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GMSTs: What do they do?
      #2885930 - 08/04/04 06:11 AM

NOTE 1: I searched All Forums briefly for an answer and found none, so...

NOTE 2: This is, clearly, my best guess as to which forum this belongs in. It may instead belong in the Morrowind Mods forum for all I know. If so, please accept my apology. I don't ask questions of this nature often on these forums so I'm not entirely familiar with what should go where.

Having just recently reinstalled the game, I'm going through my usual "download and tweak mods, make personal mini-mods, et cetera" phase before sitting down to play. I'm now going through the game settings and am modifying things to my liking. I'm noticing a few, however, that I never paid much attention to. I don't know what they do. I hope one of you can tell me what the following GMSTs control:

iAutoPCSpellMax: 100 by default
I'm guessing this sets the maximum magnitude of an effect in
the spellmaking and enchanting menus.

fWortChanceValue: 15 by default
No clue.

fSeriousWoundMult: 0 by default
No clue.

fPerDieRollMult: 0.3 by default
No clue.

fLuckMod: 10 by default
This must have something to do with how strongly luck affects
various aspects of the game. I'm interested in what magnitudes
do what. Does 10 translate to a +10 skill bonus at 100 Luck or

fElementalShieldMult: 0.1 by default
I read somewhere ages ago that elemental shields are supposed
to deal damage to creatures that hit you in melee combat. I never
took the time to confirm that, but if it's true I suspect this plays
some role in the damage dealt. So, what does this do?

fCorpseClearDelay & fCorpseRespawnDelay: 72 by default
I don't have a question with these so much. I'd like to point these
out instead because these seem to control corpse decay and such.
Note they're set to 72. 72 hours. I suspect these may have an
effect on the infamous 72 hours bug that seems to cause NPCs to
reset to their original state, which can be a problem with companion
mods et cetera. Perhaps someone could experiment with this

fBargainOfferBase: 50 by default
I'm not sure whether this is supposed to affect the prices merchants
offer when they sell things to you or when you sell things to them,
or both. I also read one post that suggests this setting may be

fBargainOfferMulti: -4 by default
Does this affect how strongly your Mercantile skill effects prices?

fFatigueSpellBase & fFatigueSpellCostMult & fFatigueSpellMult: 0 by default
I don't have a question regarding these so much as I'd like to point
out that they could be used to make spellcasting fatigue the player.
Such a thing may make for an interesting mod.

fPerTempMult: 1 by default
No clue.

fPotionXXXXX (there are ~6 of these)
Another I'd like to point out as worthy of experimentation. People
often complain that alchemy is unbalanced. These may be the key
to fixing it (or at least fixing it enough so that abusing alchemy
becomes a hassle so as to discourage it), as they appear to control
the magnitude and duration of player-created potions. As with the
others I'm "pointing out," I don't know for certain but can make an
educated guess based on their names and the names of other

fSneakBootMult: -1 by default
No clue.

fSpecialSkillBonus: 0.8 by default
No clue.

fUnarmoredBase1 & fUnarmoredBase2: 0.1 & 0.065 by default
These clearly affect the armor value of unarmored characters, but
I'm not entirely clear on what each one does. I seem to recall at
skill level 100 your unarmored AR is 65, which corresponds to the
0.065 of the second one. So what does the 0.1 do?

fWeaponDamageMult: 0.1 by default
I suspect this affects how much much damage is dealt to your
weapon as a percentage of the damage you inflict with it. So by
default every 10 points of damage to deal to an enemy will lower
your weapon's health by 1. Am I correct?

iDaysinPrisonMod: 100 by default
I suspect this means that for every 100 gold you owe in fines, you
spend one day in prison if you choose to go to jail. Am I correct?

iNumberCreatures: 1 by default
Am I correct in saying that this is the number of creatures produced
by each levelled creature? So if you set this to 2 and visit a location
with a single spawn point you'll now see 2 creatures there every
time it respawns?

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Re: GMSTs: What do they do? [Re: EarthquakeDamage]
      #2886121 - 08/04/04 08:12 AM

fWortChanceValue = the level in alchemy one needs to see the first effect of an ingredient. 15, then 30, then 45, then 60. ( test for it: set fWortChanceValue to 20 then mod your alchemy and see a what level you get the first effect revealed )

fSeriousWoundMult = not used in game according to MisterSmileyFaceDude one of the devs

fPerDieRollMult = modifies the effects of personality in exchanges with NPC

fLuckMod = not sure exactly which equations this one is used in. In my tests on mercantile, I found that increasing the PC's luck had a constant effect of reducing the spread between what an NPC merchant would offer an item for sale for and what he would bid to buy the exact same item.

fElementalshieldmult = no information on this one.

fBargainOfferBase = still working on the equation this one is used in.
In unmodded MW, if a PC and an NPC of the same race, with the same Mercantileskills, same luck, and base 50 dispostion toward each other barter for an item. The sum of what the NPC will sell the item to you for and what he will buy that exact same item from you for = 1.50 times the book value of the item. This has been tested over all merchant skill level differences from -100 to +100. Fuller details were in a thread here from middle of last year.

fBargainOfferMulti = controls the amount of "haggle room" the PC has when negotiating with an NPC merchant. Example: the merchant offers total for a PC's purchasing of X you offer .8x will this get you an offer refused or a successful sale? If it is an offer refused, the Magic number that would have been a successful sale is RECALCULATED upwards. In numbers, if you have tried to purchase 100 septims ( Merchants offer price ) you bid 80 septims but the least the merchant would have taken was 90 you would get an offer refused and now the least the merchant will accept might be 92.

fPerTempMult = according to a very very old posting by MisterSmileyFaceDude, this value is used in a whole slew of different equations. He did not elaborate beyond that statement.

fSneakBootMult = wearing boots has an effect on a PC's ability to successfully sneak this is the multiplier for that effect.

fPotionxxxx = You might want to check out the readme in a mod called Alchemical Balance by Beancounter501 on the summit dated 4/22/2004

fSpecialSkillbonus = no information

fUnarmouredxxx = I think you are correct. Aragon on his website has further details re monk characters and the unarmoured skill ( it is broken if you dont wear at least one piece of armour )

fWeaponDamageMult = I have not seen any testing on this.

iDaysInPrison = Likewise

iNumberCreatures = minimum number of creatures at any spawn point. Some spawn points will spawn more than one creature depending on the levelled list. So if the levelled list calls for three creatures you get three not 1.

If you get GhanBuriGhan's Morrowind Scripting for Dummies ( on the Summit or EuroMorrowind in either Doc or PDF format ) there is an appendix listing all the GMST's and the known effects of changing them. There is still a lot of scut work to do determining what all the interactions are and worse several of the listed GMSTs are not used in the game so they have no effect and trying to find the effects of a no effect are "tedious" to say the least.

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Re: GMSTs: What do they do? [Re: Iudas]
      #2886210 - 08/04/04 09:10 AM

Wow... Thanks.

You skipped iAutoPCSpellMax, but little did I know Scripting for Dummies lists known GMST information. Maybe I'll find it there.

Also, thanks for pointing out the Alchemy Balance mod and Aragon's site. I'll check those out. I'm sure they'll be helpful.

This was even a gameplay learning experience. I never knew footwear affected sneaking. Way cool.

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Re: GMSTs: What do they do? [Re: EarthquakeDamage]
      #2886233 - 08/04/04 09:19 AM

If it were possible to have an accurate listing of what the GMST's do and the equations they are used in, modding MW would be much easier. There are things one can do with GMST's that no amount of scripting can come close to doing and GMSTs do not effect framerates or speed.
In one of MisterSmileyFaceDudes posts long ago he generalized that most of the equations governing behaviour in MW were linear. Some effect = some base + or minus some multiplier(s) times some other effect or stat or base. In general the i GMSTs are the bases ( integers all ) and the f GMSTs are the multipliers. The s GMSTs are string values for menus and such.

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Re: GMSTs: What do they do? [Re: EarthquakeDamage]
      #2886538 - 08/04/04 11:10 AM

I played with this. It seems pretty straight forward. It might not be quite this simple, but basically one point of <Fire/Frost/Lightning> Shield does one times this much damage. So with the default value elemental shields only do 1 point of damage for every 10 points of shield, which is almost irrelivant. For elemental shields to work like they were originally intended I would think it should be at least 1.

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