The only Dunmer to know anything about anyone of the
Velos clan is Baleni Salavel. Ask her about Thynim Velos and you'll hear about the
location of the clan tomb. That is your next stop.

Loc: Velos Ancestral Tomb
In the tomb you find an amulet and a book on the altar in the middle of the big room.
The book teaches you the "Scrye" spell, but it will not work yet anywhere else but 
in this room. You cannot go out with the amulet either, so you'll have to leave it behind
if you want to leave the tomb. 

Put on the amulet and go near the stairs at the end of the tomb. You should hear the ghosts
start whispering. Cast the Scrye spell and you'll see a ghost appear at the top end of the
stairs. Talk to him and accept to take the trials. You can also ask him about Thynim Velos
and the amulet to reveal a bit of what happened to the creators of the amulets.

Task: Trial One: Trust the Dead
This trial is a simple one. The ghost gives you the skull of Thynim Velos and your task
is to take the skull to the chest at the far end of Hallway of the Dead. The trick is,
you must "trust the dead", and there are a dozen or so skeletons running at you with 
their daggers drawn. Do not do ANYTHING to the skeletons. Once they get close enough to you,
they'll put aside their weapons. If you hurt any of them, you'll die instantly.
At the end of the hallway, put the skull in the box and return to the spirit of Odris Velos.

You may need to recast the Scrye to see him again.

Task: Trial Two: Purity of Soul

The second task is to pray at the altar. Go down the stairs and stand on the prayer stool
without moving for ten seconds. Your journal updates when the prayer is done. Now talk again
to the spirit of Odris Velos.

Task: Trial Three: Allegiance to the Dead
This task requires you to leave the tomb and the amulet behind. The Reloth Ancestral Tomb has
been occupied by a vampire named Merta (this is the same as the 2nd quest of the Berne clan).
You have to kill her. The tomb is located southeast from Khuul, halfway to Bal Isra. Once
you're done, return to the Velos Ancestral Tomb.

Task: Trial Four: Reputation
The last task requires you to prove yourself to the living and, in the process, to the dead.
You must get the reputation of at least 15 points. Once you have it, come talk to the spirit
again. After you've done this, you can take the amulet out of the tomb. But remember: the
dead are watching your actions. They have spared you from insanity only for now.

Other Quests

"Necromancer's Wake"

There's a ghost on the road from Telasero to Molag Mar. He'll tell you his body has been
stolen. You can find it in the necromancer's lair, Eynabi, by following the road north 
from the ghost. It is very high in the mountains and the road there is very steep, so you 
will probably need to levitate up there. Go there, kill the necromancer. Scrye and the 
spirit of Asadon Rothri will reappear. He will tell you must take the body from the table 
and find his amulet and ring the bandits stole. They're at a cave northwest of the place 
you first saw Asadon Rothri's ghost. Just follow the road from that place to west so that
you'll end up north of Telasero so that there's a ridge between you and the stronghold.
There's a cave entrance (Banammu) behind the tall stones. Go there and kill everyone. 
The amulet and the ring are with the Dunmer at the back of the cave.

Go to Maar Gan and find Ferayne Rothri walking around outdoors. Talk to him about Asadon
Rothri and give him the items. He'll give you Gambler's Friend, which will boost your
luck with 7 points. The paper-rock-scissors-game he plays is unaffected with your (or his)

"Framed and Dead"

A spirit, Narone Sathran, on the south shore of the gulf south of Vos gives you a task. 
His brother Telvis is apparently a thief. He killed Narone and framed him for the thefts in
the process. Narone's body has not been found, so everyone assumes Narone ran away with the
stolen stuff. And now Narone's soul desires vengeance.

There are two ways to do this. The first one is the simplest: just kill Telvis. The second
one is a bit more complicated and requires you to talk around a bit. First talk to a guard
about the murder. You'll need to persuade him to follow Telvis around a bit. When he agrees,
go talk to Telvis.

Talk to Telvis about the stash and tell him that you've found it. (Of course, you haven't).
This spooks him a bit and he'll go to his stack when you leave. Go talk to the guard and
he'll tell you that Telvis has been taken into custody and a bounty of 100 septims is yours.

Go back to the spirit. He rewards you with two extra skillpoints - the skill depends on
how you solved the problem.


The spirit of Tarasa Seran (just southwest of Khuul) gives you the task of recovering the 
sword of Melvay Seran. It was stolen by graverobbers not long ago. Tarasa Seran can tell 
you that the graverobbers took a boat from Khuul to Gnaar Mok, but their boat sunk
in front of Andasreth. When you get to the boatwreck, do not go in. Wear the amulet.

The ghost of one of the graverobbers is at a rock just near the ship (you need to cast 
Scrye to see him). Talk to him and he'll tell you that they sold the blade already in 
Khuul to a Nord named Haakared. Return to Khuul and ask around for Haakared. You'll 
hear he has already left to Dagon Fel. Continue to Dagon Fel. Once there, you'll find 
out by asking people that Haakared is at the End of the World. 

Talk to him there and a) buy the blade b) steal the blade or c) kill him and take the 
blade. Return the blade to Tarasa Seran, who will tell you to take the blade into the 
tomb, where the spirit of Melvay Seran will take the blade from you.

In return, he will tell you a story of a Chimer in the days of Resdayn. 

"Undying Love"

Southeast of Seyda Neen is a remote shipwreck. On top of it you can find the spirit of
a dead sailor, Orvyn Relas. Go look for his widow in Tel Branora. There lives a person
with the same family name, Relas. Talk to her about Mandrea Relas, and she'll tell you
two different theories for her disappearance. The one about the vampire is true. You'll
find her and her sire in a cave west of Tel Branora. You can deal with her as you like;
you can kill her, kill both of them or leave her alive.

Once you're done, return to the spirit of Orvyn Relas. He'll tell you what has happened
and as a reward, you'll hear of another dead sailor, whose spirit has a quest for

"The Honor of Chimer"

This quest becomes available only if you have succesfully completed "Graverobbers".
You will find the spirit on top of Arkngthand (east of Fort Moonmoth). He'll tell you
his loot is hidden at a cave now at the bottom of Lake Nabia. The entrance is near the
three big rocks. Dive in there and be prepared to hold your breath for quite a while.
You'll find a way to the Swordmaster Caverns there. Once there, you'll see two black
stones forming a bridge above you. You will have to levitate (or jump very high) to get
there. The spirit of Bredyn Seran is there as well. Talk to him and he'll remind you
not to read any books in the stash. At the same time, he opens up the passageway for you
below. There are some rusty Dwemer armors, Dwemer ale, a handwritten note and an
unenchanted Dwemer amulet.

"The Scourge of the Inner Sea"

This quest becomes available only if you have succesfully completed "Undying Love".
The spirit is found inside a shipwreck on the north coast of Vas. He'll tell you have to
get three pieces of puzzle from his three girlfriends in Gnaar Mok, Tel Aruhn and
Sadrith Mora. And before they tell you their piece of the puzzle, they can ask you to
do any task for them they'd like. Once you've got the quest, you have no reason to come
back here.

Loc: Gnaar Mok

     The first girlfriend is walking on the docks. She'll ask you to bring her flowers:
     coda flowers and timsa-come-by flowers. Just get them. For the latter flowers you
     probably have to go to Mournhold.
Loc: Tel Aruhn
     The woman here lives in her own (sparsely decorated) house. She'll want to know the
     names of the other women. Go ahead and tell them.

Loc: Sadrith Mora
     As it turns out, the second girlfriend apparently didn't understand the sailor was
     dead and went out killing her competition. You'll find the spirit of the third
     girlfriend not far north of Sadrith Mora (on the same island nonetheless). She'll
     want revenge, of course. 
Loc: Tel Aruhn
     So, you are to return to Tel Aruhn, steal a limeware flask from Ferele Athram's 
     house and plant it in Eledas Mandari's house. Once you've done that, go find a 
     Telvanni guard there and speak to them about "stole the limeware". With that, 
     return to Sadrith Mora, where you will get the last part of the clue.
Loc: East of Indoranyon
     Go east from Indoranyon. You will see three menhirs (or whatever those tall rocks 
     peeking out of water are) and at their feet an entrance to Kanasura. The treasure's

"The Neglected Tomb"

The tomb of clan Omalen has fallen into disrepair. The spirits are not happy about it
and complain that their descendants do not visit the tomb any longer. They imply they
want you to go and get them to visit the tomb. You'll find the spirits in Molag Mar,
Ald Velothi and Maar Gan. As for the reward - there isn't one.

"Insanity of a Spirit"

A skeleton guarding the back room of the tomb of clan Thelas has gone mad and
is attacking even the living clan members. The clan ancestors' spokesperson wishes
you to kill the skeleton. When you are ready, the spirit will transport you to the
back room where you are stuck until you kill the skeleton, after which you are
immediatly returned to the main chamber. Your reward? Better disposition amongst the
living clan members.

"Medium's Services"

Loc: Seyda Neen
     Wear the amulet and go to Seyda Neen. There's a male Dunmer in a
     robe walking on the street. Approach him and he'll initiate 
     dialogue with you. Agree to help him.

Loc: Bitter Coast, Redarys Ancestral Tomb
     Go to Redarys Ancestral Tomb - just follow the coastal road from 
     Seyda Neen to south and you'll see the entrance on a cliff over 
     a swamp pool. Go in, cast Scrye and talk to the spirit.

     Wait a few seconds for the effects to disappear. Go to the tomb 
     entrance. Read the note by the dead body.

Loc: Seyda Neen
     Go to Seyda Neen, talk to the guards about Heryn Redarys, then 
     about Heryn Romor. 

Loc: Pelagiad
     Go to Pelagiad, Halfway Tavern and wait for a few days; then 
     talk to just about anyone there, and they'll tell Heryn went to

Loc: Suran
     Once there, go to Desele's House of Earthly Delights. Again, 
     you'll have to wait for a few days. Talk to anyone and they'll 
     tell you to go south of Suran.

Loc: Andan Ancestral Tomb
     Outside Andan Ancestral Tomb you'll find Heryn Romor. He'll 
     give you the amulet back and promptly die. Go inside, kill the 
     necromancer there.

"Raiders of the Amulet of Scrye"

To start this quest, you must have completed "Medium's Services."
Wear the amulet. There are a few places on Vvardenfell where 
there are Dunmers named Mercenary Leader. They will attack you
once you approach them. They carry a note - read it.
Go to the entrance of the tomb mentioned in the note. On the
doorsteps you find another note, read it as well.

After you've been attacked by one, you'll find Redguard impostors
in Ald-Ruhn, Maar Gan and Vivec. They're dressed as local guards,
but they'll attack you when you wear the amulet and are close to
them. (Vivec, Foreign Quarter Plaza is one place where to find
such an impostor.)

Your journal now hints that you should go to talk to Odris Velos.
He'll tell you to help in repaying the clan debt. Next stop:
Drath Ancestral Tomb. Suggestion: Cast Mark once there. It's pretty
much in the middle of nowhere.

First task: getting the shoes. Go to Ald Velothi, Tanas Drath is
walking on the streets. Talk to him about the shoes, then go to
talk to J'Dargo in the outpost about the shoes. Play the special
game. Winning the shoes is all about luck.

Next stop: Ald-Ruhn Temple. Give the shoes there to Ureso Drath,
then go back to Drath Ancestral Tomb. The next task is giving
Therisi Drath the letter and money her father left her. You'll
find the stuff in Arbari Drath's shack in Ald Velothi. The chest
is inside of the baskets.

You'll find Therisi Drath in Gnisis, Madach Tradehouse.

After you've given her stuff to her, go back to Drath Anc. Tomb.
There you'll be told that the debt is paid and you can return to
Velos Anc. Tomb.

Odris Velos will tell you that AV is Alasa Vellen. He'll also say
that you should go circling the cornerclubs etc around the island
asking about Alasa Vellen. As you keep asking the questions, AV
will send assasins at you. The fourth time you're attacked will
be by a weakling, and he'll carry a note that tells you to return
to Uveran Ancestral Tomb. 

At the doorsteps is a scroll that sends you to her cave once you
open it. Go through the door, past the golem (you can't kill him
yet), kill the skeletons and AV. Now you can kill the golem if you
want to.

Look around if you like - maybe read of the Circle of the Ring
in the books behind the shades? In the previous cell, the spirit of A. 
Uveran is now ready to teleport you away (remember to cast Scrye).

"Seven Runaway Skeletons"

To start this quest, you must have completed the quest "Raiders of
the Amulet of Scrye."

Talk to A. Uveran in the tomb and you'll get the task of retrieving
seven skeletons. Pretty straightforward FedEx -missions.

In the end, you get a ring. If you have less than half of your max
health when you wear it, a spirit guardian will spawn to protect you.
He'll disappear in 30 seconds, but will respawn 30 seconds later,
if you are still in low health.