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> [List]Ranger and rangeresque modlist, Author, description, and links included

post Sep 19 2004, 04:29 PM
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This is just the modlist of the ranger storyboard thread I started.

A few of these were at Euro. Sorry for the broken links.

I wanted there to be a trimmed down version without the storyboard for easier reference. Besides the title didn't really mention the modlist as well as it could have. All the mods I have listed were played together, without problems, so should be compatible. I stress "should be"

Please contribute any rangeresque mods that are not mentioned here. Links would be great ;-)

Aelelorn's Combat and Blocking Enhanced The list at TheLys is alphabetical by author. When your not a spellcaster, this sure makes ordinary fighting much more fun.

GhanBuriGhan's Travelling Merchants, moving about their business on the road, is a big atmosphere plus. The Regulars fill the pubs on the way, and what ranger that doesn't use levitate can be without his Vertical Limit: Climbing mod All can and should be found on TheLys. This guy is a modding gawd.

Ranger Robe by DarkRebis. Awesome hooded robe with a pack and quiver with arrows all built into the robe.

Give Your Orders, as well as TheLys's other fantastic mods again, found on TheLys, listed alphabetically by author at that link-neverending companions.....and people to boss around. Not all rangers are loners.

If Wishes Were Horses-The first rideable horse mod. Still great. Make sure and get Acid Basicks Saddle add-on and
Skullhunter's black saddle retexture
Pegas Horse Ranch by Max-A new horse mod, also great, with improved scripting. Skullhunters saddle textures work for this one as well.

Dongle's Portable Ranger Tent(with it's own interior cell)-We all love it. Portable, has it's own cell. Absolutely beautiful at night!

Ultimate Ranger Mod v2.0 by Corv aka Florian Kasper-wow this is hard but fun as hell. Ranger stuff, you name it, you can do it here.

Adventurer's Tent MESHES AND MOD BY DEREKO. BEDROLL BY CALISHLAN-The first of it's kind, that I know of being released. Adds a camping pack complete with firepit, tent, bedroll, table, stool, cooking pot, ...etc.

Kagrenac's Carryable Raven can be found on his site at that link, along with many other creature mods, great for rangers-God, he won't shut up, but I love him!

Alchemy Storage Helper by -scruggs--Great for that ranger who wants to come back with all his skins and meat and just drop it quickly in one neat organizer...that's portable!

Advanced Herbalism by andoreth-awesome mod for rangers who have herbalist needs. Just grab the plant. No menus=good always.

Dracandros' Voice for letting me buy the pack-guar.

Morrowind Advanced by Gary Noonan/WormGod(now updated)
& Dagoth Hunters by Sonico for making for making it so damn hard.

Special appearance by Nimrod_Flaimhairs, The Broken Drum. It always provides a great atmosphere for the road weary ranger.

More special thanks to Telesphoros for his List of Mods, which is where I found at least half these downloads.

On the other thread Pseron also linked Improved Resting This mod is pretty sweet, and I can't believe it itsn't better known for how long it's been around. Here's a description.

"This mod replaces normal resting, however it's completely
up to you whether you want to ignore normal resting or not. You will still need normal
resting to level up, to be attacked by assassins, and to have dreams.

An outdoor merchant in Seyda Neen sells all of the items the mod
adds to the game.

The three main magic items that are added are the Magic Pillow, Magic Dinner Set, and
Magic Tent. All three allow the player to rest anywhere, even in a city, or while being
attacked. If you take damage while resting you will wake up. The Magic Tent is limited
to being used out doors. - from the readme.

Ivza's Blight Bounties is a tiny file that does a very cool thing. The Temple rewards you according to the number of blighted creatures you kill.

EntWentMoot's Backpack Mod puts a trader in Seyda Neen that sells backpacks, enchanted with a feather spell to let you carry a larger load.

Jahaar's Daedric Arrows plugin adds a chest for sale that allows you to make Daedric arrows out of ebony arrows and the souls of Daedra. Very handy since there are only 13 daedric arrows found in base MW.

Grumpy's Wolf Companion-Great mod. Pretty self explanatory.

Ok, doing this the lazy way now. ;-)

QUOTE(Illtempered @ Oct 11 2004, 03:58 PM)
Great addition, thanks.  It's on the list now. 

BTW, I know there are some other very popular fletcher mods that aren't on the list.  This list started with just the plugins I was using for my ranger.  So, any additional links are most welcome.

Edit:  This reminds me.  I recently downloaded a mod that adds a portable Ashlander Yurt, much like Dongle's tent.  I have been wanting to try this, but Aftershock beat me to it.  It does not appear to conflict with Dongle's tent, using TESPCD and TESTool.  The one advantage it has, is an option to bring your companions into the tent with you.Aftershock's Travel Tent

Here's a very good one. One of the best mods ever for rangers imo. This makes riding around in the grazelands, Solstheim, and West Gash feel so much more natural. You must try this.
QUOTE(Sabregirl @ Nov 18 2004, 01:12 AM)
Okay I've had this mod sort of sitting around on my hard drive for a good long while sooo . . . time to let everyone else share in the joy. smile.gif

*This plugin REQUIRES Bloodmoon*

Ever noticed that NPCs in Morrowind talk about guar herds but yet there aren't any, anywhere? Did it ever bother you that there were wolves and bears EVERYWHERE on Solsthiem but not a deer to be found? (Apparently they were eating one another)

Well the answer to these and other "issues" with creatures in Morrowind may be found in Sabregirl's Morrowind Ecology!

What does this mod do?

Adds new creatures to Vvardenfell and Solsthiem:
White Tailed Deer - Grazelands and Solsthiem
Cotton Tail Rabbits - Grazelands

Solstheim only:
Snowshoe Hare
Spotted Deer - Chital
Mountain Goats

This plugin also attempts to "balance" the compliment of creatures according to ecological rules. i.e. far fewer predatory creatures than herbivores. On Solsthiem you'll notice mostly, deer, frostboar, and rabbits. Wolves and bears are much more unusual. On Vvardenfell you'll notice far fewer Kagouti and Alit than Guar, Scribs or Rats.  Daedra have been removed from the leveled lists of the grazelands and many other areas - to give a more "natural" feel to MW exteriors.
Small herds of Guar have been hand placed around the grazelands and ashlands regions - so the ashlanders have something to hunt!  Leveled Creatures have been changed in almost all regions.
The creatures included in this mod are largely passive and standard creatures have been pacified -except for blighted creatures. Most are much faster than they were originally so if you attack them they will run away, VERY fast. Bears however will usually fight you if bothered.
Daedra, Undead, and non-animal creatures like, dwemer constructs spriggans, reiklings and reikling raiders will still attack you on sight.

I don't believe there should be much of an FPS hit from this mod. In solstheim many of the wolves and bears were removed and the deer added. Added creatures are mostly in small groups scattered around but not in very large quantities.


The Grazelands
Mountain Goats
WhiteTailed Deer
Ashland Guar Herd
This plugin comes in three "flavors" of esps
You'll need to pick ONE of the following:

1. SG-MW-ecology-BM.esp
This plugin "balances" Morrowind wildlife according to ecological rules. This is what most people will want to use.

2. SG-MW-ecology-carnivore.esp
This plugin does the same as the standard morrowind ecology AND forces the player to become carnivorous and must hunt creatures to live. It does this by adding meat items to all of the creatures. This plugin was originally intended to be used with the Pharlan race as they are carnivorous but it could conceivably be used with any beast race that would like to "get back to nature"

3. SG-MW-ecology-WW.esp
This plugin does the same thing as the MW ecology mod but adds the ability for bloodmoon werewolf characters to "feed" on the new creatures. Adds a script to all the creatures.

Download here

Cait's models were used for the Rabbits and Mountain Goat. Lady E's Deer was used for the various deer species. Amazing models -thanks!

edit - added credits smile.gif


QUOTE(kwshipman @ Sep 20 2004, 02:12 AM)
I think that Kieve's Void Assassin Armor (at euro) has a great look to it. 

And my newly released Falmer are good archers (also at Euro) and come with a great bow.

Here is a pic of them in the armor with the bow.  note that Kieve's version is red not blue.

QUOTE(Pseron Wyrd @ Nov 16 2004, 12:55 PM)
Yikes, you're right!  I can't believe none of us noticed that before!!   'Marksman Mod' isn't on the list.   'Area Effect Arrows' isn't on the list.  It isn't much of a Ranger list without marksman mods. 

We must've been suffering from 'List Overload' back then.  Too many lists to pay attention to all at once.

But I would advise people to get Suran Archery Tradehouse 3.0 rather than 2.0.  I think it is a much improved mod, myself.

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Pseron Wyrd
post Sep 19 2004, 06:25 PM
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I thought of another Ranger-ish mod: EntWentMoot's legendary 'Backpack' mod. Unfortunately, his site seems to be down so I have uploaded the mod to my site for the time being so that it doesn't completely disappear.

The backpack is enchanted with a Feather spell and takes up a neck slot, so it can't be worn with a helmet (which shouldn't be a big deal for a Ranger). They are sold by a merchant in Seyda Neen.

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post Sep 19 2004, 06:50 PM
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Thanks alot for this Ill i have never played a ranger before but these sound 2 good not to try...hmmm...a vampire ranger smile.gif


Gjennom tideløse morkne drømmer
I fuktig høstvind ober landstrakte vidder
Mot Sorias fjellheim
Kommer jeg, en fandens ridder
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post Sep 19 2004, 07:26 PM
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Mm yes.....vampire ranger sounds good.

Thank you for the host Pseron. I got it. thumbsup.gif

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post Sep 20 2004, 03:26 AM
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QUOTE(Pseron Wyrd @ Sep 19 2004, 04:25 AM)
I thought of another Ranger-ish mod: EntWentMoot's legendary 'Backpack' mod.  Unfortunately, his site seems to be down so I have uploaded the mod to my site for the time being so that it doesn't completely disappear.

The backpack is enchanted with a Feather spell and takes up a neck slot, so it can't be worn with a helmet (which shouldn't be a big deal for a Ranger).  They are sold by a merchant in Seyda Neen.

I think I saw this backpack in Balmora Expanded, two versions with different feather amts.
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post Sep 20 2004, 04:17 AM
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From: Midgard

Illtempered - A very useful list, thank you, a fine contribution and fast work. *trophy* I am linking it to 'Ronin49's List' with your blessing I hope.
[One trifling quibble - the red and blue text are hard on the eyes, meh.]
Good job, thanks.

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post Sep 20 2004, 06:50 AM
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Heh, yeah I can see how they might be. I wanted them to stand out though =P I'm honored to have it linked to your fantastic list.

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