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02/21/03 07:46 PM
List of links to Tuts, Mods, Max, Photoshop  

I've seen so many post for these, enjoy...Please add if I left out any.







nif import->

Free modles, textures, online tuts, and more->


Main Site->

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02/21/03 11:42 PM
Re: List of links to Tuts, Mods, Max, Photoshop [re: KingKong] 

That's a good compilation Mr. Kong . Here's my standard list I give folks, which duplicates yours somewhat:

I strongly recommend beginning with Dragonsong's tutorials. They start right at the beginning and are very thorough, giving advice and hints on how to avoid the typical problems you'll encounter when first using the Construction Set.

When you want to edit the landscape, try Scott Fisher's tutorials. That site seems to be including some annoying pop-up windows lately, but the tutorials are good.

The bible for scripters is GhanBuriGhan's excellent 'Morrowind Scripting for Dummies Ver.5', located here.

The LiquidFusion site has a good list of controls you can use in the Editor. The only thing I would add to Olsor's list is that besides zooming in the Render window by rolling the mouse scroll wheel, you can also pan by pressing the wheel down and 'dragging' the landscape or cell sideways or up & down.

Hope this helps...


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02/22/03 12:57 AM
Re: List of links to Tuts, Mods, Max, Photoshop [re: Klinn] 

Thanks and thanks for posting. I'll post any new sites I find. If this thread is falling, please, a bump would be nice.

Scince begginers would probably be the majority of the people viewing this thread, a "bump" is just replying to the post, and the post goes to or near the top. It took me a while to figure out what everyone was saying "bump" for! So I mean no offense if you already do.

ALSO: Another EXCELLENT thread from Drendal, hope I spelled that right, about 3dsmax. It's got everything from applying textures, to animating your modle, enjoy->

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